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East LA Neighborhoods – Should I Move to East Side Los Angeles

Are you considering making one of east LA neighborhoods your new home? We can’t say that we’re surprised, since this region does have a lot to offer. It might be further away from the beach and other attractions to the west of the city, but it makes up for it in plentiful amenities, employment and education opportunities, and outdoor recreation.

However, not all communities offer the same quality of life, so before you start looking at Los Angeles moving companies, we suggest you check out our list and pick the neighborhood you like best.

What is East LA?

This region of Los Angeles County, California, was founded in the second half of the 19th century by John Griffin, who is today known as the father of East LA. In fact, the first suburb in the area, Lincoln Heights, owes its existence to him. Since then, LA proper has grown enough for Lincoln Heights not to be considered a suburb anymore.

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Which Neighborhoods Belong to Eastside Los Angeles?

While the history of the region is quite well-known, things get blurrier when we talk about its borders. In other words, depending on who you ask, the list of neighborhoods that belong to Eastside LA differs. For example, LA Times includes Boyle Heights, El Sereno, University Hills, Lincoln Heights, and East LA in the Eastside Los Angeles area in the LA Times mapping project. Although this is, in fact, the traditional definition of the region, the official authorities offer a more expansive list. Whether you agree with one line of thinking or the other, one thing is certain – the neighborhoods listed below offer a high standard of living to anyone who moves there, whether they claim they live in Eastside LA or not.

LA with mountains in the background
Different sources list different communities as a part of this region

Cypress Park is One of the Best East LA Neighborhoods

Cypress Park is located on the valley of the Los Angeles River and is notable for vast green spaces. This makes it perfect for anyone who enjoys outdoor recreation, be it cycling, hiking, or just an occasional stroll. The area has a population of over 10,000 people, around 60% of whom rent their homes. Renting, however, is not too cheap. For example, according to BestPlaces, a two-bedroom home will cost you, on average, around $2000 on a monthly basis.

Living Near the City Center

One of the best things about Cypress Park is its proximity to Downtown. In other words, it offers all the advantages of living in Downtown LA without the overwhelming hustle and bustle. Commuting from here is quite simple when it comes to public transportation, with the Metro Gold Line servicing the area, along with the Metro Local bus.

Metro Gold Line station in Azusa
The Metro Gold Line services local commuters

Elysian Valley – From Farms to Frogtown

Once home to farms and farmers, Elysian Valley now has over 8,000 residents. The median rent slightly exceeds $1,500, which makes this community, also known as Frogtown, relatively affordable compared to the rest of the city. This up-and-coming community has something to offer to everyone:

  • Outdoor enthusiasts – the whole eastern border of the Valley has a bike trail, offering not only a quick commute but also outdoor recreation;
  • Art aficionados – many annual events revolving around arts take place here, the Frogtown Artwalk being one of the most prominent ones;
  • Foodies – some of the best restaurants, diners, and street food spots have found their way to Elysian Valley.

Angels Point – The Favorite Hangout Spot of Locals

If you’ve decided you should get a moving company in Los Angeles, California, to help you move to Elysian Valley, then we believe you should learn the secrets of locals. One of them is Angels Point in the nearby park to the south, which provides a great view of the county.

Highland Park – A Dog-Friendly Destination

Highland Park is a neighborhood with a rich history, diverse population, and numerous small businesses. It is one of those communities that always seem to be changing for the better, while still retaining their unique vibe. With places to shop, enjoy the outdoors, or learn about history and culture, it comes as no surprise it keeps attracting more people. If you’re moving with pets, you’ll be happy to hear there are many locations you can take your canine to.

Want to Buy Property in Los Angeles?

Are you considering becoming a homeowner? If so, you should definitely consider doing so here. The median home price in Highland Park is around $600,000, which is relatively low given all the advantages of being a part of this community. If you would rather rent, prepare to set aside around $1,300 on a monthly basis. As far as other expenses are concerned, here is the general situation:

  • Monthly utilities (for a 900sqft apartment) – $200
  • A gallon of gas – $3.30
  • A three-course meal in a mid-range eatery – $25
  • A gallon of milk – $3.25
  • A pack of Marlboro – $7
Feet on two white arrows with the words buy and rent
This community is a great location both for buyers and renters

Silver Lake – The Hippest Community

When deciding where to live in Los Angeles, Silver Lake should definitely be on your list (even though LA Times wouldn’t classify it as Eastside LA). The original name of the neighborhood used to be Ivanhoe – yes, like the novel – but today, it bears the name of a local politician, Herman Silver. The actual lake comprises two basins, both crucial for providing water to the city. This is one of the best places to live in Los Angeles for singles, which is pretty evident from the fact that it is known as the city’s hippest neighborhood. It has a vivid nightlife, hosts street festivals, but also has plentiful opportunities for career advancement.

Learn More About Silver Lake Before Booking LA Movers

Does Silver Lake sound like it would be perfect for you? Then check out the video below to get to know it even better and reach your final decision.

Should I Move to the East Side Los Angeles?

The only thing standing between you and your new eastside lifestyle is the decision you have to make. Once you’ve chosen your new address, all you should do is pick your designated Los Angeles movers and hit the road. Luckily, that won’t be too hard of a choice. Here at All In Moving, we have a team of highly trained LA movers eager to help you, as well as high-quality moving services designed to get you to your new home with practically no moving stress. If you’re ready to embark on this adventure, contact us and request a free quote. One of our agents will provide you with all the information you need and help you come up with a moving expenses checklist.

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