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How to Pack Fragile Items – 4 Tips for Packing Breakables in Los Angeles

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Packing for a local move can be difficult work, and when you have to pack loads of glasses and plates, it’s much harder. If you’re not too sure how to pack fragile items, you will have to learn some things first. You should try out these tips to get them prepared and ready for the relocation before you start running to get supplies and put your delicate possessions in the wrong box. Of course, you can always contact a local LA moving company to help you move if you don’t have time to do it yourself.

#1 Tip: Gather All Supplies You’ll Need to Pack Fragile Items

Don’t know what to use to pack fragile items? If you have a home full of dishes, figurines, fine china from your grandparents, and many more things that can break easily, and you don’t want to risk the worst-case scenario, prepare the right supplies on time. In order to reduce your moving stress, you should consider buying the best packing material for fragile items:

  • Packing paper,
  • Duct tape,
  • Bubble wrap,
  • Markers and labels,
  • Various sized cardboard boxes.
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Free Packing Materials for Moving

If you don’t have a moving expenses checklist for relocating locally, costs for supplies will quickly add up. Many of the most useful supplies can be found in your home and save you a lot of money and time. Here are several free things that can be used for packing fragile items for moving:

  • Towels and blankets are useful for wrapping breakable objects and filling the empty space in the box,
  • Old clothing are also an excellent option for wrapping,
  • Newspapers can be used as packing paper when covering tableware,
  • Discarded boxes from your local grocery stores can also save you a lot of money.
The supplies
If you don’t want to use conventional supplies for packaging, you can replace them with blankets and newspapers

#2 Tip: Find the Right Cardboard Box

An appropriate box is one of the main supplies you’ll need for glasses and other delicate belongings. Don’t choose just a random box – it needs to be durable and reliable. Otherwise, at some stage during the transportation, the box may open, and things can fall out. After a stressful relocation, the last thing you need is to see your glasses and plates smashed into pieces.

Invest in a Dish Box for Delicate Items

Dish boxes are usually used for kitchen items, but you can use them for all of your breakable things. With its very thick walls, this container is an ideal choice for vases, figurines, and other delicate pieces. A cell-pack separator may be used for the additional protection of your sensitive belongings. These compartments will ensure that things do not bump into each other when being transported.

Use Quality Boxes for Fine China

The only sort of cardboard box that you should use for your special porcelain is a corrugated box. Thin cartons break quickly, particularly if they were used before. The corrugated cardboard can hold a lot of weight, and considering how hard dishware can be if it is put together, it is necessary to suggest that your first preference should be this. You won’t have to worry about your precious china all the way during transportation.

Cardboard boxes
Don’t save on your supplies when it comes to china

#3 Tip: Wrap Each Item Individually

How do you pack fragile figurines? Wrap each one individually and isolate them so they can’t touch each other during transportation. Cover each object individually with layers of paper and bubble wrap. You should also use dividers to make sure things you place in the same container do not touch. Also, fill the empty space with crumpled paper or other material you have.

How Do You Wrap a Fragile Object?

If you are not sure how to pack dishes for moving or how to pack glasses, and how to wrap fragile items, bear in mind that any extra delicate stuff like china or glasses should be packed separately. You should exclude loose parts, such as lids, and secure them separately. For example, a vase should be stuffed with paper or a piece of clothing, covered with bubble wrap, and taped. Also, do not put sensitive things in big boxes. Better use smaller ones and fill them with extra paper, so nothing moves inside.

How Do I Protect My Fragile Packages and Prepare Them for Shipping?

If you load the truck by yourself, bear in mind that you should put these things on top of another heavier container, never under large furniture pieces or a table that could possibly break the container. Also, do not put anything heavy on top of these containers. Take a look at this video to see how to properly prepare your items for shipping, but we do not recommend testing the package the same way they did.

#4 Tip: Label All the Boxes

Can you put fragile on a package? Sure, that is a must. When moving fragile items, you should label them with obvious indications that sensitive objects are inside. Local movers in Los Angeles will handle them with extra caution if you label everything properly. Often your container could end up with somebody who is not aware of what’s inside of it. Labeling the containers will save you from the possible tension if your precious belongings suffer any damage. When marking the boxes, use a bright permanent marker and make sure that the labels are visible, just to be certain that everybody notices them.

Don’t forget to label the box

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