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Some Brilliant Moving Tips and Hacks That Will Make Your Life Easier in Los Angeles

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Written by: Grace Gray

As you set out on a relocation process, you are bound to wonder – what are the key ingredients for a stress-free move? We can tell you – a reliable moving company in Los Angeles, good organization, and a dash of packing and moving tips and tricks. We are among the longest-running moving companies in Los Angeles, and we figure it’s about time to share some of our greatest tips and tricks. If you are looking for ways to make your move easy and simple, just read on and be sure to follow these pieces of advice that it took us years to gather.

What’s the Most Efficient Way To Move? First of Our Moving Tips – Checklists Are Your Friends

Checklists are key to being organized, which is key to a successful relocation. So, you should make them your best friends even if you are not much of a planner. Whether you are living in downtown LA and relocating down the block or living in Beverly Hills and relocating to some of the best suburbs of LA – you’ll need checklists. Once you have decided where to live in Los Angeles and finished your apartment hunting in Los Angeles – create a moving to-do list. Outlay all the things that should be done, so you can stay organized. You’ll see how satisfying it is to cross something off the list!

Set a Budget and Figure Out if You’ll Use Moving Services in Los Angeles

The next thing you’re supposed to do is set your budget and a moving expenses checklist. You can do it even when you are checking the Los Angeles neighborhood guide before you’ve sealed the deal with your real estate agent in Los Angeles. Figure out how much money you can spend on this, and create a checklist so you can stick to the budget. That way, you’ll know if you can hire professionals for their residential relocation services and whether you’ll be able to use a packing service for your upcoming move. Assess your needs and options and go with those that fit your budget.

Set a budget early on to know what you can work with and stick to it

Get Ready to Pack – Stock up on Packing Supplies

Now is not the time to spend too much time at some of the best beaches in Los Angeles or visit the most beautiful botanical gardens in LA – gather all the supplies you’ll use to pack your stuff first. What supplies do you need? You’re supposed to get sturdy cardboard boxes, bubble wrap, packing paper, peanuts, tape, and markers. Stock on these supplies early on and get enough of them, so you do not have to interrupt the process just to go to the nearest hardware store for more supplies. You can get the supplies from your local moving company in Los Angeles, at the best mall in California, local hardware store, or on Amazon.

Relocation supplies
Get the right supplies early on, so you do not have to worry later on

What Should You Move First When Moving? Packing Tips for Moving

What is the most efficient way to move? That’s what most people ask us. There are certain moving hacks and strategies that help you pack and move quickly. It all starts with packing properly – that way, it’s easier for you to move and unpack later on. Over the years we’ve been in business, we got the whole process down to a T, and here are some of our best tips for moving like a pro. So, sip yourself a beer from some of the breweries in Los Angeles and give them a read.

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Packing Properly – You Need 3 Types of Boxes

There are some rules of thumbs to go by when packing for a move. The first one is – do not waste too much time exploring museums in LA and parks in LA – start early. Think two to three weeks before. When you start, set aside three different kinds of containers – one for things that you’ll get rid of, another one for those you’ll donate, and the last one for keepers – ones you’ll need in your new home. Do not hesitate to say goodbye to things – decluttering is good, and it will ease your move. Besides, you can make someone else happy with the clothes you donate. Ask around where you can donate clothes in Los Angeles – some organizations will even come to pick them up, so you do not have to waste time driving in LA.

What Items Should I Pack First?

How do I move like a pro? – you may ask. To move like a pro, you should pack like a pro. And how do you do that? By following simple strategies as to what gets packed first. So, start with the items you use least. You probably already have a bunch of containers or boxes of things you don’t use somewhere in your attic or basement if you are lucky enough to live in a spacious home in some of the affordable suburbs of Los Angeles.

So, go over those things, get rid of the ones you won’t need, and put the others in storage – you do not even have to get them out of the plastic bins. While there are many things to do in LA at night, stay home a couple of nights early on in the relocation process and pack the stuff you do not use on a daily basis first. Artwork, memorabilia, and such also go first. Then continue until you have only a few essentials left.

Don’t Stack the Dishes – Careful With the Breakables

If you haven’t moved before, you should learn how to pack dishes, and you’re supposed to know how to pack glasses, as well. Wrap the dishes in the paper, and do not stack them on top of one another, however convenient that may seem. Instead, make sure there’s enough paper between each dish/plate, and stack them vertically in the box, as you would when filling up the washing machine. Then add extra paper for cushioning and ensure there’s no space left in the box before you seal it with tape. This will ensure all your dishes and plates arrive at your new home in one piece.

Tips for Electronics – Snap Photos and Keep Small Items Together

When it comes to the storage of your electronics, it’s best to keep them in their original packaging. But, you probably threw those away a long time ago, haven’t you? It doesn’t matter – you can still get sturdy boxes for your flat-screen TV and other electronics online or from your professional movers in Los Angeles. One of the finest tips for electronics is to snap some photos of the placement of the cords so you know how to assemble them after storage. Also, pay attention to the cords, remotes, and small parts – keep them together and keep them in plastic bags for storage, so you do not have trouble finding them later on. If there are some pieces of electronics that are broken beyond repair, do not just throw them away – recycle them. Here’s how you can recycle your E-Waste. Here are some more useful ideas on preparing electronics for shipping.

Label Your Boxes – It’s a Life Saver

One thing that will make your move and life easier during this period is if you label each box you have. Label each box with the names of rooms they go to and the things that are inside of it. Put labels on top of each box, as well as on the sides. You can also create an inventory list of what’s in each box – that way, you won’t waste your time trying to find something either before you move or when you settle in your new home. Pay special attention to fragile boxes and packaging – they should be correctly labeled, so your local movers in Los Angeles know to treat them carefully.

Color-Code Your Boxes

What is sure to save your life and nerves on unpacking day is color-coding your boxes according to room. Pack room-by-room and color code each box according to the room it should go to after storage. Also, ask your movers in Los Angeles to put all your boxes in the center of each room. That way, you won’t have to move them when you’re about to assemble the furniture that goes against the walls. If you take this approach, you will get packed and unpacked easily, and you’ll have the time and energy to take your kid to some of the best playgrounds in Los Angeles right after.

Label away and label it well - you won't regret it

Pack Some Items in a Moving Day Essentials Bag

In all of this mess before the big day, on the big day, and after the big day when you are finally in your new home, most of your stuff will be packed, but you’ll still need some items for daily use. So, save those for last when it comes to boxing them up, and also, prepare a special essentials bag for stuff you’ll need on move day and before you’ve unpacked. If you are relocating with pets or children, prepare an essentials bag for them too and include some toys. Some items that should be part of your essentials bag include:

  • Personal hygiene products,
  • Medicine,
  • Towels,
  • Linen,
  • Kitchen items.
A dog with a suitcase
Everyone should have their own essentials bag - including your pet

How Can I Make Moving Easier?

If you aren’t using the services of Los Angeles moving companies, you should get all the help you can – you will need it. Ask friends and family to assist you during this period. They can help with packing, driving your things, or childcare or pet care. If you already hired movers, still count on your friends and family for anything you may require – they would like you to. Afterward, when it’s all done, you can take them to some of the downtown LA restaurants to show your appreciation or invite them over for a moving-away party and treat them to great burgers.

Friends in a house setting
Your friends' helping hand is there for the asking

What Is a Good Amount to Tip Movers?

Many people want to show gratuity to their relocating crew at the end of the day. While tipping isn’t mandatory, it’s a nice gesture that your crew is sure to appreciate. If you are satisfied with the way the team handled your move, you can show it by tipping. How much do you tip movers? That part is totally up to you, but we can give you some guidelines for the usual tipping.

If you are happy with the quality of service, you can tip $4-5 per hour per mover. That is considered a decent tip in the industry. But, it’s not all about the tips – there are other ways to show appreciation like having coffee ready in the morning, some food if they are there for the whole day, and water to keep the guys hydrated. These also go a long way, and you are sure your crew will go the extra mile for you.

Tipping jar
Tips mean a lot in the service industry

Don’t Forget to Enjoy Your New Home

It’s easy to get caught up in all the moving stress and forget what this is all about – a joyful moment of transition into, hopefully, a better or new home for you and your family. So, try to stay positive during this period and don’t forget to breathe. People do this all the time, and it will end. And at the end – don’t forget to make your home your own with personalized details and enjoy the new place and neighborhood with your family. And contact our moving company in LA for any assistance regarding the relocation process.

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