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6 Best Hikes in LA With Prime Trails and Unforgettable Mountain Views

You’re moving locally to LA, and you want to get a feeling of the city. Hiking is a healthy way of getting about, and many of the best hikes in LA take you all around the greater city area. Most of the hike trails are easy to moderately difficult, so you shouldn’t have any problems conquering them. Here are six of the best hiking trails in Los Angeles.

Make Sure You Prepare Before Going Out on a Hike

A hike can last a few hours and take you to some inaccessible places. For this reason, there are a few things you need to prepare before you set out on your journey:

  • Bring plenty of water
  • Wear sturdy shoes
  • Have sunglasses on
  • Apply sunscreen
  • Bring your camera or phone for taking pictures
  • Pack some snacks
Backpacks on the Mountain Peak.
When going to the mountains, it’s important to bring all the equipment.

Runyon Canyon Is One of the Best Hikes in LA

Located just northwest of Hollywood neighborhoods, the spot is a very popular hike in Los Angeles. If you’re planning on living in Beverly Hills, it will be right around the corner. It’s easily accessible for beginners because of its paved path. Furthermore, it’s also great when moving with pets since dogs are allowed to run around unleashed. Keep in mind that since the coronavirus outbreak, as with every hiking trail, you are required to keep a 6 ft distance between yourself and the next person. Masks are mandatory for ages two and up.

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Celebrity Sightings in Runyon Canyon

Besides being packed with regular folk, you can often encounter celebrities on the trail. This, together with an amazing view of the Hollywood Sign, make this a must-see location for any hiker.

Woman on a Mount Top.
You can enjoy the sight of the Hollywood Sign while in the Canyon.

Griffith Park Offers Amazing Views Near Mount Hollywood

Griffith Park is one of the largest parks in Los Angeles and the US, with an area of 4,300 acres. Easily accessible, it has often served in Hollywood movies as a representation of foreign, alien-like environments. Many filmmakers have used the site in their moves. It has some of the greatest hiking trails near Los Angeles. Dogs are allowed on every trail, but you must keep them on a leash.

Different Paths You Can Take in Griffith Park

When visiting Griffith Park, you can take three different paths, some of which have parking:

  • Bronson Canyon – the round trip is less than a mile long; check it out to see the “Batcave.”
  • Griffith Observatory – this trip is 2.5 miles long with a great view of the city
  • Brush Canyon Trail – walk a mile to reach Mount Hollywood.
Mountain view of the observatory.
It’s easy to get to Griffith Peak to enjoy beautiful views.

Solstice Canyon Has One of the Best Hiking Trails in LA

Located in Malibu, this is an easy hike, with a mostly shaded path. If you’re interested in space and science, this is a must-see for you. This is one of only three sites where space equipment was tested. It’s also one of the better waterfall hikes in Los Angeles. If you take the Rising Sun Trail, you’ll be rewarded with an amazing view of the Pacific Ocean and the mountains.

Open green spaces.
The views here are truly fascinating.

Malibu Creek State Park Trail Justifies Its Name

Spanning on 7,000 acres and featuring 15 miles of trails going through oak woods, the Malibu Creek justifies its name after a good rainfall. Many of the former 20th Century Fox Studios films used to be filmed in the area, and still attract many visitors each year.

People in nature.
Malibu Creek Park may not have the Hollywood Sign, but it still has beautiful scenery.

Santa Anita Canyon Offers an Amazing Waterfall Hiking Experience

Located in the San Gabriel Mountains, this breathtaking river canyon is home to the Sturtevant Falls, known for its impressive 50 ft height. The location is covered in vegetation, and the trail extends above the falls with numerous campsites along the way. There’s also a longer branching trail for enthusiasts.

A waterfall.
San Gabriel Mountains are home to amazing waterfalls.

Sandstone Peak Can Prove Challenging for Inexperienced Hikers

Santa Monica Mountain trails have smaller elevations and less shade than San Gabriel’s. It’s located near Pasadena, which also happens to be one of the best suburbs of Los Angeles. In case you want to move here, hire our Pasadena movers. With its 6.1 mi length and a smooth elevation gain of over 1,650 ft, the peak is a nice way for newbie hikers to test their capabilities and level up. There’s also an alternative, easier, and shorter path around 3 miles long. Once you reach the summit at 3,111 ft, you’ll be treating yourself to an amazing view of the mountains and the coastline.

Two women looking at a sunset.
Even the inexperienced hikers love Sandstone Peak.

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