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What Costs Should Your Local Moving Expenses Checklist Include

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Local relocation may be a little easier than a long-distance one, and the expenses of changing homes are lower. However, unplanned costs can jump out of nowhere and surprise you even when relocating from one part of LA to another. The best solution is to make a moving expenses checklist and prepare for your local relocation fees ahead of time.

The First Thing to Do Is Make a Moving Expenses Checklist

Changing the place of residence and transporting all your items requires a lot of attention no matter the distance, and one can easily overlook all the expenses that might pop out at some point. If you make a checklist of all possible costs, you’ll be better prepared to deal with the whole process and avoid making ends meet while settling into your new home. We have a list of simple tips for you to write them down on your moving expenses checklist, which will help you calculate each fee in advance.

Outline the budget you'll set aside for moving on paper.

Factors That Affect the Cost of Moving

  • The time of the year: peak season for moving is summer, which is why movers charge more during this period. You can decide to relocate in other seasons, but be aware that it will be harder to carry and move everything in rain or snow.
  • The number of hours movers will have to work: more items to move means more hours the staff will need to spend on transportation. Perhaps this is a good time to organize a fun little garage sale and get rid of all the things that you don’t really need.
Garage sale is a great way to earn additional money and declutter unnecessary items.

Packing Supplies Budget

This step will not bother you if you hire professional packing services from a local LA company such as Allin Moving, since we provide all the necessary packing supplies and can even sell them to you separately.

In any case, packing supplies will not easily cross your mind in the whole chaos of preparations, so don’t forget to include it on your checklist if you’re packing on your own. Some old clothes and newspapers can save you some expenses, but you will still have to obtain cardboard boxes.

Don't forget to include the costs of various packing supplies such as boxes, paper, and tape.

Additional Costs and Expenses

Additional expenses can always occur, even if the move is a local one. To avoid any misunderstandings, be prepared for each charge by following our list of additional costs, and write them down on your checklist.

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Costs of Carrying Items up and Down the Stairs

Some of your furniture will probably not fit into the elevator, or it can happen that the elevator isn’t working properly. This is why you have to think of an extra fee if the movers will have to carry heavy items up and down the stairs.

Travel Fee for Transportation

Local movers will charge an additional fee for the time they need to get to your new home on the relocation day. Don’t forget that you will also be charged an extra hour for the moving labor.

Cancellation Fee Can Affect Your Budget

If you cancel a company’s services last-minute and decide to hire another one, you will be charged anyway. That is why you have to remember to ask about the cancellation fee policy when hiring your movers.

Cleaning Services for Your Old and New Home

The relocation process isn’t over when you arrive at your new home. You will have to unpack everything and to do that, the house must be clean. You can cut some expenses by cleaning the house yourself, but be aware that you will take a couple of days, especially if a house or apartment is big. The easier way would be to hire cleaning services, and that is why you need to include this in the expenses checklist. Additionally, your old place will also need to be speck and clean if you were renting it, or planning to rent it out to someone else. After all, you don’t want to leave a bad impression on your previous landlords or future tenants.

Be ready to single out a budget for cleaning services.

Tips on How to Save Some Money When Relocating Locally

Unlike an interstate move, you can cut a lot of expenses when relocating locally. Check our list of general tips on how to go about this.

Friends Can Help With Packing

One way to reduce your relocation expenses is to ask your friends for assistance. They can help you with packing and carrying tote bags, boxes, and other lighter stuff. Don’t forget to prepare some snacks, water, and other refreshments. You can later throw a fantastic moving-in party and return the favor.

Book Your Move in Advance to Cut Some Expenses and Fees

By default, when you book anything in advance, it comes with a discount. That’s why this is the best way to cut some expenses from the start. Even if you’re relocating during the peak season, you’ll save money if you have booked a local moving company near you for some weeks or even months in advance.

Hire an Affordable Moving Company

The golden rule is that more money means better service and vise versa. However, it is possible to hire affordable professional moving service providers that will provide you with sufficiently good service as well. All you need to do is do some research in advance and compare a couple of companies. That way, you can balance your costs and avoid some additional expenses. If you aren’t sure how movers calculate their cost, click the video down below.


Final Words

When moving locally, you are bound to spend less money than if you were relocating interstate. However, any move is sure to incur expenses and affect your budget, so it’s best to give a local LA relocation company like Allin Moving a call and be on the safe side.

It’s also smart to lay out all the money you’ll need to spend, and have a clear image of the cost the move will make. We hope our tips have helped you with what to keep in mind when planning the budget for your move and got you sailing lightly into this next adventure in your life.

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