How to Move a Piano the Right Way Without Professional Help in Los Angeles

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Relocating a large instrument by yourself isn’t as easy as dealing with some other pieces of furniture. You can learn how to move a piano yourself but bear in mind that a wrong move can do a lot of harm to you or the instrument. This is potentially one of the most precious items in your house. It’s bulky, large, and requires careful handling. Take a look at these tips so you can understand everything you have to do.

Start Preparing Everything on Time

This process can be accomplished and crossed from your moving to-do list, but it takes a lot of planning. Besides friends or family members who need to help you with this task, you should get the right tools. If you’re hesitant and wondering how much does it cost to move a piano professionally, know that the prices can vary a lot. If you wish to employ experts, it will cost anything from $200 to $1,000 or sometimes even more. The cost depends on certain factors, like the weight of the instrument and the distance between your former home and your new place.

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What Type of a Piano Do You Have?

Pianos come in various sizes and vary in several parameters. Most people have either grand pianos that are the bulkiest or the upright versions that are more convenient to keep at home. Knowing what type of instrument you have to relocate is important because it will help you determine what kind of equipment you should search for.

A pianoforte
Bear in mind that pianos also vary in weight

Equipment and Moving Supplies You Will Need

The type of instrument determines what tools and equipment you’ll need, but in general, these are the essential things you will need:

  • Dollies – These are necessary if you want to relocate an upright one,
  • Straps – To transport your instrument securely, the right straps are essential,
  • Board – This tool is great if you have a grand concert model. However, if you have the one without wheels, you will have to use a dolly,
  • Stair ramp – If you have stairs that are challenging, or you just want to make everything smoother, this ramp is perfect,
  • Shoulder harness – This allows people to use their arms and shoulders correctly when carrying heavyweight.

Besides These Equipment Pieces, You Will Need Moving Blankets

Since your piano can be easily broken, think about cushioning it. Avoid moving stress and ensure your instrument is protected in the best way possible. Moving blankets or pads can be listed among the essentials needed for this task. These dense and durable items can protect your inventory from scratches and worst-case scenarios. Pads, a combination of cotton and polyester, are typically used by experienced local movers in Los Angeles to secure items that are made out of wood or have some other fragile surface.

A mover lifting a piano
If you don't have the right equipment hire professionals to help you

Steps to Take Before Relocating Your Instrument

Once you have acquired all the right supplies, your main goal should be to make your local move as painless as possible. There are several steps that you should be acquainted with in order to move your instrument without any hassle.

Measure Everything

If you want to move a piano by yourself, you should pay attention to the dimensions of the instrument. Bear in mind that all the doors, hallways, and stairways in your current location should be measured, and those in your new home as well. This is necessary in order to transport your instrument easily when the relocation date arrives.

Make Sure Your Path Is Clear

When you lift an instrument, the last thing you’d like to think about is furniture pieces and other things around that can get in the way. Furthermore, you should secure the floors and walls in advance. Use towels or baby-proof bumpers to protect the corners of your instrument during the process.

Don’t Forget to Wrap the Instrument

No matter the type of piano you possess, you must wrap it before you place it into a truck. Since instruments vary in size and form, different equipment and approaches are needed during the relocation process. The general approach is to use moving blankets for wrapping and then packing tape or straps for securing the instrument.

Packing tape, bubble wrap, and scissors
Use packing tape to secure the instrument

A Brief Guide on How to Move a Piano Like Professional Movers

What is the easiest way to move a piano? When you have done all of the previous steps, you should call family or stronger friends to help you. Your assistants should take gradual and steady steps to secure the instrument. If you’re curious how to load the truck, you should roll the instrument into the truck and lock it tightly using the straps to hold it down.

How to Move an Upright Piano?

Moving an upright piano isn’t easy, so here are some tips on how to move an upright piano. Firstly, you should cover the keys with a piece of fabric and then close it. Then, proceed to wrap the top, back, and sides with a padding material and secure it with tape. When you raise it to the dolly, you should rely on the assistance of friends and get someone on every side of the instrument. Can you lay a piano down to move it? When you think about the best way to move a piano, you’ll definitely consider turning it aside. And at some point, you’re probably going to tip it or lay it aside. But, it’s not recommended to do this. If you have to do it, try to make it as quick as possible because it can do harm to the instrument.

How to Move a Grand Piano?

The method that refers to moving a grand piano is close to the method for the upright pianos, but you should bear in mind that many of these have to be disassembled. Use the screwdriver to detach the pedals and legs and then secure the body of the instrument. Concert pianos come in different weights, so make sure you have the right equipment for them. Removing the legs can be tricky, so take a look at this video to get a better idea of how it works.


If It’s Not Possible to Do It on Your Own, Hire One of the Best Moving Companies in Los Angeles to Help You

If you think about residential moving and plan on relocating such large, heavy, and fragile objects such as the piano, you should definitely consider hiring a professional moving company in Los Angeles instead of moving a piano yourself. Our local movers in Los Angeles have enough experience and the right equipment to do this properly. Our packing service can be a convenient solution for you since our professional movers in Los Angeles know all moving hacks on how to pack books and how to pack dishes for moving. We also pay attention to the most commonly forgotten things to pack. Don’t stress and contact us today. Just make sure to check what the items movers won’t move are. You can enjoy your free time hosting a moving away party or visiting the breweries in Los Angeles and museums in LA while we take care of everything.

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