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10 Best Parks in Los Angeles – Get in Touch With Nature

Are you a nature lover and want to move locally in the area of Los Angeles? Maybe you are not satisfied with your current neighborhood and want to find one that offers more green areas. The good thing is that beautiful parks in Los Angeles can be found in almost every corner! Check out our list and decide where exactly you want LA movers to take you.

Are Parks Open in Los Angeles?

Due to the pandemic, until June, all public parks in Los Angeles were temporarily closed. They are all currently opened, but there are specific things you still can’t do out in the open. For example, parking and restrooms are pretty limited, while many sports facilities and playgrounds are still closed. Picnics are off-limits, though if you want to lay out a blanket and spend time with your family, nobody will stop you. However, remember that big gatherings are still forbidden in the whole country. Many museums near beautiful parks in Los Angeles have different working hours. Always double-check that and wear a mask whenever you’re in public.

The pandemic has changed our lives drastically, but you can still spend time outside in nature. There are many such options in a big city such as LA. Before you start making a moving to-do list, be sure to check out our Los Angeles neighborhood guide and its picturesque green areas where you can spend time outdoors with your children of dogs and go hiking, biking, or just enjoy the scenic view.

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The pandemic won't last forever, and parks in Los Angeles are here to stay.

1.  El Dorado Park and Nature Center Are Among the Best Parks in Los Angeles

Are you looking for a nature getaway in the middle of an urban environment? Located between the 605 Freeway and the San Gabriel River, the Nature Center is an oasis for plants and animals. With its 2 miles of hiking trails nestled around two lakes, a golf course, and other sports facilities, you can spend a fabulous Sunday here. Throw a memorable moving away party and move close to the Nature Center, one of the best parks in Los Angeles!

An image of a lake and the forest.
Head down to the Long Beach and its Nature Center if you need a getaway.

2.  Catch Breathtaking Views of the Hollywood Sign and Marina Del Rey at the Baldwin Hills Scenic Overlook

Everyone living in Culver City enjoys breathtaking views from the stunning urban park called Baldwin Hills Scenic Overlook. Locals know it as Culver City Stairs because of its outdoor staircase designed to lead you to a breathtaking panoramic view of LA, surrounding mountains, and the Pacific Ocean.

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Take a Look at the Culver City Stairs in the Video Below

Be sure to check the video below and see a true local gem located on the southeast of Downtown Culver City. Apart from the charming hiking trail and mesmerizing views, the area also preserves wildlife.

3.  Plenty Activities at Will Rogers State Historic Park

This whole area once belonged to the late actor, cowboy philosopher, and newspaper columnist Will Rogers. Located in the Santa Monica Mountains, Will Rogers State offers free guided tours, scenic hikes, horseback riding, museums, etc. You can even take horseback riding lessons! One of the hiking trails will lead you to Inspiration Point, where you’ll get stunning views of the sea and the mountains, which makes this place one of the best parks in LA.

An image of a girl riding a horse at Will Rogers State.
Plenty of recreation options, such as horse riding, are waiting for you in the Santa Monica Mountains.

4.  South Beach Park Is Perfect for Kids

Some of the safest neighborhoods in Los Angeles can also offer the best playground areas for your children. If you are moving with a family, consider settling close to South Beach. The site appears as if a ship has run ashore and turned into a playground with many aquatic adventures. There are plenty of fun activities for your children, from swings, climbing ropes to a roller slide.

5.   Grand Park: Magical Playground in the Downton

Living in Downtown LA means that you’ll be settled close to 12 acres of the Grand greenery. Apart from many community events, a fountain, picnic lawns, this place offers a vibrant playground for your children. There’s a custom treehouse, rope ladders, tunnels, a super long roller, tube slides, and a soft simulated forest floor. Therefore, if you’re wondering where to live in Los Angeles, Downtown might be your answer.

6.   A Brand New Playground in Pan Pacific Park

Pan Pacific is one of many parks in LA and is only walking away from The Grove. In 2019, the place opened a new playground that is just a small part of the area’s recent improvements. After a family lunch at The Grove, you can go to this fantastic playground that your kids will love. Pan Pacific also offers plenty of recreation areas such as new basketball courts and athletic fields.

7.   Elysian Valley Gateway Park Is Family-Oriented

Elysian Valley belongs to the oldest parks in Los Angeles, CA. Its clean and friendly environment offers plenty of outdoor recreation such as jogging, biking, and walking. Apart from the breathtaking nature and amazing views over Downtown, Valley, and Hollywood Hills, the place is also kid-friendly.

a girl on a swing
Your kids can meet new friends and play at Elysian Valley.

8.  Lake Hollywood Park and Other Dog-Friendly Areas

Are you moving with pets? You are probably wondering where dog-friendly areas are in this city. Even though your furry friend has to stay on-leash, Lake Hollywood is dog-friendly. Many dog owners spend a lot of time here, so your beloved animal will have other dogs to play with. You can get great views of the iconic Hollywood sign, parking is easy to find, and the place is not overcrowded.

9.   Go Hiking With Your Dog(s) in Runyon Canyon

Because of the broad view over the city, Runyon Canyon is popular with local hikers. Yet dog owners love it too! Unlike our previous entry, its 130-acres of land offers both off and on-leash areas. If you have a dog and you like hiking, consider moving close to Runyon Canyon.

10.   Take Your Beloved Canine Friend to San Vicente Mountain Park

San Vicente Mountain is another one of the dog-friendly parks in LA. With its stunning views, picnic areas, large hiking paths, mountain biking, and equestrian trails, you can have a perfect day off in San Vicente Mountain. There’s no entrance fee, so go out there and get in touch with beautiful nature.

A dog in nature
Lake Hollywood, Runyon Canyon, and San Vicente Mountain are perfect dog-friendly green areas.

Hire Professional Movers in Los Angeles to Relocate You Close to Some of These Scenics Greeneries

And we have come to the end of our list of best parks in Los Angeles. We hope that you have found the one that is just a perfect fit for you! When you start planning your local relocation, be sure to get reliable moving services in Los Angeles. Avoid moving stress and contact All In Moving. Our movers in Los Angeles will make sure your relocation goes smoothly. We can also offer partial budget-friendly services such as packing and labor moving services. Cannot wait to move closer to these beautiful parks in Los Angeles? Call All In Moving representatives today and get ready to start your new adventure.

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