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How to Pack Electronics for Moving When Living in a Tech Hub Like LA

In this golden age of technology, each household has numerous devices. When a relocation comes, you face a problem – how to pack electronics for moving? Are there any guidelines or anything specific to pay attention to? Sure, wrapping up valuable devices has difficulties, but you won’t have any trouble safely transporting them to your new home if you follow our guide.

So, whether you’re transporting devices directly to a new house or taking them to storage, they must be adequately wrapped to avoid being scratched or broken. The added value of all the devices you own is likely sky-high, and the last thing you want after an expensive move is having to buy a new TV or a computer. We can show you how to handle this complex issue.

How to Pack Electronics for Moving – What Makes This a Difficult Task?

Yes, all that technology we use daily is quite expensive, but what will make you feel relocation stress is the fact that it’s so delicate and breakable. You know what happens when you drop your phone, right? The same goes for a computer screen or TV. You can just hear the glass cracking, can’t you? We wouldn’t want that to happen during your move – your expenses checklist will be quite long even without buying new devices. That brings us to the main question. How to safely transport these fragile items to the lovely residence your real estate agent has found you in one of the best suburbs of Los Angeles?

Can You Safely Move Devices to Your New Home on Your Own?

Electronic devices aren’t on the list of things movers won’t move, so if you feel uncomfortable wrapping them on your own, you can consider hiring us for packing assistance. Professionals know more than enough about protecting these kinds of belongings, so you would be under less pressure if you let them handle it.

However, if your budget can’t allow you this luxury, you’ll have to add wrapping devices to your to-do list. Indeed, you can do it yourself, but we won’t lie – it will be tricky. But, if you carefully follow our relocation tips, there won’t be any issues, and your valuables will be neatly packed just in time for your going-away party and saying goodbye to the old home.

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If you don't want to do this on your own, our packers are always ready to help you

Is Bubble Wrap Safe for Electronics?

There is one huge catch here. Yes, you can use bubble wrap – but it must be an anti-static one. Static can damage your devices severely, so make sure you remember this once you head to the supply store for materials. Paying attention to details like this one is what shows that you know how to move efficiently. Besides, bubble wrap is not essential in this case, even though it is pretty effective.

You can use other protective materials such as blankets or wrapping paper that you would use for packing dishes. Sometimes, when you have to pack to move in a hurry, the chances are that you won’t even have time to think about specialized protective materials. In this case, let us share one of our relocation hacksclothes and towels can keep breakables safe just as well as professional supplies.

Bubble wrap in the package
Anti-static one is the way to go if you don't want any damage

Which Supplies Should You Use for Packing Electronics?

Now that we’ve cleared the question about the bubble padding, what about the rest of the supplies? Naturally, you will need a good, sturdy box. Our advice would be to find the original package of your device. We know that most people throw away stuff like that, but if you’re lucky, maybe your original box is still somewhere in your attic. Be sure to take a look because the original package is the ultimate solution.

Consult the Product Manual

It would make sense that the manufacturer knows the most about the gadget and can tell you how to protect it. The original product manual can help you since it can explain how to pack a computer and which materials are suitable for the job. Even if you think that, let’s say, packing a TV won’t be that demanding, we would still recommend you take a look at the manual – it’s better to be safe than sorry, don’t you agree?

Most Common Supplies for Protecting Electronic Devices

These days, people have hacks for everything, even things like storing Christmas ornaments, so we can’t claim that our supplies are the only ones that work. You may think of something that works better for you, but this is the basic stuff that experts suggest for this task:

  • Thick, sturdy boxes,
  • Wrapping of your choosing (the options we mentioned above),
  • Padding,
  • Tape,
  • Markers,
  • Plastic bags,
  • Twist ties,
  • Stickers or sticky notes.

You can save a bit of money if you find free cardboard. Ask in bookstores such as Book Soup in West Hollywood, Counterpoint Records & Books in Franklin Village, or The Last Bookstore in downtown LA. Usually, they have plenty of used boxes and will gladly give them away. Plus, books are heavy – that means their packaging will be sturdy enough.

Laptop, tablet, package, and peanuts
Proper supplies for wrapping your gadgets are a must-have

How to Prepare Electronics for a Move?

You can’t just throw a gadget in the box and seal it with tape. Honestly, that would be a crazy move. It’s not like we’re talking about how to pack shoes. You need to handle a few steps before putting anything in boxes. Even though devices aren’t amongst the most commonly forgotten things to pack, you are in danger of failing to prepare them adequately before placing them in the box and sealing it.

The First Step Is Backing Up Your Data

Devices are even more important than we often think – they are always in the reach of a hand, so we don’t notice how often we take a look at the screen. Living in a tech hub such as LA, chances are that you got a job in one of the best companies to work for in the city. What are you going to do if you forget to back up your data and you end up losing valuable work? This is why backing up data is the first and crucial step. The chances are that you already know how to do that, but if you are one of those wondering – what is the best way to back up my computer? – it wouldn’t hurt to do a bit of research on the topic.

Take Pictures of Everything

Before you untangle countless cables and unplug everything, the expert opinion is that taking pictures of how items looked is a clever idea. You might wonder why. First of all, there is a possibility that you will be so exhausted after the move that you won’t remember how to plug it all back in. And second, in case of damage (which there won’t be if you hire our Los Angeles moving company), you will require proof for the insurance that everything was fine before the move. With evidence, you will be able to relax and celebrate (for the most part) a successful move in one of many breweries in Los Angeles.

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Unplug All the Cables Before You Start Wrapping Up Devices

Even if you aren’t a pro at wrapping up gadgets, you can probably guess that you have to unplug the cables before anything goes in boxes. If you’re relocating with pets, you may want to keep your furry ones away when you get to this task, so they don’t get hurt. It’s wise to untangle cords before you store them – that way, you won’t have to bother with that once you start unpacking. And how to prepare cables for the move?

This is what plastic bags are for. Once you untangle the cable, twist it, secure it with the twist tie, and label it with the colored sticker. You can tape a sticky note if you don’t have a sticker since those who move often have sticky notes around their home during preparations. And lastly, place the cable in the plastic bag. Pro tip: put bags in the boxes with gadgets that correspond to the cable in the bag. Besides cords, it would be good to eject cartridges from the printer if you have one. Take the CDs out, and see if you can take out batteries from any of the devices. If you can, it’s better to do it.

A USB cable on the table
You likely have more than just USB cables. How will you store them for the move?

Here’s How to Protect These Breakable Items During the Move – Let’s Start Wrapping

How do you package electronics? This is something everybody should know in the 21st century. Once you get a hold of the basics, you will see that it goes fast, like wrapping books. With the adequate supplies you’ve already got and our careful approach, it will all go smoothly.

How to Protect Delicate Items Such as Screens Like a Pro?

Screens are particularly prone to damage, and anti-static bubble wrap is the usual solution for that. Don’t save on supplies – wrapping the screen twice is a common practice. After that, tape everything so it can’t fall off the screen, but be careful – tape should never come in contact with the device! Now you are ready to put down the device in the cardboard package.

It’s important to be gentle – imagine how careful you were when you packed glasses for a move, and then multiply that by two. Slowly lower the device in the package, and fill the residual space with foam peanuts, crumpled paper, blankets, or anything that can prevent shifting during the drive on the truck. This is crucial. Proper wrapping won’t mean anything if your screen can bounce up and down whenever the truck hits a bump on the road. Tape the package shut, label it as fragile, and you are good to go.

How Do I Pack My Stereo Equipment for Moving?

The principle is the same as with screens. You can apply the same techniques and have the equipment wrapped in the same supplies. Bubble packaging is a solid solution, and styrofoam also protects these belongings adequately. We must emphasize again that filling up the residual space in the cardboard package is of the utmost importance.

What Is the Best Way for Packing a Laptop?

The solution is so obvious that it almost makes sense to overlook it. Laptops are small and designed to be portable. Take it with you – we assume you have a laptop bag? There, your problem is solved. You can even put it in the essentials bag you will carry on the relocation day if it can fit. It’s less likely that you’ll want to load your laptop onto the truck with other devices, but if you for some reason want to do that, you can protect it the same way as you would protect a delicate, thin screen.

Screen, keyboard, mug, and phone under purple light
Your screens will require special attention, as they can damage easily

Is It Safe to Keep Electronic Devices in Storage?

It is safe if you pay attention to a few details. The storage unit must be under optimal conditions. That means the temperature and humidity are regulated, so you better check if that’s the case before renting anything. Since the devices will stay here for some period, they will be exposed to moisture, but you can fight that – the wrapping plays an important role here. You should always have gadgets wrapped in packing paper, as it will absorb the moisture.

Additionally, never place a package on the floor, as it would be exposed to the humidity the most. If you worry about your packages being stolen, we suggest you don’t label them and place them in the back part of the unit. That way, they will be hardly noticeable. The last thing we must mention – if stored for too long, batteries leak acid. You should either take them out or don’t store the device for extended periods.

A row of storing units with red doors
Optimal conditions in a storage unit are essential for protecting your belongings

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