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5 Breweries in Los Angeles Every Local Should Know

While you’ll find chain bars around almost every corner, LA prides itself on its own crafted beer. With numerous breweries around the city, LA truly is a dream come true for beer enthusiasts. So, if you’re getting movers in LA to a new neighborhood or have just started enjoying craft beer, here are a few breweries in Los Angeles you should check out.

Highland Park Brewery – $

Located in Chinatown, this giant warehouse has grown from a small locale in Hermosillo to one of the most popular and best breweries in LA. Highland Park Brewery often hosts events, parties, and releases. It might be the perfect place for a moving away party. Since it’s a walking distance from the Dodgers Stadium, the warehouse is a popular pre-game spot. If you live or plan on living in Downtown LA, it’s the perfect place for games, drinking nights with friends, and grabbing a cold one after a long day.

Famous for their funky, experimental new beers, their menu has a variety to choose from, from mango-flavored IPAs to fine barrel-aged ales. If you enjoy snacking alongside your beer, the place is known for its late-night kitchen as well. The prices are affordable, and the atmosphere is friendly. Visit the bar on one of your beer tours; you won’t regret it.

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Highland Park Brewery’s Unique Craft Beers

The bar is known for its innovative beers as well as funky style packaging. You’ll find beers with odd names such as TropiWhama; a hazy IPA flavored with bananas. If you’re interested in reviews of one of their more popular beers – Timbo Pils, check out this video!

Golden Road Brewing – $$

Golden Road Brewing is one of the largest breweries in LA. The brewery is praised for its pretty ambiance and vegetarian-friendly food menu. The bar’s signature white and blue cans are known across Los Angeles. It’s a popular spot for those who enjoy brunch with light crafted beer, as the bar’s main idea was to introduce light seasonable IPAs that will allow you to fill your stomach with delicious food even after a pint or two. If you enjoy day drinking, a trip here might suffice. Remember to try the local favorite El Hefe Añejo, an American-style wheat ale with honey, aged in a tequila barrel.

A Golden Road Food Pairing

If you’re interested in learning more about one of the best Los Angeles breweries, check out this video to see the bar’s incredible food and drink combos.

Monkish Brewing Co. – $

If you’re a newcomer, you might need a Los Angeles neighborhood guide to help you with this one, as the bar is located in Torrance, a bit off the beaten path. However, it is definitely worth the long trip. As the originator of the haze craze, releasing New England-style IPAs, this Torrance bar is considered one of the best Los Angeles craft breweries, especially for its ingredient originality.

Monkish Brewing Co.’s menu includes beers such as the Shaolin Fist, a Belgian brown ale brewed with Sichuan peppercorns, and the Obliate, Belgian-style blonde ale with chamomile.

Overall, you’ll surely find the menu satisfying. And don’t forget to take your free Belgian pretzels!

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Enjoy some delicious snacks with your favorite drink.

Homage Brewing – $

Located in one of the east LA neighborhoods, Homage Brewing is an excellent choice for trying the most innovative brews in Pomona, even if it’s a long drive there. This nano-brewery that started from Kickstarter is now one of the major breweries in LA. The bar is famous for its unique blends and DIY ethos. Additionally, Homage Brewing offers a variety of brews, from Belgian ale to lagers.

The atmosphere is very artsy due to the owners’ roots in music and fashion; you’ll feel like you’re at a beach cafe rather than a dusty old taproom. You’ll also be greeted with smiles as the staff is lovely. If you plan on relocating to the east side, why not visit and grab a beer after unpacking?

glasses with different ales
If you want a different atmosphere than in the usual taproom, visit Homage Brewing.glasses with different ales

Angel City Brewery – $$

Angel City Brewery has that industrial feel and plenty of room in the warehouse for picnic tables. You can sip on IPAs, pilsners, lagers, and limited releases while enjoying Tacos & Trivia Tuesdays with your friends. The warehouse also hosts karaoke nights, art shows, food-pop offs, and similar, so there is more to this place than just drinks since most people regard it as a communal gathering place. For your first visit, we suggest trying the classic Angeleno IPA with grape-fruit infused flavor. If you’re interested in trying something different and unusual, the annual Kolsch-style avocado ale is a must-try for you.

Angel City Brewery is a Great Gathering Spot

As mentioned, the brewery is known to host many public events, from trivia events to small concerts. Here’s a snip of Tom Walker’s visit to the warehouse.

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