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Best Playgrounds in Los Angeles for Kids of All Ages

Are you thinking about relocating locally in LA to a neighborhood that can offer perfect outdoor fun for your children? You have come to the right place because we have prepared a list of the best playgrounds in Los Angeles just for you. No matter your child’s age, you’ll find something that will keep them out of the house and away from their phones.

5 Cool Parks and Playgrounds in Different Los Angeles Neighborhoods for Your Kids

If you are relocating with a family, your moving to-do list will indeed include the research of the best parks for kids in Los Angeles. We live in an era of technology, and our children are being born into it. Let’s face it; from an early age, kids are being wired.

However, around every corner of LA, you’ll be able to find outdoor playgrounds. Take a look at our Los Angeles neighborhood guide and its great recreation areas for young ones. When you find the right neighborhood, hire the most reliable LA moving company to relocate you smoothly and successfully to your new home.

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1.   Shane’s Inspiration at Griffith Park

If you are wondering where to live in Los Angeles, consider the Los Feliz neighborhood. Apart from being one of the safest neighborhoods in Los Angeles, Shane’s Inspiration is located here in its Griffith Park. Shane’s Inspiration is the biggest outdoor playground in LA and was the first universally accessible one in the Western US. It offers plenty of outdoor activities for kids of any age. The area was also improved in the 2019 renovation. There are also the Too Small To Fail interactive literary panels that encourage parents to sing and read to their children. When you come here, remember to visit nearby sites such as the LA Zoo, the Autry Museum, and Travel Town.

2.   Malibu Bluffs Has One of the Best Playgrounds in Los Angeles

West of LA, you’ll find Malibu Bluffs, located at the intersection of Malibu Canyon Road and Pacific Coast Highway. With its 6-acre land, Malibu Bluffs offers a massive playground with swings, slides, bridges, etc. There’s even a climbing wall, a whale watching station, and you’ll also love the Pacific Ocean’s scenic view. A useful tip: know that there’s free wireless internet access in the whole area.

3.   Organize a Picnic at Woodland Hills

Woodland Hills is located in Old Town Calabasas. With plenty of shade, this place is a perfect summer getaway for the whole family. The site has been recently renovated and can offer two separate playground areas serving children of all ages. Your kids will find slides, swings, merry-go-rounds, and other recreational equipment. There’s even a picnic table area, so go ahead and prepare an outdoor meal for the whole family!

4.   State of the Art Play Equipment in Culver City Park

Anyone living in Culver City with a family can enjoy its futuristic art installations parks/playfields. Culver City offers play equipment of various shapes designed to challenge your kids both physically and mentally. If your little ones want to get their hands wet, there are water and sand areas to make sandcastles. If you like what you’ve read, organize a moving away party and relocate to Culver. See how your children can get creative!

5.   Perfect Summer Days at Van Nuys Park and Lake Balboa

There are plenty of things to do with your children in the Van Nuys neighborhood, close to Lake Balboa. You’ll find two playfield structures, one for children 3-5 years, and another for 5-12 years. There’s an interactive drum play area, spring toys, slides galore, sensory wall, and crawl tunnels. Lake Balboa also offers a beautiful sandy beach and many lakeside activities. If you are moving with pets, know that there are some rules about bringing dogs to this place.

An image of a boy playing.
Van Nuys Park offers a lot of outdoor activities for children.

Grand Park Near Downtown LA

LA has so many fun outdoor activities for the whole family that we couldn’t just stick to the ones mentioned above. As a bonus, we will add three more and will start with Downton LA. Its Grand is one of the best parks in Los Angeles. When you start living in Downtown LA, take your children to this magical place to use tube slides, a giant roller, a treehouse, and many more! Your kid can also climb on many platform levels and catch a stunning view of the cityscape.

A little girl smiling at the camera
Find a new home in downtown LA that can offer plenty of fun outdoor activities for your kid.

Things to Do With Children in Brandon’s Village

Brandon’s Village is the next one on our bonus list. Located in Calabasas, this area offers a stunning and universally accessible playground. There are even western-themed areas: one for children up to age 5 and another for the 5-and-uppers. Super fun sliding, climbing, swinging, and bouncing will definitely keep your little ones entertained. The picnic areas are available as well.

Check Out the Video Below to See How Much Fun Your Children Will Have in Brandon’s Village

Brandon’s Village is among locals’ favorites, and if you want to see why, be sure to check out the video below.

A Great Spot for Your Children in Polliwog Park

Located in Manhattan Beach, Polliwog is the largest park in the South Bay. Even though not everything is universally accessible, three playfield areas include slides and swings of all sizes and shapes, ride-on animal rockers, lighthouses, etc. There are picnic table areas, and you can even enroll your children in swimming lessons!

An image of children in the water.
You can have perfect family time in Polliwog at Manhattan Beach.

That’s a Wrap on Best Playgrounds in Los Angeles for Children

We have come to the end of our list! Hopefully, it helped you decide which LA neighborhood or its nearby areas are perfect for your local relocation. When you start planning your move, schedule professional moving services in Los Angeles. You can avoid moving stress by contacting All In Movers and hiring our cost-effective packing and labor moving services. Schedule your relocation today, and our movers in Los Angeles will move you in no time!

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