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Guide on How to Pack Glasses for Moving Locally in Los Angeles

Moving is a stressful business, even when you’re going a short distance. Before you start preparing for your local move in Los Angeles, you might want to read useful tips on how to pack glasses for moving, so you don’t end up with shattered glassware all over the place. Make sure you have all the knowledge you need, and the entire process will run smoothly.

Step One: Prepare Boxes For Your Glasses

The first thing you need to do is get some medium-sized boxes sturdy enough to withstand the weight. Whether you’re using new boxes or used ones, make sure that there is enough tape over the seams, so the boxes don’t fall apart when you lift them. Preferably use strong, wide packing tape.

If you don’t have a tight budget, you can buy awesome dish barrels and carton dividers that are perfect for packing glasses and other drinkware. You can also check our best tips regarding your moving expenses checklist to figure out how much you can afford to spend on materials.

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Know Where To Find Packing Items

Check out this video to find out where you can find boxes for free and learn some additional tips for moving in general.

Step Two: Pack Your Glassware

Since you’ve gathered and secured boxes, the next step is to fill the bottom with packing paper or packing foam (also known as peanuts). You’re going to need a lot of paper or bubble wrap so you can wrap each glass separately. Remember to place the heavy, sturdy things first and work your way up to the light and most fragile items.

The Tuck and Roll Method

One of the best methods to pack different types of fragile glassware is the tuck and roll method. Place a glass item on one end of the packing paper or bubble wrap, and start wrapping it towards the other end. Make sure you’re tucking the sides in as you wrap each piece.

After you finish wrapping, check if you feel any part of the glassware sticking out.

Step 3: Packing Fragile Stemware

Stemware items are by far the most fragile things a person can wrap. So you need to be extra careful. Prepare your stemware box the same way you did with the other glassware, ensuring there are enough moving materials on the bottom of the box. When relocating to a new home, our crystal stemware usually loses its shine, so be sure to read these tips on how to clean crystal glass.

Wrap Those Glasses Up

You can use the same tuck and roll method. But this time, you can do one additional step. Fill each stemware with packing paper. This will minimize the chances of your glasses breaking during moving day. You can always go with some additional packing paper layers, in case you want to be extra safe.

Glasses can break during the ride to your new home if you're not careful.

Step 4: Fill The Box With Moving Materials

When you place your glasses in the box, you’ll notice there is a lot of free space in between. It’s important to fill the empty space with materials you have left so that the glass won’t be able to move around during the ride.

Pack Safely

Don’t just place each glass randomly in the box, organize the way they are sitting next to each other. And if you don’t have much paper left, you can use your clothes! You can use your shirts for in-between layers and your socks for some smaller glass to pack in.

Make sure you label these boxes as FRAGILE.

Step 5: Seal The Deal

Tape that box good! Once is not enough, go for double or even triple tape. You can never be too careful when it comes to tape and glass. Also, always label each box. The more you and your movers know about the contents in the box, the more careful you will be about how you’re going to carry it around.

Does The Glass Go Clink?

One of the best tricks to make sure your glass items are packed safely is to lift the box from the ground and carry it a bit around the room. If you hear a clinking sound, you didn’t pack it right! This means there is still too much room between, and you need to fill that space with some more wrapping material.

Be sure the items don't make noise while you move around carrying the carton.

The Ultimate Advice

If you’ve read our tips carefully and follow them through, you won’t have to worry about your glass collection. But if you still feel uncertain about the whole situation, the process, the materials, the wrapping, and everything in between, you can check our moving services and contact All In Movers if you need any help regarding your local move in Los Angeles.

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