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How to Find the Right Real Estate Agent in Los Angeles

Are you planning to move locally in LA? Then chances are, you’re probably thinking about hiring a real estate agent in Los Angeles. However, finding the right realtor to help you with the house hunting is not as easy as it might seem. You need to make sure that the person representing you is the right one for the job. Read on and find out how to pick the top Los Angeles realtors.

Why Do You Need a Real Estate Agent in Los Angeles

First-time buyers tend to be unaware of just how complicated buying a home can be. You’ll have to spend many hours looking at listings, talking to sellers, filling out paperwork, dealing with moving stress, and so on. An agent is someone who can help make this tedious process a little easier. And here’s how.

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A Lot of Time and Energy Saved

The most important thing that a realtor does is save you time and energy. You won’t have to spend them looking at ads online, going to view places that don’t fit your needs and expectations at all just because they’re for sale, or figuring out which ones of your requirements you should get rid of. The right professional will provide you with handpicked listings of homes on the market that fit your needs and standards the best. If you ask us, finding a realtor is worth including on your moving to-do list.

Real Estate Agents Know What to Look for in Homes

Another great thing about hiring a professional is that they know the ins and outs of the business. They know exactly what to look for in a home, how to recognize when something is off, and what to ask to get the information they need. This will make the process of looking at different properties much easier and more fruitful.

a man holding a picture of a house
An agent will make it easier to view properties

How Much Does a Los Angeles Real Estate Agent Cost

This depends on whether you want to sell a property or buy it. In general, the seller is the one that pays the commission, but that is not always the case. According to Homelight, the average real estate agent in Los Angeles has a commission of 4.96%. Unlike most other things in LA, this is slightly cheaper than the national average of 5.8% of the sale price, which actually ends up being split between the buyer’s and the seller’s representative.

However, the number varies from one agency to another. That’s why, just like when looking for moving companies in Los Angeles, you should contact several agencies and compare their rates. And now that you know how much money you should set aside for your Los Angeles realtor, let’s take a look at how to find one.

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It is usually the seller who pays the commission.

Share With Friends and Family That You’re Looking for a Real Estate Agency in Los Angeles

The first step to finding the right person is spreading the word. Let your friends, family, and coworkers know you’re on the lookout. Perhaps some of them have moved recently and can recommend someone. If not, they might know someone who can. After all, happy customers are still the best form of marketing out there.

shaking hands
Someone you know might be able to help you find a realtor

Turn to the Internet and Social Media

Every business that cares about staying relevant today has an online presence. A simple google search should reveal a wide array of potential agencies to choose from. Check out their websites, offers, and even social media. Look for information such as:

  • Their license. Every active agent has to have a state-issued license. Without it, they are not allowed to provide services.
  • The area they cover. If you’re planning on moving to one of the Hollywood neighborhoods, but they specialize in East LA neighborhoods, they likely aren’t the right match for you.
  • Their specialization. Some realtors specialize in certain types of homes on the market. For example, they might only work with luxury properties, and if that doesn’t fit your moving expenses checklist, you’ll have to keep looking.
  • Their track record and years of experience. Knowing how many properties an agency has sold or bought (i.e., helped sell or buy) can tell you a lot about how reliable and efficient they are. Also, knowing how long they’ve been in the business will help you determine whether they are experienced enough.
  • Their buyer/seller preferences. As a general rule of thumb, as a home buyer, you should look for agents that represent buyers exclusively and do not offer their services to sellers. Otherwise, they’ll just want to get the property sold and won’t care about your best interest first. In fact, dual real estate agencies are illegal in many states, but not in California.

Pay Close Attention to Reviews

Another important thing to pay attention to when researching realtors online is – reviews. Check out their social media or review websites and read carefully. Learn how to spot fake reviews, and don’t waste time on those agencies that have them. You don’t have the luxury of taking risks when choosing an agent. You can also contact the agencies you’re considering directly and request referrals from previous clients. If you’re not sure how to spot fake reviews, check out the video below.

Schedule Interviews – A Good Realtor Always Asks Questions

Once you’ve created a list of agents that have been recommended to you or that seem legitimate online, it’s time to schedule interviews. Surely, there will be some questions you’ll have prepared, such as what their commission is. However, a good realtor will have some questions for you in order to find out whether they can help you at all. For example, they will want to know where you want to live in Los Angeles. They will also ask what kind of home you’re looking for – are you looking for a spacious home with a yard in one of the best suburbs of Los Angeles or is living in Downtown LA in a one-bedroom apartment more up your alley. They will also be interested in your budget and any other financial information they might need.

two women shaking hands
Prepare some questions for potential candidates

Read Your Contract Carefully

Although the industry is not notorious for scammers, you should still make sure to read the fine print of the contract your chosen agent gives you. The contract should cover – in detail – all the information you’ve already agreed upon, the most important one being the commission.

Two people reading a contract
Read the contract carefully before signing it

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