Reasons Why Living in Downtown LA is the Right Choice

Downtown Los Angeles is the central neighborhood in one of the two most metropolitan cities in America. As such, there are more than a few reasons why living in Downtown LA is the right choice. Its average resident is constantly exposed to what has to be one of the richest cultural, entertainment, and business centers in the world.

Apartments Come in Many Shapes and Sizes in Los Angeles

When it comes to housing, it’s a well-known fact that central LA is expensive, and there’s no sugarcoating this. Besides the rent, which is around $1,600, the average utility bill per month is around $110. However, even if you’re not a wealthy celebrity, it is by no means impossible to live here. Flats are many in DTLA, and you just need to look hard enough to find which one to rent that falls within your price range.

Make Sure to Compare Properties Before You Decide

In your search for an apartment, it’s crucial to take your time before you reach the final decision. If you’re affluent enough to afford a pad in Atelier, for example, then, by all means, do it. We wouldn’t dare stop or judge you. If you want to move to this great neighborhood just to start your chosen career, you might not be able to live in high-rise complexes, and that’s okay. There are numerous equally comfy alternatives available if you make sure to check all your options.

There aren't only high-rise apartment complexes available for rent in LA.

You’re Close to the Valley and Other Places

We also have to talk about transportation. If you’re moving here, it is going to be a significant part of your daily life, so it’s reasonable you should have all the information. The good news is that there are many transportation options in LA, like buses or the subway. Now, we know traffic can be a nightmare when it comes to the city itself, but speaking of Downtown specifically, the proximity of everything makes your life a whole lot easier. Plus, biking is very popular here, and if you don’t have your own, you can always rent a bike. As for getting around LA, we’re sure you’re familiar with the peak hours, so if you manage to avoid those, you’ll be more than fine.

If the hectic city traffic gets you down, in DTLA you can easily walk anywhere or choose a bike to get around.

Living in Downtown LA Is the Best Guarantee Your Life Will Never Be Boring

This goes without saying – we’re talking about LA after all, but we have to underline that if you make central Los Angeles your new home, you are sure to have your social and work calendar full at all times. Especially if you’re the type of person who enjoys the hustle and bustle of the city center, you’ll thrive in this neighborhood’s energy, which is never exhausted. Just imagine walking to your bedroom window and being greeted by sounds and images of sheer life revolving beneath you. It’s like that in the daytime as well as at night.

Living in Los Angeles Also Means an Endless Source of Inspiration

It’s no secret most people come to LA to achieve their lifelong dreams. This is particularly true for the entertainment industry, as the city is home to Hollywood, a neighborhood that’s become synonymous with the industry itself. However, you’ll find this same energy of working and coming up with new ideas and projects in DTLA too, which is only around half an hour ride away from Hollywood. Making this place your home, you won’t be able to escape the sort of inspiration that comes from it. If you are someone who’s looking to start a new chapter in their career, whatever that career is about, coming here is your best move.

People are always up to something in DTLA.

There’s More Than One Park Nearby

It is no wonder why we tend to think of LA as another concrete jungle, a term that’s come to describe New York so well, but as you must be aware, LA has a lot of greenery. Sure, high-rise apartment buildings and commercial properties are a huge part of LA and its appeal, but it isn’t true you can’t get away from it all when you wish to.

Grand Park LA Is Not Just a Spot of Green Land

The one example we’ll single out here is the Grand Park itself. The peaceful area spreads from The Music Center to the City Hall, and it offers a variety of activities besides strolling around or catching a break on a wooden bench. From organized group yoga sessions to their famous Lunch a la Parc events, you can always head to this place to take time off your work or family obligations.

Great Park LA offers more than similar such retreats.

You’ll Be Around a Market or Two

Not an insignificant part of central LA is the market scene. It kind of goes hand in hand with parks, because someone might also not think of food markets abounding in the heart of a metropolitan city. However, DTLA can boast numerous such places. Simply think of the Grand Central Market or check out the video attached below on the historic district of Little Tokyo. You’ll see that, whether you’re purchasing groceries or clothes, shopping here becomes something else entirely.

Eating Out Is a Whole Adventure

After central LA had recovered from low population rates post WW2 era, the neighborhood has been growing ever since, leading many to say that DTLA is now in a renaissance period. This economic growth has resulted in countless great restaurants springing up like mushrooms here. Some of those establishments are among the best in the world, but even if you are more of a low-key person, you’ll find no shortage of unique and trendy restaurants and bars to fit your style.

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