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How to Move Efficiently – Tips for Faster and Easier Moving

Whether you’ve moved many times or are relocating for the first time – you’re bound to experience a lot of stress during this period, so you probably want to know how to move efficiently. If you find yourself overwhelmed with stress at this point – it’s perfectly normal. People usually associate a lot of stress and hardship with relocating, even when it’s within the same city. Relocating can get the best of the most organized ones but fear not, as it doesn’t always have to be that way, and one of the oldest Los Angeles moving companies is here with tips. Soak up the knowledge gained through years of experience and get ready to move like a pro.

How Do I Move Like a Pro? Stay Organized From Day One

You thought you’d get a break from the stress from scavenging through the Los Angeles neighborhood guide and relentless apartment hunting in Los Angeles once you seal the deal with your real estate agent in Los Angeles? But, now that you got that out of the way and you’ve learned your Los Angeles renters’ rights, you feel overwhelmed by the actual relocation process? Worry not; there are ways around it. Relocating doesn’t have to be a hot mess – it can be a joyful occasion of transitioning into a new (hopefully better) home. We should know, as we do it every day and today, we bring you tips and moving hacks so you can move easily and quickly. So, how do you move efficiently? Read on to find out.

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Consider Hiring a Sitter

If you have kids or are moving with pets, consider hiring a sitter for your kids or pets, or see if a friend could watch them over. This especially goes if your kids are younger, as they require more attention and can’t really help out much. So, see if someone can take them to some of the nice parks in Los Angeles or one of the best playgrounds in Los Angeles. The kids will have a blast, and you’ll get packed much faster and easier.

The same goes for pets. Find a pet sitter or a friend willing to spend a day with your furball while you pack and get ready to move. It’s a win-win situation for all and a great way to lessen the stress during this period. Then, when you’re all packed and the right Los Angeles movers move your stuff into your future home, you can unpack and set it up together, like a family.

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Worry not. We are here to help and guide you through the relocation process

Wondering How to Move Efficiently? Hire the Right Movers in Los Angeles

Obviously, we had to start with this one. Using the right residential moving services in Los Angeles will make your move a whole lot easier and your moving to-do list a whole lot shorter. There are cheap movers in Los Angeles that even offer packing services at affordable prices, saving you time and trouble (and possibly money, as your items won’t break). Just make sure you find reliable and licensed ones. And you won’t have to worry about driving in LA with a bunch of stuff, especially breakables, as they’ll do it for you. So, put choosing and hiring professional movers in Los Angeles first on your list, and do it early on.

Figure Out What Kind of Service You Need

Get a beer from one of your favorite breweries in Los Angeles and some takeout from one of the downtown LA restaurants, and have a seat. Figure out your budget and create a moving expenses checklist so you can stick to it. When you do, you’ll be able to set your priorities, and you’ll know if you can afford movers in Los Angeles to have you professionally packed, or you’ll have to figure out how to pack dishes and how to pack glasses on your own. Figure all of this early on, and stick to your budget to avoid headaches afterward.

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When you hire the right relocators, you're already halfway through - so, give us a call

Getting Rid of Items You Won’t Need as You Pack Is the Most Efficient Way to Pack for Moving

Start packing early and prepare three kinds of boxes – one for things that go in your future home, one for stuff that goes in the dumpster, and one for those you want to donate. This will make the whole process a lot easier and faster, and you will have more time to plan your moving-away party. Do not fear letting go of things – if there are items you haven’t used for a while now, chances are you won’t be using them in your new home either. Get rid of what you won’t need – decide if they’re good enough to be given away or they should go in the trash.

Make Sure the Charity Accepts Donations

There are many charities out there in need of clothing and other stuff you could give them. But before you just show up with your bundle of carefully chosen items – give them a ring or visit their website. Check if they are still accepting donations and how, as many charities have stopped accepting donations during the pandemic. You don’t want to drive all the way to their location only to find no one there or be told that they can’t accept your donation. Some have reopened and then closed again, so just to be sure your chosen charity is accepting donations – visit their website or contact them before you head over there.

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Donate the well-preserved objects or pieces of furniture you no longer like

What Should You Move First When Moving?

Once you’ve decided where to live in Los Angeles, start packaging well before the big day. Start with the items you don’t use that often. Label the plastic bins that are already in your attic or basement and pack items like artwork, movies, and books first. Learn how to pack books the right way, and proceed with the things you do not use on a daily basis, and remember – do not exceed the limit of 30 pounds per box. This is important as you do not want them to crack under pressure and your things inside to break or damage.

Pack Least Used Items First and Put Them to Storage

If you don’t know how to efficiently pack to move, here is how you should do it. Pack least used things first, wrap them well, and label accordingly – on top and the sides of each container. Then put them to storage and add on as you go. Keep packing until all that is left are the things you need just before the move, during the move, and when you get to your new home. Then pack those things in an essentials bag and keep them with you. As for the least used ones – even though these pieces are the first to get packed, they should be the last to go in the truck. That way, you will be able to get them out first and put them to storage once again in your new home, as they will be the last ones to get unpacked, too.

Packed artwork, ready for transport
Follow the rule of thumb - the least used objects and artwork get packed first

How Can I Make Moving Easier? Pro Tips From Local Movers in Los Angeles

A good organization does wonders when it comes to making your move easy. What you should do is start early, stay organized, and go over our tips. We’ve been in this business for a long time, and over time, we have gathered a lot of useful information and knowledge that we are willing to share. These tips are helpful for everyone, from those living in downtown Los Angeles and relocating to the next building to those relocating to some of the best suburbs of Los Angeles. Here are the useful pieces of advice anyone embarking on relocation would want to hear and ones that guarantee you won’t feel any moving stress.

Color Code Boxes According to Room While Packing

We may have mentioned this once or twice, but it’s extremely important to color code and label each box that goes in the truck. Color-code based on the room each box goes to in your new home, and label them on top of the box and on the sides. Additionally, you can create an inventory list of what’s in each container, so it’s easier for you to unpack. This will help you stay organized and make it easier for you to unpack. And in case you need something right in the middle of packing and relocating – you’ll know where to find it. Take a look at this video for more great tips on color-coding.

Don’t Put Moving Boxes Against the Walls

Tell your movers in Los Angeles to put your boxes in the center of each room, not against the walls. This will help you save time and energy as you won’t have to move them once again when you begin assembling furniture that goes against the walls. You can keep them in the middle of the room while you assemble the furniture that is to be placed along the walls. Once you’ve assembled your furniture, you can unpack each box and put objects in their designated place in your home. You don’t have to do it all at once, of course – take the opposite direction you did when you packed them. That means – unpack the ones you frequently use first and save the least used ones for last.

Use a Lot of Cushioning and Tape Well

When you’re packing, bubble wrap and packing paper are your best friends. And we can’t stress this enough – they are really useful. So, use them generously and use them well. Ensure all your items, especially the most fragile ones, are well protected with bubble wrap, but also optimize the space you get in each box. That means that you should know how to pack strategically. And fill any empty space you might have left in a box with peanuts or paper – it keeps the items inside in place. When you’re done, tape each box with layers of tape so they are secure and ready to go.

Relocation supplies
Bubble wrap will be your greatest ally in this battle, so get it and the other supplies early

How Can I Make Moving Less Stressful?

Take our advice, and you will be good. In conclusion, it’s important to start packing early on, stay organized, color code, and create an inventory list. Place the furniture and boxes strategically in the truck so you can easily unpack them in your new home. And, most importantly (and we can’t stress this enough) – find a reliable local moving company in Los Angeles to assist you with everything – it really makes all the difference. Besides that – just breathe and take it easy. People move every day, and no matter how hard it seems, it’s all well worth it when you are in your new home with the people you love most in the world. If you want to have experienced and reliable movers by your side, contact us and let our movers in Los Angeles do their magic.

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