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Everything to Know About Apartment Hunting in Los Angeles

Written by: Grace Gray

Finding an apartment in Los Angeles can turn into a real mess, really fast. Those who are about to go apartment hunting in Los Angeles usually brace themselves for a time-consuming and stressful ordeal. But, it doesn’t always have to be that way – with the help of our apt guide in Los Angeles, your search will be as smooth as butter.

How Do You Apartment Hunt in Los Angeles in 2021?

With the ever-growing home prices in LA, it’s no surprise that more than half of Angelenos are priced out of buying and choose to rent. Renting continues to be big business in LA even in 2020, and those wondering how to find apartments in Los Angeles are faced with fierce competition. So, how to find an apartment in LA? Here’s some advice for an easy search.

Zero in on a Los Angeles, CA Neighborhood

Before making a moving-expenses checklist, browse through our Los Angeles neighborhood guide and zero in on a new neighborhood. When deciding where to live in Los Angeles, keep in mind that driving in LA can be a drag and last forever, so choose a place to live close to your work to minimize the commute.

Another thing to consider is safety – you want to be living in one of the safest neighborhoods in Los Angeles. Use LA Times’ crime mapping tool to check the crime rates in your new neighborhood.

LA neighborhood
Start by choosing a neighborhood in the city.

Get the Rental History From Old Apartments and Other Documents Ready

Before you even start your search, get your papers in order, because that’s the first thing landlords will want to know. You’ll need proof of income, job history, previous rental history, and good credit. Throw in some professional and personal references, just in case – they go a long way.

Make sure to have all the paperwork in check before you start looking for a place to live.

How Much Does an Apartment in LA Cost?

The next step is figuring out your budget and how much you’re willing to spend. Know that you will be asked for a deposit (usually a month’s rent) and that you have to set aside some money for the rental application and a credit check. If you’re moving with pets, you will likely be asked for a pet deposit, as well.

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The Average Rent for a 1-Bedroom Apartment Costs Near to $2500

According to, an average 1-bedroom unit in the city of LA will set you back close to $2,500, which still beats the median home value of around $768,000, according to Zillow. Of course, you can find cheaper or more expensive options depending on the unit’s type and location, but the rental fees haven’t dropped much in 2020. Make sure you confirm if utilities are included in rent. That’s an important factor that shouldn’t be overlooked.

Take all things into consideration when budgeting for a new place to live.

Where to Look for Apartments in Los Angeles to Rent?

Longtime LA locals and those who have moved around the city quite a few times will tell you that the best deals are not listed online. The best way to find an apartment in Los Angeles is through word-of-mouth, so keep an ear out, or drive or walk around the neighborhood you wish to call home and look for ‘FOR RENT’ or ‘LEASING’ signs. Usually, they come with a number you can call and inquire about the place or any other apartments available. This way, you won’t even have to contact a real estate agent in Los Angeles, and you’ll save a buck.

What’s the Best Apartment Hunting Website?

It’s 2020, we’ve learned to do most of our business online due to the pandemic, and the real estate industry has adapted to the new norm, too. Besides online listings, real estate agencies offer virtual tours of the site either in the form of a 3D virtual look-around or a video call with an agent showing you around the place. But, if you want to avoid an agency altogether, check out these websites:

Taking a photo of a bed
Have an online search via the best apartment finder in Los Angeles in 2020.

It’s Time to Bargain With Yourself

Once you’ve figured out your budget and found some options, it’s likely that you will soon realize that you won’t be able to afford the home of your dreams. This is a time to bargain with yourself – do you really need those hardwood floors you like so much and that square footage? Or is the parking space and proximity to your workplace good enough? Give yourself some time to think, but don’t take too long – acting fast is of utmost importance in the competitive rental market.

Confused woman
You will need to make some decisions and do it fast.

Can You Get Turned Down for an Apartment?

Yes, you can. That’s why it’s important to have all the paperwork ready. And don’t lie on the application – it’s better to be upfront about any potential issues like having a record or credit score hiccups than to lie about it only to be discovered and denied. One extra tip – make sure your car is tidy when meeting potential landlords. They might take a peek to see if it’s full of clothes or fast food containers, and if it is, they might be inclined to think you’ll be a messy tenant, so present yourself well.

Signing a lease
Make sure you get the keys by presenting yourself well and being honest.

When You Find the Right Place, Find the Right LA Moving Company to Get You There

Once you’ve found a home for yourself and familiarize yourself with Los Angeles renters’ rights, it’s time to find your local moving company in Los Angeles and write a moving to-do list. If you choose Los Angeles moving services provided by All In Moving, you can rest assured that our local movers in Los Angeles will transport your belongings safely and swiftly into your new home in the city, alleviating any moving stress. And if you opt for our packing services – you’ll be packed by pros, so nothing gets damaged along the way.

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