Best Places to Live in Los Angeles for Singles

Whatever part of LA you’re situated in, it’s a sure bet that you have yet to see everything there is to see, especially all of the best places to live in Los Angeles for singles. For young professionals, the possibilities to enjoy a decent life are plentiful in the City of Angels. So, if you are looking for a new and exciting place to reside in LA, here are some recommendations.

Where Is the Best Place to Live in Los Angeles for Singles?

We gave you the best suburbs of LA in 2021, but maybe you are looking for something more exciting and new, and you want the most that LA has to offer. There are plenty of areas that are considered the finest neighborhoods for living, especially for young singles and professionals. There are towns that are great for outdoor activities, areas with a diversity of food and culture, and areas where the nightlife is impossible to ignore. The sky’s the limit. With the right help of our Los Angeles moving company, you can relocate to one of these places, fastly and comfortably. Here are some of our top choices for a potential move if you’re young and single:

  • Downtown LA,
  • Ocean Park,
  • Los Feliz,
  • West Hollywood,
  • Culver City,
  • Venice Beach,
  • Silver Lake.
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Where Do Millennials Live in La?

Over the past few years, LA has had some economic growth, and more people are migrating to the town. As a result, there are some new and exciting neighborhoods and areas that are getting more development, which means more housing opportunities. Areas like Highland Park or Mar Vista are up and coming and among the best places to live in Los Angeles for young singles. Check out this video of things to do around Highland Park.

Downtown LA Is One of the Best Places to Live in Los Angeles for Singles

Downtown LA is a very diverse, lively, and vibrant part of the city. It has lots to offer and makes a great place for young professionals and singles. It has a current population of 43,000 residents. The median rent value sits at $1,700, and the median home value is $633,000. Not a bad price for everything you get living in this part of town.

If You Want to Live Near the Action

Living in Downtown LA is a dream of many since, without a doubt, it is one of the best places for young singles to live in Los Angeles. It’s got excellent public transportation, plenty of things to do and see, fantastic nightlife, and much more. Explore the eastern part of the Art District, or if you are more interested in the cuisine, you can visit Grand Central Plaza and enjoy exploring some of the finest downtown LA restaurants. If you are looking to have all this excitement and action just outside your bedroom, this is just the right place for you.

Downtown is where the action is

Ocean Park Offers Safe Surroundings

If you are looking for one of the safest neighborhoods in LA, give this place a try. This place is near the town of Santa Monica and the beach. Since it is considered one of the most walkable neighborhoods in LA, with many bars and cafes, it’s a great attraction for young singles. It’s also perfect for beachgoers who love to swim, surf, or just walk around.

Cost of Living Is Higher Than Average

The current population is over 12,000 people, the median rent value is $1,800, and the home value is $1,123,000. Although the cost of living is overall much higher than the national average, the majority of residents rent their apartments around this area.

Enjoy surfing at the local beach

Los Feliz Is One of the Best Neighborhoods for Active Lifestyle

Los Feliz is an excellent area for young professionals who have an active lifestyle, and it has around 33,000 residents. The majority of residents are renting their place, and the median rental value is $1,600 while the median home value at $1,044,100.

Guide to Outdoor Activities You Would Want to Enjoy

Los Feliz is an area with an excellent mixture of urban and nature for those who like the outdoors and an active lifestyle. Located near the Santa Monica mountain range, there are plenty of opportunities for hiking, jogging, or walking your dog; you can even go horseback riding. If you are looking for more excitement, there also plenty of bars, restaurants, and cafes to visit. Los Feliz is also just a short bus ride away from Downtown, so you can enjoy a beautiful night out.

Los Feliz is known for its beautiful landscapes

West Hollywood Offers Amazing Business Opportunities

West Hollywood is a trendy place for young professionals looking for a not-so-average lifestyle. There are plenty of opportunities to jump-start your career, with options in information technology, technology, food, and accommodation services. Here you can find some of the best companies to work for in LA. It may not be like living in Beverly Hills, but this neighborhood is also one of the top spots to see celebrities if you are interested.

You Should Know That the Rent Here Is Affordable Compared to Other Cities

If you are looking for great nightlife, you can visit Sunset Strip and all the bars and clubs that run all night long. The community is located only 20 minutes away from Santa Monica Beach, with 36,390 residents. The median rental value is $1,600, and the median home value is $730,000. More affordable housing options are available in West Hollywood. Before you start apartment hunting in LA, make sure you’re familiar with Los Angeles renters’ rights, and don’t forget to hire the highest rated LA moving company for residential moving and commercial moving services in Los Angeles.

People driving
Explore attractive areas of West Hollywood

Culver City Has Many Bars and Restaurants

Culver City is where you’ll find Metro Goldwyn Mayer Studios – a sweet spot for young movie buffs. This place is a great area that has many attractions for young singles looking to move to LA. There are plenty of parks and cafes to enjoy during the day and many bars and restaurants if you want to enjoy the nightlife. It’s also located right next to Venice Beach. This place has a community of 40,000 people, the majority renting property. The median rental value is $1,800, and the median real estate value is just over $800,000 making this place very affordable for young professionals.

Culver City is where you'll find the Metro Goldwyn Mayer Studios

Venice Beach Offers Many Hotspots

Venice Beach is one of the most famous sights in LA – at the trendy promenade along the beach, you can find many artists, street performers, belly dancers, and bodybuilders around the workout pits. If you wondered where do artists live in LA, this might be one of the answers. If you are interested in beach activities, you’ll be delighted with various exciting options – swimming, fishing, surfing, and beach volleyball are some of the local’s favorites. You can also enjoy shopping at some of the stylish boutiques or try out amazing food at some of the local foodie hot spots. Unfortunately, life at this buzzing beach town doesn’t come cheap – you’ll need more than $1,600.000 if you want to buy real estate around here or about $2,300 for a monthly rent.

Explore the trendy promenade

Silver Lake Is Ideal for Laid Back Lifestyle

Silver Lake is another very walkable place to stay in LA, with plenty of excellent attractions for people looking for a more quiet and laid-back lifestyle. With a current population of 30,000 people, the majority rent property in the town. The median rental value is $1,600, and the median real estate value is $857,000.

A Great Neighborhood for Young Hipsters

The modern-day hipster would appreciate the artistic and dignified Silver Lake. This town is considered a residential area but has much to offer young singles. You can take a stroll near the Silver Lake Reservoir and enjoy the beautiful landscape or visit the Silver Lake Dog Park if you like. Apart from one of the nicest dog parks in LA, you can also enjoy some of the finest breweries in LA around this area. There are also plenty of indie coffee shops and stores to choose from. Silver Lake is also the place to be if you are into alternative rock music. They have lots of different bars and establishments to see interesting performances.

Silver Lake is mostly a residential place

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Now that you know about all these great places, you’ll be able to easily choose your next LA destination. There is no need to ask yourself where should you not live in LA – whatever choice you make, you won’t regret it. When you do decide, be sure to hire one of the highest-rated local moving companies in Los Angeles if you want to relocate without moving stress. If you are moving locally, you can contact All In Moving. Our moving company in Los Angeles covers many of these great areas with a few different moving services, including packing services. Our reliable movers in Los Angeles can also give you a free quote for your relocation expenses if you contact us.

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