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How to Pack a Computer for Moving in LA: The Only Guide You’ll Ever Need

A PC is one of those things that you buy, unpack, set up, and don’t move an inch unless you need to take it to an expert to fix something or you’re about to relocate. Since there are many tricky things to do, you must be wondering how to pack a computer for moving, but don’t worry – we’re here to help. We’ll cover every part of this specific process, so you’ll know exactly how to secure your precious device.

Ever looked at your computer and thought: This has way too many cables, luckily it can stay here forever? But then, the relocation day arrives, and you know that you need to move your computer with you to your new home because all your memories, work-related stuff, or games are on it. The only question left is how to pack a computer and transport it safely to the desired location? That’s what you are going to learn here. If the process still seems too complicated or you don’t have enough time to go through it alone, you can always hire one of the highly-rated moving companies in Los Angeles for assistance.

Is It Bad to Move a Desktop Computer?

If you don’t know how to move a desktop computer, you might start feeling hopeless or think that relocating a PC will be somehow dangerous and possibly cause severe damage. This might trigger relocation stress and anxiety if you start worrying about all the data you might lose if something unexpected happens. But, there is no need to worry now that you found this article. If you carefully follow all the relocation hacks and clever relocation tips we’re going to describe in the following lines, you’ll see that this process can go smoothly as any other part of the move.

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Make Sure Everything Is Planned and Well Organized

First tip: when planning a move, you have to be well organized and think about every step in advance, so making a good to-do list as well as an expenses checklist might be an excellent way to track your goals and finances. Once you decide where to live in Los Angeles and you’re done with apartment hunting, you should check if your new home has a suitable place for your computer – a good table or any place with a socket nearby so you can connect all the necessary cords.

Packed laptop
Laptops are easier to relocate, but relocating desktop computer is harmless if you know all the right techniques

How Do You Safely Pack a Computer? You Need to Get Quality Packing Equipment

Are you wondering how do I pack my computer to move? Well, not without the proper supplies. Quality equipment is definitely worth investing in, especially when we’re talking about the right way to pack fragile items. Some of the things you should include in your shopping list are:

  • Moving or TV boxes,
  • Paper,
  • Tape,
  • Bubble wrap,
  • Blankets and other cushioning.

Keep in mind that apart from getting these supplies, you also have to follow some procedures for using them. It’s important to insert cushioning around fragile items even after wrapping them in bubble wrap, but we’ll describe every step in the following lines. If you wonder how to pack a computer for shipping, you can use some of these hacks as well.

Monitor in a box
Get suitable packing supplies on time

First Step: Do a Backup of Your Device Before Moving

If you want to move efficiently, you’ll have to backup your data first, just in case something unexpected happens. This doesn’t have to be external damage to your devices caused by some accident – devices such as PCs can stop working for various reasons, for example, high temperature. We shouldn’t rely on them as much as we do in everyday life because they can let us down unpredictably, and you don’t want that to happen before doing a backup. There is no need to risk that all of your important documents or wedding photos get lost in this process – every unpleasant experience can be prevented in a few simple steps. Get an external hard drive or rely on one of the online free storage platforms.

Do Not Disassemble Computer Before Packing If You’re Not an Expert, Even With Good Tips

One of the most important rules to follow during this process is not to put too much on yourself, and by that, we mean, unless you’re an IT expert, you shouldn’t disassemble computers on your own. Sure it might seem easier to protect and relocate smaller pieces, but in the long run, this is much more complicated than it looks like, and you’ll definitely have troubles assembling it back once you get to your new home – not to mention the danger you might cause if some exposed fragile parts aren’t well protected.

Professional Los Angeles Movers Can Offer You Proper Assistance

Another thing to consider when planning your move is investing in professional assistance. Once you find some affordable places to live in LA, you’ll have a bigger budget to finance professional relocation services, so if you are relocating the whole apartment or a house, you could hire a Los Angeles moving company and get their residential relocation service.

Person with a laptop
Ensure to backup your data

Take Pictures Before Removing Cords

One of the coolest hacks you can use when doing this is to take a picture of the back of your PC. If it’s dark, make sure to turn on the flash, so you can see exactly what cable goes where and how to plug it back in. You can apply the same technique when you pack a TV or other electronic devices. Not only that this hack will help you, but it will also save you a lot of precious time you can spend on better things, such as visiting some of the best LA museums or checking out the best beaches.

Cords and cables
Untangle and remove all the cords

Carefully Follow Every Step to Learn How to Pack Your PC and Electronics

We get that you’re excited about many fun things to do in LA at night, but don’t let that stop you from taking all the necessary precautions if you want to find out how to pack a desktop computer for moving. Some of the steps you should take will be described in the following parts.

The First Step After Taking Pictures Is Removing All the Cords

Before you start wrapping the tower and other parts, don’t forget to unplug all cords carefully. This might take you some time, but you should make sure everything is unplugged, untangled, secure, and labeled. It would be much easier to plug everything back in once you get to your new home if you organized them before the move.

Pack Cords in a Separate Bag

To ensure nothing gets tangled or damaged during transportation, you should label and place these cords first into a plastic bag and then into the same box with the PC. This will also keep you organized, and you’ll be able to set everything up much faster once you get to your new home in some of the best places in LA. You can also use some of the convenient labeling techniques to mark cables and their positions – play with different colors or simply put sticky notes with small reminders directly on cables.

Secure the Box for Moving

If like many, you too don’t have the original packaging for your PC, you should definitely use tape to reinforce the cardboard or container you choose for this. If you’re into DIY, you can also make your own by using previously measured cardboard pieces to ensure it is a perfect fit. After putting all the pieces together, secure the edges with tape and wrap it all in blankets or bubble wrap.

Tips for Wrapping and Packing a PC

After you have prepared the box, you can proceed to the wrapping part of the task. First, wrap the tower in packing paper, use tape to seal it, then add an additional layer of bubble wrap. The same goes for the monitor, but you should remove its stand if possible. Also, in this step, you can go extra with bubble wrap and use two or three layers to ensure the screen is well protected. Peripheral components also require protection, so don’t forget to leave some wrapping material for them too.

Once everything is wrapped and placed in the container, insert enough crumpled papers or cushioning fabrics. Seal the cardboard with more tape and ensure the box is labeled with clearly visible signs showing which side goes up. Another important thing to remember is that when you’re wrapping and taping layers of protection, you should avoid taping tape directly on the fragile surface of the monitor, especially on the screen.

Properly labeled box by movers in Los Angeles
Ensure all of the boxes are labeled, especially those containing fragile objects

How Do You Transport a Desktop Computer?

How to safely transport a PC? Same as any other fragile item, you just have to ensure that the box is carefully placed in the truck and positioned between large items or furniture pieces that will hold the box containing fragile items in one place and prevent any unwanted movements. If you want to ensure additional stability and safety, you can add straps to hold it in place. Also, ensure that your boxes are properly labeled. These labels should also be visible from all sides once the box is positioned inside the truck. Driving in LA can get difficult from time to time, so if you don’t know how to transport a PC on your own, it’s always better to hire professionals than to put everything on yourself.

Desktop computer
You should be careful when transporting fragile items

How to Pack a Laptop Computer?

Packing a laptop is one of the easiest things to do, not to mention if you already have its original packaging or a regular laptop bag. Another great thing is that you can use any bag, including your handbag or backpack. You can place it between your soft clothes to prevent any damage and ensure additional cushioning. If the road gets bumpy from time to time, you shouldn’t worry. You carry them around wherever you go, so relocating them to your new home won’t make any difference. This short video shows how to protect a laptop for shipping.


Now When You Know How to Pack a Computer for Moving, All That Is Left Is to Hire a Professional Moving Company in Los Angeles

If you have enough reasons to move and you finally found your dream home around the best suburbs of Los Angeles, it’s time to consider hiring professionals, especially if you’re relocating in a hurry. Our experienced team of movers in Los Angeles can offer you excellent and, most importantly, affordable relocation services. From packing service to additional labor-only relocation service – we cover it all. We can help you move a piano, PC, or any other household item. Just make sure to check what items movers won’t move. If you contact us today, you can even get a free quote, so don’t wait any longer to make your dream come true.

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