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How to Store Christmas Ornaments When Moving Locally in Los Angeles

Christmas and its special spirit are certainly the most magical and inspirational time of the year. But, if you are relocating after the holidays and you are curious about how to store Christmas ornaments, it is time to think about these less fun activities. This may be a critical issue, particularly if you are planning to move soon. We have prepared some ideas and advice that can help you do this efficiently and easily.

How Do You Store Christmas Ornaments? It All Starts With Proper Organization

Whether you just need to take down a holiday decor and the tree for the year or organize it for the relocation, making a thorough plan will make everything much simpler for you. If you haven’t included this in your moving to-do list, you should do it now. Planning to move starts with a list, which can also be extended to the process of packing your other possessions. You don’t want to do anything at the last moment. Decide whether to start with tinsel or string lights. Go over your collection, so you can know how much packing supplies you really need. Then you can begin packing up things after you have all the supplies.

A girl is writing a checklist.
Make a checklist of things you need to store first and the necessary supplies.

Boxes and Other Supplies You Can Use for Storing Ornaments Once the Holiday Season Is Over

If you have already moved locally, you may have things you haven’t been able to use from your list of supplies, such as storage boxes, wrapping paper, containers, etc. This is a real money-saver, but if you don’t, that’s all right, too. Here are some alternative things that you can use:

  • Shoe boxes,
  • Various size boxes – cardboard and plastic,
  • Duffel bags,
  • Packing paper, newspapers, paper towels, or tissue paper
  • Bubble wrap,
  • Plastic wraps and envelopes.

You should experiment with the supplies based on your needs to see what suits you better – to buy some or make everything yourself, which can also turn out fine. At the end of the day, as long as you protect your decorations from destruction, it’s all going well.

Bubbles in a storage box
You don’t have to buy a new special storage box - use something from your home instead

How to Store Christmas Ornaments? – Easy Ideas and Tips for Packing Up Christmas Decorations

Any of the moving hacks you discovered from your friends and family, internet tutorials, or professional movers Los Angeles, if you have already moved locally, can be very helpful now. If you don’t know any, these strategies are super simple and easy to follow. Most importantly, all of your ornaments and other glowing objects that add their unique touch to holidays will be packed safely. So, take a look at some of our suggestions.

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Egg Cartons Can Be a Very Good Solution for Your Ornament

Not only are eggs perfect because they are an inevitable ingredient of pretty much every holiday dinner, but also because their carton containers can provide great protection for your ornament, and you always have them around the house. In the spaces for eggs, put a bauble or another piece, cover up, and your ornament is ready for relocation.

Pillow Case and a Vacuum Bag Can Be Useful

These can be excellent keepers for all your tinsel garlands. What you can do is to fill the case with ornaments that aren’t delicate, and they are good to go. Also, if you have a vacuum bag, it’s even better because it’s going to take up less space.

Use Plastic Instead of a Paper Cup as Storage for Fragile Christmas Tree Ornaments

If you have empty plastic cups, you can put your little holiday trinkets in there. These can be a secure storage space, and if you don’t have lids, just add some crumpled paper for cushioning and wrap the cup with a plastic wrapper. Look at some additional storage tips that include cups in the video below.

Where Should Christmas Decorations Be Stored in an Apartment?

Where should I store my holiday decorations? If your new home is an apartment, there are many options. For apartments, decent storage choices include clear plastic containers, shoe boxes, and a large zip-top bag. These can go under the bed or in a closet. If you have fragile objects, you may want to invest in an appropriate storage bin. It may also be helpful to prepare paper for packing and bubble wrap. Using a permanent marker to label the containers can also be helpful.

Is It Ok to Store Christmas Decorations in the Garage?

The garage or basement is sometimes the only place to pack away holiday decor. You can place a glass or plastic decoration or a fake tree in a garage if they are adequately covered. If it’s yarn, paper, pine cones, or anything else that might give rodents an attractive snack or a new home, then you should definitely skip packing up Christmas decorations in the garage. But whatever you decide, instead of cardboard storage boxes, buy plastic bins with tight covers. Not only can they last longer, but they are waterproof and will not attract insects, as well.

Box with fragile items
Label the box with fragile items

Hire All In Moving to Help With Putting Away Christmas Decorations and Other Items

If you are moving to one of the best suburbs of Los Angeles, packing can be a daunting task, particularly if you have a lot of delicate things and you don’t understand how to pack glasses or other fragile items. Among everything else, you can be sure that professional movers will show you the best way to store Christmas ornaments. You can simply contact our movers in Los Angeles if you need assistance with packaging and storing your artificial tree, bulbs, tinsels, and lights.

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