LA Essentials to Know on How to Pack a TV for Moving Without the Original Box

Once you start organizing a move, you might get surprised by numerous tasks you don’t know anything about. Putting items back in their boxes is easy, but how to pack a TV for moving without the original box, you may wonder? This is a challenging process, and it requires proper skills and organization. In the following text, you will learn some valuable tips that will help you go through this process easier and stay efficient in protecting your valuable inventory.

Living room
Relocating a TV might be challenging

In situations where you feel like you want to do everything in order to protect your fragile belongings, it might be a good idea to consult professionals. They can assist you in the time of need and guide you carefully through every step of your move. For example, if you don’t know how to move a TV, you can always hire some of the best moving companies in Los Angeles for help.

How to Pack a Television for Moving?

There is always a certain risk a person must be aware of when relocating large items that are very delicate, especially if they don’t have previous knowledge and experience with handling delicate objects. Luckily, even in times like these, there are some steps you can take if you want to prevent any damage and potential materialistic losses during the relocation. If you wonder how to pack a TV for moving, you came to the right place. 

This convenient article is a good starting point even for those who had some knowledge about this but want to make sure everything goes smoothly as well as for those who don’t have any previous experience. We will try to describe every step from the beginning of the procedure and preparations in your old home till the moment when your device is set up at your new place. You’ll have to make a proper plan, instruct your assistants, gather the necessary equipment and follow some safety rules to move efficiently.

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Should You Keep Your TV Box for Moving? The Original Packaging Dilemma

One of the best and safest ways to protect these devices is to place them inside their original containers. They are made in the perfect size and shape, and they also include necessary cushioning, specially designed for the protection of delicate surfaces. In case you didn’t save the original packaging, you don’t have to fall into despair. Many people throw these boxes away because they are bulky, large, tall, and can’t be used for many other purposes. If you are one of them and don’t know how to move a flat-screen TV without a box, you’ll find interesting alternative solutions and relocation hacks in the following lines.

Bubble wrap
Using appropriate protecting materials will keep your device safe from damages

Organize and Plan Everything in Advance

We get it, you have many reasons to move and can’t wait to get to your dream home and start living in downtown LA. After having a little going away party, it’s time to make a substantial to-do list, including the steps mentioned below. Good organization will help you stay focused and avoid relocation stress. If you decide to hire a Los Angeles moving company for assistance, you should contact them in advance to book a date for your move and check what items movers won’t move. They can also give you a free quote of potential costs you can include in your relocation expenses checklist. If you don’t know how to pack TVs for moving, how to pack plates, or store Christmas ornaments, they can offer you suitable packing services

Stay Careful When Unplugging Cords and Take Pictures

One of the important relocation tips when relocating electronic devices is to be careful when unplugging cords and cables. If you pull them out without any caution, some delicate parts might get damaged. Another pro tip is to take pictures of your device’s back while the cords are still plugged in – that way, you can easily manage to attach them back once you get to your new home. Also, once you unplug them, make sure they are not tangled because transporting them in that condition might cause some damages to delicate parts. Instead, wrap them individually and secure each one with tape, and have a separate box where you can keep them during the move.

Gather Essential Supplies for Your Alternative Packing Method

Another essential part of a successful move is gathering the proper supplies and materials to protect your items. If you want to protect fragile items like TVs, you’ll have to get some special equipment including:

  • Foam padding,
  • Cushioning, 
  • Plastic wrap,
  • Tape,
  • Bubble wrap, 
  • Thick cardboard, 
  • Labels,
  • Specialized TV cover. 
Gather specialized supplies and materials

How to Pack TVs on Your Own and Prepare Them for Shipping or Storage

Combining gathered materials in the right shape, size and layering them will protect your device and give it the proper support during transportation in a relocation truck. Depending on your device’s type, especially the screen type and structure, you must use these materials in a particular way. For example, flat-screen TVs should be wrapped in a blanket as a first layer instead of bubble wrap because this cushioning material’s structure can negatively affect its delicate surface. 

Gently lay your device on the blanket and secure it in place with a small rope, bungee cord, or tape. Ensure this blanket has no zippers or buttons that could damage the fragile surface. After this step is done, you can also tape bubble wrap as another layer. Once the device is wrapped, keep it upright and gently put it inside the convenient box. Use crumpled papers for cushioning or other soft fabrics to secure that nothing moves inside. Seal the bow with tape and label it as fragile using a loud color marker or other labeling methods. It would be best if you also mark which end goes up. 

Don't forget to label a box containing the fragile items

How Do You Pack a Flat-Screen TV for Moving With a Panel Kit?

Wonder how to move a flat-screen TV easily or how do you move a 75 inch TV without breaking it? If you don’t want to bother wrapping it and trying the DIY approach, there is a very convenient solution, simply buy a special panel kit in the appropriate size. After carefully unplugging your device and removing its legs, if it has any, you should carefully lay it on a blanket and put a piece of foam over its flat surface. Once you secure it with the first layer of protection, you can carefully put it in a container and add more foam to the space surrounding it. When taping and securing these materials, make sure pieces of tape don’t stick directly on the screen. Also, remember to protect the corners of the device with extra pieces of foam cushioning. 

Screens can be extremely delicate, so you need to stay extra careful

Follow Transportation Rules

Driving in LA might turn into an adventure, especially if you need to transport bulky and fragile objects. To ensure your belongings stay safe during the transportation process, you must follow some of the basic rules. First of all, you have to ensure that the container holding your device stays in one place in a relocation vehicle. You can achieve this by placing it between two heavy and steady objects. Another way of doing this is tying the container with a tie-down rope in a way that prevents any unwanted movement. If it stays in one fixed position, the risks of damages will be limited. Also, try not to put any other objects on top of the device container.

Is It Ok to Transport a TV Flat? Your Television Screen Might Be in Danger

Another important rule to follow during transportation, except for limiting its movements to a minimum, is the position you need to keep it in during the process. And it is not ok to place a TV flat. This position might seem like a safer way to prevent external breakages, but it can definitely lead to micro internal damages

For example, laying a plasma TV flat or on the side might damage microcrystals or plasma inside it by causing unwanted movements and rearrangements of these structural materials. By placing it in an upright position, you will ensure that delicate surfaces don’t get under pressure that might be caused by inadequate weight distribution. This unwanted pressure might seem insignificant, but it can lead to small internal cracks that can cause bigger issues in the long run.

Check For Road Obstacles

One more thing to consider when relocating bulky and fragile objects are potential road obstacles. No matter if we’re talking about a staircase, highway, or front yard – any potentially dangerous obstacles should be eliminated. For example, if you’re relocating during winter and weather conditions are bad, it is essential to clear out your paths from any snow or ice and ensure no one gets harmed and nothing gets broken. If you are relocating with pets and want to ensure they don’t get in your way, you can ask your friends to take them for a walk to some of the nice dog parks in LA.

Relocation truck
Ensure your device stays in an upright position during transportation

Stay Careful While Unpacking Your Device

Once you finally get to your dream home in some of the safest LA neighborhoods, don’t get too excited and stay patient until the process is appropriately finished. Same as during the packing procedure, you should stay extra careful during the unpacking process. First of all, while unloading your device from the relocation vehicle, you should try keeping it in an upright position while carrying it to your home. Once you take it inside, you should place it against the thick flat surface, preferably a wall. 

Carefully cut the cardboard edges as well as foam pieces. Pull it out of covers and blankets and place it in the assigned position. If you have anyone that could help you during this step, our advice is to rely on their assistance. These objects can be heavy and hard to hold in your hands, especially when you remove their cover. Take a look at this unpacking video to find steps to follow.

If You Don’t Know How to Pack a TV for Moving Without the Original Box – Hire Professional Movers in Los Angeles for Help

If you find this procedure too complicated and don’t want to take any risks, you should definitely consider hiring a moving company in Los Angeles for help. All In Moving is a reliable company that can offer you great deals and services, including commercial relocation and residential relocation services. Apart from packing your television, our trained and experienced movers in Los Angeles can help if you need to move in a hurry and don’t know how to pack dishes, and they’ll also remind you of the most commonly forgotten things to pack. You can contact our customer service at any time if you have any questions, and we’ll be happy to answer them and guide you through the process. There is no need to hesitate – call us now and start your move.

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