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The Best Fun Things to Do in LA at Night

Known for its entertainment industry and incredible nightlife opportunities, LA is an attractive place to call home for many different people. There’s a wide variety of things to do in LA at night, and we will share some of the most interesting ones with you. So, before you look for moving companies in Los Angeles, check out some fun and unique places to go at night in Los Angeles.

LA, California at nighttime
There are plenty of nighttime opportunities in LA that you’ll like

When wondering where to live in Los Angeles, you want to have in mind what each neighborhood offers in terms of entertainment opportunities. Checking out a Los Angeles neighborhood guide could help you roughly discern what each area has to offer. Before deciding what to do in LA at night, check if the current covid pandemic has affected working hours and if safety procedures are correctly implemented, especially in enclosed spaces.

Fun Things to Do in LA at Night

There are countless fun places to go in Los Angeles at night. Besides the numerous sporting events, locals can enjoy some unusual attractions or experience the exciting nightlife.

Schedule an Escape Room at Two Bit Circus

Two Bit Circus features various entertaining activities, such as escape rooms, live performances, robot bartenders, and reimagined carnival favorites. There’s no entry fee, and the bill will depend on how much you’re going to play. Great for families and teens, and it’s 18+ only after 9 pm on Fridays and Saturdays.

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The Haunted Queen Mary Ship Is One of the Unique Hotels

Sign up for a tour of the famous British ocean liner, The Queen Mary. Retired and serving as a museum, it’s known as the most haunted ship in the world. There are four paranormal tour options, depending on the number of exhibits you want to see, starting in the evening after 6 pm. For more on Queen Mary Ship, check out the video below.


Where to Get Some Food Later in the Day

After being out for some time, you’re probably going to get hungry at some point. That’s why it’s good to be aware of restaurants that serve food even later in the day. Here are some excellent spots you can stop by to have a late-night snack:

  • Visit the Street Food Cinema – Do you love street food and movies? This place is a perfect combination of both.
  • Check out Bowlmor Santa Monica – Besides featuring 24 lanes, the bowling alley also offers a great food and drinks menu when you need to fuel up.
  • Try some donuts in Koreatown – If you’re craving some sweets after leaving the club at 3 am, California Donuts is open 24 hours a day.
Who doesn't like donuts
Snack on some delicious donuts in Koreatown after clubbing

If You Want to Explore a Museum, There Are Plenty of Options

LA is home to numerous museums ranging from high art to bizarre and even funny. If looking to visit a few later in the day, check out these next top picks:

  • Ripley’s Believe it or Not Museum is one of 32 in the world. It has over 300 bizarre exhibits, including a vampire killing kit, a two-headed cow, and a Michael Jackson portrait made from candy.
  • The Grammy Museum opened in 2008 to mark the 50th anniversary of the Grammy awards. One of the largest museums dedicated to music, it’s a must-see for all music lovers, whether you’re a fan of rock, pop, or hip-hop.
  • Madame Tussauds Wax figures are so lifelike you won’t believe when you see them. Stroll down the red carpet and take a picture with some of your favorite celebrities.
  • Hollywood’s Guinness Museum is the most visited Hollywood Boulevard attraction. Its wax figure collection enables you to pose with movie stars while learning more about them. It also exhibits records from all categories, including nature, sport, pop culture, and space.
Brad Pitt wax figure
Madame Tussauds features some incredible lifelike wax figures

Outdoor Theatre – Watch the Stars on Mount Hollywood

Enjoying a beautiful sunset and starry sky at the Griffith Observatory must be one of the best free things to do in LA at night. Sitting on a south slope of Mount Hollywood, this is one of the best hikes in LA. It’s open every day except Monday until 10 pm.

Go on a Romantic Night Walk to the Hollywood Sign

While you’re already checking the observatory, you can also go on romantic walks to the nearby popular sign. The famous landmark offers a breathtaking view of LA, which you can enjoy without paying. Located in Griffith Park, it’s open as late as 10 pm, just like the observatory.

Griffith Observatory
You can see a lot of the city from the Griffith Observatory

What Is There to Do in LA at Night for Free?

Looking for what to do in Los Angeles at night free? Here are some more options you can explore without paying a dime:

  • Take a stroll on Santa Monica Pier – This great evening spot is home to music, neon lights, and the famous Santa Monica Ferris Wheel. It has one of the best beaches in Los Angeles, and many consider just hanging out there as one of the best free things to do in LA at night.
  • Go on a Universal City Walk – Running adjacent to Universal Studios, the walkway truly comes alive when the sun goes down, with numerous street vendors, restaurants, and fun activities to explore.
  • Experience the Downtown Art Walk – If you’re looking for something different, this free monthly event occurs every second Thursday. The self-guided tour explores many of LA’s galleries, art studios, and pop-ups around Downtown. As the night progresses, the walk is paired with the drinking and bar hopping, creating a unique party atmosphere.

Once Again, Check Out the Sunset Strip for More Activities

Hollywood’s Walk of Fame is one of the most popular attractions in the neighborhood. Stretching down almost the entire length of Hollywood Boulevard, the tour includes other notable sites along the way, such as the TCL Chinese Theater, the Egyptian Theater, and the Capitol Records Building. If you want to experience some comedy without paying, The Laugh Factory has open mic nights every week. Also, you can be an audience member in a popular late-night talk show Jimmy Kimmel Live.

Sunset on a beach
Visit the beach and enjoy a beautiful sunset

Is It Safe to Go Out at Night in Los Angeles?

Generally speaking, LA is pretty safe. The city underwent substantial changes over the last two decades. Many affordable suburbs of Los Angeles that were previously considered dangerous are now a lot safer and inhabited by young people looking for cheaper rent. When you go out to experience some night activities in Los Angeles, better avoid these next few neighborhoods:

  • Skid Row
  • South LA
  • Downtown LA
  • Watts
  • Exposition Park
  • Chinatown

When Planning on Staying Out Late, Check Out These Safe LA Neighborhoods

When looking for fun things to do in Los Angeles at night, knowing which neighborhoods are safe to explore is a big plus. Here are some of the safest neighborhoods in Los Angeles you can check out:

What Part of LA Has the Best Nightlife?

What is there to do in LA after 2 am? There are more than a few options, depending on your preferences. When you want to sip some of the region’s top beer, look up some breweries in Los Angeles. If looking for some great after-hours opportunities, West Hollywood’s Sunset Strip is the center of nightlife. You can meet many people in one of its numerous mainstream nightclubs, rock clubs, and restaurants. That’s why this is one of the best places to live in Los Angeles for singles.

The birdview of LA, California
Check which LA neighborhoods are safe to explore at nighttime

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