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The Ultimate Los Angeles Neighborhood Guide

Written by: Blake Shaw

La-La-Land is the dreamland for many, and we understand those who don’t want to leave it. If you’re looking for the right place in this paradise to settle down, here’s the ultimate Los Angeles neighborhood guide for all of you about to embark on a local move in the city. There are so many nice places all around the county, so we will share our top picks with you, and you decide which one of them suits your lifestyle best.

Downtown LA Is the Center of Activity and a Place Where All Things Happen

When deciding where to live in Los Angeles or doing pretty much anything else – you can’t go around the downtown area. DTLA is considered to be LA’s fastest-growing neighborhood. Since the early 2000s, this area has been experiencing its renaissance. Once empty fields have completely transformed with new retail shops, restaurants, and business centers. On the eastern side of DTLA, you’ll find an artistic hub, the area known as The Arts District. For every art lover, living in downtown LA might be a dream come true. Apart from many downtown LA museums and galleries, you’ll find amazing public murals and some of the coolest breweries in LA. You can hang out in some of them after a hard-working day in some of the best companies to work for in LA that are also located here, which makes it one of the best places to live in LA for young professionals.

The district of DTLA is the center of all activity in this city - it’s a place where everything happens

Have a Taste of the Glamour and Luxury of Beverly Hills

If you plan on living in Beverly Hills, there is a high chance you’ll become a neighbor to some of the first-class actors and actresses or elite businessmen. Beverly Hills is one of the safest neighborhoods in LA with exceptionally low crime rates and also one of the best neighborhoods in LA for families. If you are starting a family and can afford to rent a home here, your children will go to top-rated public schools in California and get to play at some of the best playgrounds in LA. Even though this area is famous for its glitz and glamour – it is surprisingly neighborly and level-headed once you start living here.

Beverly Hills is known for its beautiful tree-lined streets

Hollywood and Other Communities in West LA

Hollywood is arguably the most famous neighborhood in the whole country. This is a perfect spot for anyone who dreams about becoming a part of the entertainment industry. A single step towards the Hollywood Walk of Fame will lead you to the awards venues like Dolby Theatre and TCL Chinese Theatre. For outdoor activities, you can go to Lake Hollywood Park for a picnic and get a view of the iconic landmark. Besides the cool Hollywood neighborhoods, West LA is also pretty exciting with its lively communities and favorite among young and single newcomers. Keep reading to discover what West Hollywood, Culver City, and Hancock Park are all about.

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West Hollywood: A District That Never Sleeps

Home to Sunset Boulevard, LA’s most famous roadway, is also known for its LGBT community. This area offers plenty of things to do in LA at night, which is terrific for some, but it can also lead to a situation where there’s just too much noise. However, the good thing is that the area is pretty walkable, so everything you need is in close proximity.

Culver City Is Home to Sony and Columbia Pictures

West LA and its neighborhood Culver City are home to Sony and Columbia Pictures, the biggest film studio in LA. Many employees of the studio have settled in the area to avoid the hectic public transportation. If you plan on renting here, you should get to know your Los Angeles renters’ rights and know that living in this area comes with a price tag. But, the beautiful and bustling community is filled with exciting venues and some of the best restaurants, and you will totally get your money’s worth.

Hancock Park and Its Classically Designed Homes

Not far from West LA, you’re going to find a beautiful district with plenty of charming old houses inspired by Italian classical architecture and breathtaking tree-lined streets. Hancock Park was a trendy district during the Hollywood Golden Age. To this day, people have been drawn to gorgeous homes and large lots.

Hollywood Hill sign.
The most famous landmark in LA

South Bay Is a Sandy Heaven

Hermosa, Redondo, and Manhattan Beach make the famous South Bay trio. If you are more of a laid-back person who enjoys spending free time on the coast, South Bay is the right choice. You’re going to love breathtaking sunsets in the evening and enjoy the most excellent cuisine at beachside restaurants. Many paths alongside the shore are a hot spot for joggers and cyclists. It goes without saying that the beaches here are the best beaches in LA – they’re iconic, and they have been featured in tons of movies.

Manhattan Beach Is the Embodiment of the California Lifestyle

People who want to experience the coastal life of California move to Manhattan Beach. As a local, you already know that the greatest appeal of this place is the beach itself. However, this is not its only pro. If you enjoy an expensive lifestyle and outdoor activities, this area is the perfect fit for you. It’s also a place where driving in LA won’t give you a headache – the traffic isn’t hectic in this laid-back community. This picture-perfect beach community is the embodiment of the California lifestyle, and if you plan on making it your home – better call your real estate agent in LA fast, as the home prices are only going up.

Santa Monica Is Famous for Its Iconic Roller Coasters

Santa Monica was on the list of “Top 10 Beach Cities in the World” by National Geographic, and it remains one of the most popular neighborhoods in California. Since LA is famous for its beaches, the Santa Monica Pier is one of the greatest attractions. Experience gorgeous tropical scenery from the top of the Ferris wheel or ride on a roller coaster. Shopaholics can stroll down Third Street Promenade, and you can also catch a break in one of the area’s authentic restaurants.

Santa Monica Pier is an iconic landmark and a popular gathering spot for both tourists and locals

The Valley Is a Suburban Part of LA

If you want to move to a more suburban part of Los Angeles, choose San Fernando Valley. The place is better known as only The Valley and is a more peaceful area than others. Since there isn’t much noise at night, this district is the best for parents with young children, and parking is also super easy. Hollywood Hills separate the area from the rest of LA, which gives it a special cozy vibe. However, there is still much to do here, thanks to plenty of restaurants and retail stores within walking distance.

Drone shot of LA
San Fernando Valley is one of those cozy neighborhoods where everything can be found within walking distance

Pasadena and San Gabriel Valley Are Havens for Young Families

Pasadena is the biggest district of San Gabriel Valley, and it is located about 10 minutes north of DTLA. Pasadena is mostly known for its nickname, the City of Roses, which comes from the famous Rose Bowl stadium, and monthly flea market by the same name. The area is completely family-oriented. Old Town Pasadena abounds in cafes, restaurants, and boutiques.

A Guide to the Peaceful and Friendly Town of San Gabriel

San Gabriel is an up-and-coming neighborhood, but it’s still one of the relatively affordable suburbs of LA. It is a quiet and peaceful area, but still bustling with activity and full of life. The reasonable housing prices and low crime rates have put it on all parents’ radars and made it one of the best places to raise a family in California. It’s a diverse neighborhood which diversity reflects best in the cuisine – the abundance of exotic food options and reasonable prices make it a true foodie paradise. Take a glimpse into what it would be like to live in San Gabriel in the video below.

Choose the Right Place From Our Los Angeles Neighborhood Guide and the Right LA Moving Company

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