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There are many reasons to move to a new city, but what are the reasons for moving out of a place and choosing another one in the same city? As an LA moving company, we see it happen every day, and we are happy to be part of it and of help. So, we’ll tell you why most folks decide to change the home they are living in for a new one, and you decide for yourself if there is a good enough reason for you, too.

Why Do People Move From One Place to Another?

Apartment hunting in Los Angeles is a difficult and expensive sport, most would agree. If we disregard the cost of your real estate agent in Los Angeles and the housing, the move itself could cost you from $500 – $1,400. Those are the usual fees of moving companies in Los Angeles and other cities. So, whether you’re relocating from one of the Hollywood neighborhoods to one of the affordable suburbs in Los Angeles or you’re living in Beverly Hills and just changing houses, there must be a reason why you chose to put a moving company in Los Angeles on a payroll. Here are some of the most common ones.

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Why Do People Move? It’s Cause of the House

Let’s start with the biggest factor in the decision-making process as to why many choose to hit the road and use moving services in Los Angeles or any other town. According to the Joint Center for Housing Studies of Harvard University, most people (around 40% of them, to be precise) do so because of house-related reasons. So, what kind of house-related factors are there?

Financial Issues – They Can’t Afford the Costs of Living in a Place

Sometimes, people just can’t afford the cost of living in a certain home or neighborhood. Living in downtown LA does cost a lot of money, so many have decided to pack their bags. Especially last year, when many were asked to work from home or were furloughed. Sometimes, the moving expenses checklist seems a lot more affordable than living in the city center.

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Upgrading – People Move Because They’d Like More Space or a Better House

According to some research, around 15% of folks who want to change their place of living do so because they want more space or a better house. Moving to some of the safest neighborhoods in Los Angeles or to a better part is a change for the better and a joyful event worth celebrating in one of the fanciest breweries in Los Angeles. If you are one of them, congratulations, and good luck!

Empty Nest – Moving to a Smaller House

Another house-related reason is a stage in life mature or elderly people face – when their kids move out of their home and have a home and family of their own. When this happens, the mom and dad in question (or grandma and grandpa in the new, extended family) often decide to downsize. They don’t need as much space as they used to, so they decide to live in a smaller house or apartment and maybe, save some money. Or they don’t make the same amount of money anymore and can’t afford to stay in the family home anymore.

They Want to Buy a Home

Having a house of their own is a dream for most of us. This gives us the opportunity to furnish and decorate it as we deem fit – it gives us freedom and security. When people have saved enough money, browsed the Los Angeles neighborhood guide, and decided where to live in Los Angeles – they don’t wait for long before giving an offer. After all, renting is a drag in the city where Los Angeles renters’ rights and laws tend to favor the landlords.

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Housing-related things are a key factor

A New Job or Easier Commute

A new job is a big deal in everyone’s life, and it is one of the biggest factors when relocating. Some make the decision to move to another town, state, or even a country for a job. Some just choose to move to another neighborhood, a better one, if they got a pay raise in some of the best companies to work for in Los Angeles. Some choose to live in a neighborhood closer to their new workplace for an easier commute.

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A new job or a better job position may inspire people to relocate

Love and Family Play a Big Role

Love plays a big role in every aspect of life, relocating included. When a couple has been in a relationship for a long time or marries, they feel a need for a space of their own, whether it’s to start a family or live together as partners. Some families need more space with each new addition, and one closer to good schools and the best playgrounds in Los Angeles. We move when we fall in love, but also when we fall out of love and break up or divorce and need separate housing units.

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Moving Back Home – Reasons to Move for Millennials

In the past several years, even more so in the wake of the pandemic and economic crisis that followed, millennials have engaged in a trend of moving back home to their parents. This is a good opportunity to grow your skills and save some money for later on. Some don’t really like it and view it as a failure, but it can actually be a great chance to take some time, better oneself, and get a better perspective of where you want to be in life and work towards it without the pressure of having to pay rent.

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What Are Good Reasons to Relocate?

Any reason you may have is a good one if that is what you want. You don’t like your neighbors or just want a change of scenery? You can’t deal with repairs anymore, and you feel a need to live in a more newly built building? Why do you want to relocate – the best answer is the reason you have if you are sure of it. Whatever reason or need you have – it’s valid, plan it out well, and we wish you the best of luck.

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