5 Ideas for Your Moving Away Party in Los Angeles

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Throwing a moving away party for a friend or family member can be exhilarating! Even if they’re only relocating down the street, this is the beginning of a new chapter in their life and a cause for celebration! So put on your party (planner) hat and check out some ideas to get you started below.

1. Moving Away Party Themes

The first thing you need to do before you throw a going-away party is to pick a suitable theme. You can be as creative as you like here and cater to your guest of honor’s specific interests. If they’re a Sci-Fi enthusiast, for example, you can do a futuristic alien-costumed dinner. However, you can also choose one of the most popular general themes listed below.

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Destination Theme

Some of the most popular farewell parties are destination-inspired ones. For example, if your friend’s going to another LA neighborhood, you can research what it’s known for and have the decoration in that style. You can even serve some of the foods the place is known for. This is a great way to celebrate their new home.

Instead of Dancing — Packing

Bring the booze, order some food, play your favorite tunes — and get down to packing. What better way to show your friend that, even though they’re leaving, they can always count on their people, then helping them pack up for the move? If you’d rather unwind and take some stress off your guest of honor, you can get professional packing services instead and focus on partying hard!

Bon Voyage Moving Away Party

This idea might be a bit over-the-top if your friend’s only making a local residential move, but who cares — the bon voyage theme is a true classic! Map tablecloths, paper planes hanging from the ceiling, hallway banners — these are only some decoration tips. The possibilities are endless!

Dance Party Inspired by the Guest of Honor’s Favorite Music Era

If it’s the ’70s, have people wear funky costumes (bell-bottoms are a must!) and groove to the tunes of Bee Gees and Abba. Is it the ’80s? Install a disco ball and dance your perm off in a bright-colored room. Dancing is the best way for your soon-to-be-moving friend to relieve some moving stress.


2. Pick the Appropriate Venue

Unless you’re planning a packing get-together, don’t count on using the house of the person who’s moving as a venue. Try to find a suitable alternative that can accommodate all guests comfortably. Since going away parties are gatherings of close friends and family, the venue doesn’t have to be anything fancy. It can be your own house or apartment.

If there’s not enough room at your place, you can ask another person to provide the space while you provide the food. Bars and clubs are yet another option, but it all depends on the theme you choose.

Your backyard can be a perfect venue in the summer.

3. Send Invitations Early

Parties are events many people need to plan for well in advance. So make a guest list and send invitations as early as possible — maybe even weeks in advance. This way, you won’t risk your get-together being a failure where you and your friend’s grandma are the only guests. You can make invitations match the theme, and it’s best if they’re digital (except for grandma — ring her up).

The invitations can be as creative as you like, but they need to contain the following info:

  • Date and time
  • Location
  • Theme (and dress code)
  • RSVP deadline
  • What to bring
Be sure to give invitees enough time to respond.

4. Gift Ideas for a Going Away Party

When someone’s relocating, chances are they’ll try to get rid of anything they don’t need before the relocation. Try not to add to the list of trinkets and useless stuff they’ll have to carry to their new home just because they’ll feel bad if they throw out a gift. Here are some useful gift options:

  • Be straight with your friend and ask them what they need for their new home. Make a list and ask people to buy these items.
  • Ask the guests to bring packing materials.
  • A great gift doesn’t have to be a thing — pay for the moving services for your friend.
Surprise them with something they’ll find useful.

5. Build Up the Excitement With These Entertainment Ideas

Themed or not, good parties can’t rely only on mingling and chit-chat. You want the guests to have a blast while putting your guest of honor at the center of entertainment. If grandma starts snoring in some corner of the room, you know you blew it.

Popular Party Games

Even if you have a roomful of the most diverse people, there’s one thing they’re all bound to enjoy — games. Parties and games go together like peanut butter and jelly. Here are some popular game ideas everyone will love:

  • Photo booth — Decorate a corner to match the overall concept and let people take polaroid photos with the guest of honor.
  • Toast — Take a trip down the memory lane, and share some fun or beautiful things you’ve experienced together.
  • Quiz — Make a quiz about your leaving friend and see who knows them best.
  • General Games — If your friend would rather not be the center of attention, you can always play charades and other standard games.

Farewell Karaoke

A word of caution — once you take the mic and start singing Don’t You (Forget About Me) by Simple Minds, your friend might start bawling their eyes out. So think long and hard before you decide to go for a farewell karaoke. Your friend is not going far anyway. If you do opt for it, you and the other guests can take turns singing farewell songs to show your friend how much they mean to you.

Express your feelings for your friend through a song.

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