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Genius Moving Hacks to Make Relocation in LA Painless

Some people like to plan and organize relocations in advance. However, even they sometimes don’t mind looking up specific moving hacks to facilitate the whole process. On the other hand, most of us are not that organized, so we need strategies to pack more efficiently, reduce the amount of effort, and eventually implement the plan just a little faster than usual.

Take Time to Prepare for the Move-In Day

There are many things to do before relocating that everyone forgets. This includes activities such as switching off your subscriptions, utilities, and accounts. However, if these tasks are crossed off the moving to-do list on the move-in day, you will be able to focus entirely on the job in question. The sooner the job is done, the sooner you can think about other things like throwing a moving away party or start exploring living in downtown LA. Here are some moving tips and hacks that may be helpful.

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Things You Should Do Before Moving

Don’t forget to clean the bathroom and kitchen in your new house because you will use them as soon as you move in. Select a collection of items such as clothes and belongings you do not want to carry with you and donate them. Plan your meals around frozen food, perishable products, or half open containers you have in the kitchen for the few weeks before your relocation so as not to throw away food.

Take Pictures

You can take photographs before you start packing so that you can use them as a guide if you are looking to replicate the way everything was organized at your old place, such as how the coffee table was placed or the exact way all those TV cords and wires should be plugged in. Right before you leave, do not forget to photograph your old house or apartment in its empty state, as well as your new one just before you move in. In the case of security deposit lawsuits or property loss, this will provide strong evidence.

Empty house
Take pictures of your old home before you leave

Moving Hacks for Packing Supplies

Getting all that packing supplies and equipment you need can be very demanding and expensive. In order not to spend more money than you specified in your moving expenses checklist, look at some tricks and packing hacks for moving that will surely be useful to you while relocating.

Get Your Boxes for Free

Instead of buying boxes in a home supply shop, ask your local grocery store if they have spare ones. Lots of perfectly fine cartons are frequently discarded by stores many days a week, and most employees won’t mind you reusing them. You can also use your laundry basket, decorative containers, suitcases, as well as dresser drawers. This will save you from needing too many cardboard boxes.

You Don’t Need Bubble Wrap and Packing Paper

Instead of spending lots of money on yards of bubble wrap and packing paper, you can wrap breakable items in blankets and sheets. There are many more tips on how to pack dishes for moving. For instance, if you are wondering how to pack glasses for moving, try using socks to stuff the glasses to provide additional padding. The boxes will not be that organized, but you’ll be able to save space and money.

Use Suitcases to Pack Your Books

Books are cumbersome, and it is not easy to take them out of the house in boxes. To not injure yourself while picking them up and carrying them, it would be best to put books in suitcases with wheels and simply pull them out of the house to your truck. You can also use this method for other heavy objects that fit in bags.

Books in a suitcase
Pack your books in a suitcase

Use a Plastic Wrap for Liquids

Spills of liquids such as soap, shampoo, cleaning products, and other things may occur in transit. Uncap all household liquids, cover the top with transparent plastic wrap to avoid these leaks during the move, and reseal the cap securely. Watch the following video to see how it’s done.

Make Sure to Keep Your Bag With Essentials Close

Fill a small backpack or a suitcase with objects you’ll need access to right after you’ve moved to your new house or during the trip itself. Important papers, prescriptions, chargers, simple personal hygiene products, and a few wardrobe changes may be included in your necessity bag. Keep the bag with you instead of putting it on the truck, so if other items are delayed or misplaced, these must-have essentials are nearby.

A person with a rucksack.
Always keep your bag with essentials nearby.

How to Pack Your Home Office in Boxes

It can be challenging to pack a home office because there are many confidential papers, electronics, and small objects. If you have taken care of the basics, arrange items by package and separate chargers, camera cords, or headphone cables. To unpack quickly in your new home office, don’t forget to label each box.

Tips for Protecting Your Important Documents and High Priced Items

To secure them, place all of your sensitive documents in plastic bags, and divide them into folders or binders so that you always know where they are. Label the boxes according to their matching number and write down what’s really in each box. It’s a good hack because you can keep your office boxes sorted without displaying what is inside them. For containers with expensive objects or highly sensitive information, this is the safest way of protecting them.

A person holding a box with office supplies.
Be careful when packing sensitive documents.

Find the Best Local Moving Company in LA on Time

You should find LA movers near you and check for reviews. You can avoid higher prices if you call a relocation company early to confirm they are free on your move-in day. This also entails recruiting painters to update the walls and door frames, as well as renting supplies and equipment. This will eventually save you from stress and make the entire process a little easier at the end of the day.

Movers carrying a person on a couch.
You should consider hiring professional movers in LA.

Are You Looking for Professional Movers in Los Angeles to Help You Move?

Every move is tiring because you need to cope with numerous things simultaneously. We hope these hacks to make moving easier will help you. On the other hand, sometimes it’s smarter to leave it to professionals to take care of everything for you. All In Moving is a reliable moving company in Los Angeles that covers services such as packing, as well as commercial moving for businesses. We can help you with labor services if you already have a truck. And if you don’t, we can offer the full residential services package or even storage moving. We deal with all the specifics and give you a laidback relocating experience. If you’re relocating locally in Los Angeles, consider recruiting local LA movers to help you get through it all with very little moving stress. You can enjoy the best beaches in Los Angeles or maybe downtown LA restaurants, while we do all the work. Contact our agents and ask them everything you want to know, for example, what the items movers won’t move are.

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