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6 Best Companies to Work for in Los Angeles in 2020

Written by: Grace Gray

If you are moving to a new LA neighborhood and considering getting a new job too, then this list of best companies to work for in Los Angeles is just what you need. Or maybe you already landed the new job and want to check out your new place of work – either way, we’ve got you covered, so scroll down to read more.

What Are the Best Jobs in Los Angeles?

Doctors, psychiatrists, lawyers, engineers, IT specialists, business analysts, and, of course, entertainers in good, old Hollywood neighborhoods are some of the best paying and most sought after jobs in LA – and those with year-round openings, too. So, naturally, we included a little bit of each.

A doctor
Doctors keep ranking top on the list of best-paying jobs in LA.

Ultimate Software Is a Regular the Top of the Lists

Ultimate Software Inc deals with human resources technology solutions and has been in business for three decades. It’s a regular at the top of the lists, and it has been placed 1st on Fortune’s Best Workplaces for Technology list in 2020 for the fifth consecutive year. It is a favorite of many Angelenos working there, and many more are waiting for their chance to join the firm.

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A Women- and Mom-Friendly Company

Ultimate Software has also been listed as one of the top companies to work for in LA, where women are happiest with their pay nationally. It’s also on the list of best companies for working moms, and the moms that work there are satisfied with both their income and their work-life balance. And why wouldn’t they be – they have unlimited PTO.

Women at work
Ultimate Software is the place where moms are happiest.

Sheppard, Mullin, Richter, and Hampton LLP

Working at a law firm can be stressful, but this law firm group has a great and supportive environment, and the management encourages a fun and family-friendly culture. There’s room for professional growth, with colleagues eager to help, and the benefits are highly rated among their employees. Health insurance and child care are one of those benefits, and they even have pet insurance – something those moving with pets will appreciate.

Working From Home – Another Advantage in the Time of the Pandemic

During these trying times, one of the most significant benefits is being able to work from home. This law firm offers that to their employees, and those working there are very happy about it.

Sheppard and Mullin is a favorite among lawyers.

Servicetitan – Management Software for Home-Services

Partnered with an LLC company to offer in-app financing, this software startup keeps ranking as one of the best places to work for software engineers. The pay is great, benefits are better than at a government job, and there are even free lunches from the best downtown restaurants. If you stick around, there’ll be many extracurricular activities, and the pay will keep increasing. The work culture is fast-paced, fun, and inclusive, with lots of opportunities to learn.

This home services software platform treats their employees well.

Cedars-Sinai Medical Center – One of the Best Hospitals and Places to Work

Cedars-Sinai is a hospital with a diverse employee-base and over 50% of women in management positions. The work culture is fast-paced, and a lot is expected from employees there, but it’s only understandable as lives are at stake. The benefits are great though – great pay, job security, health care, retirement benefits, and you can ask to transfer to another location if you have, for example, moved from the best suburbs of Los Angeles and are now living in downtown LA. Or any other reason.

The Hospital Was Rated 7th on a National Level on the Best Hospitals Honor Roll

Besides being a great place to work, it’s only one of the best hospitals in the country – 7th, to be more precise, on the Best Hospitals Honor Roll. The hospital’s reputation is impeccable with great outcomes of surgeries and great doctors and nurses you could learn from.

Cedars-Sinai is the place to work if you are in the medical field.

Keller and Williams Realty Inc

An established enterprise with decades of experience under its belt, Keller and Williams is a great choice if you are a real estate agent in Los Angeles. It is an excellent place to learn and progress, with a laid-back environment and casual dress code. Paid vacation, paid sick leave, and retirement benefits are just some of the reasons people like working there.

KWR Inc is One of the Largest Real Estate Companies in the World

KWR is the largest realtor in the world, both by agent count and units sold. It was founded in 1983 and has been growing continually ever since – it has spread to other businesses like construction and engineering. With offices across the world, you can bring your job with you anywhere you move.

World map
Bring your job with you anywhere in the world.

Lululemon – a Tight Community Where Workers Are Family

A tight community of employees with management that cares about their well-being and is understanding – that’s Lululemon in a nutshell. When you work for this sports apparel retailer, the benefits are great, medical ones included, and you also get great pay, commissions, free workouts, and discounts on their products. A flexible work schedule is something that Lululemon also offers and it’s a favorite feature of its workers.

When you are working for Lululemon, you get a discount on all of their products.

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