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4 Affordable Places to Live in Los Angeles if You’re on a Budget

Living in one of the most famous and fabulous cities in the world is a dream come true to many. It offers endless opportunities and numerous amenities for everyone’s needs and interests. We made this list of most affordable places to live in Los Angeles where you can relocate if you’re living on a budget. In the following lines, you’ll learn more about each of them, and these information will hopefully help you make the best decision about your future relocation. If you decide to move, consider hiring one of the best Los Angeles moving companies.

What Is the Cheapest Place to Live in Los Angeles?

What is the cheapest city to live in Los Angeles County? In some of the best suburbs of Los Angeles, you can still be comfortable while staying on budget. Housing prices cause the main difference in the cost of living, but you also need to consider transportation when relocating. If you need to commute, some distant neighborhoods will cause more transportation expenses for you and your family. Depending on where you work or what amenities you need close to your home, you can move to one of these affordable neighborhoods in LA:

  • Lancaster,
  • Baldwin Park,
  • Norwalk,
  • Palmdale.

How can I live in LA on a budget? Well, Hollywood neighborhoods are surely off the list. But, don’t fall into despair, use our Los Angeles neighborhood guide and save some money on your rent by renting a home in one of the mentioned places.

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What City in California Is the Cheapest to Live In?

Every real estate agent in Los Angeles will tell you that life here can be pricey. If you still want to enjoy nice weather and occasional trips to the beach, consider relocating to some cheaper city. Some of the most affordable places to live in California are Clearlake, Bakersfield, and Fresno.

Photo of a Hollywood sign
Life in Hollywood is expensive

One of the Most Affordable Places to Live in Los Angeles Is Lancaster

Are you wondering where to live in Los Angeles and what are the best affordable neighborhoods in Los Angeles? Lancaster is undoubtedly on top of this list. Real estate prices in this neighborhood are usually lower than $300,000, which is the median home price. You can rent an apartment here for $1,300 on average. This place is excellent for families with children because schools in this area are highly rated.

Lancaster Offers Some Exciting Amenities

Lancaster National Soccer Center is famous for the 4th of July fireworks, and the Museum of Art and History offers excellent entertainment, including different exhibitions and events. Palmdale Regional Airport is located 20 minutes away – the distance is approximately 12 miles. Getting around the area is simplified with good public transportation options.

Photo of fireworks
Enjoy breathtaking fireworks at Lancaster National Soccer Center

You Can Find Reasonably Prices Real Estates in Baldwin Park

If you’re already familiar with Los Angeles renters’ rights and planning to rent an apartment, prices around Baldwin Park can be lower than in other LA neighborhoods. The median home value here is about $400,000. It has about 75,000 residents, and it is well-known for having the first In-N-Out Burger in the state. Around this suburban area, you can enjoy Morgan Park Recreation center and Walnut Creek Nature Park.

Baldwin Park's residents are proud of having the first In-N-Out Burger

Norwalk Offers Interesting Amenities

Norwalk is one of the most populated of LA suburbs with plenty of exciting amenities, including gyms, restaurants, and parks. Some of the best parks in this area are Norwalk Park, Robert White Park, Gerdes Park, and Holifield park. The median home price is slightly lower than $500,000, and the median rent is about $1,500.

Hotspots in Norwalk

Some of the shopping hotspots in this neighborhood are Norwalk Town Square Shopping Mall and Northgate Market. If you’re looking for excellent restaurants, check out Inka King Peruvian Food or La Comprandes Mexican Restaurant. La Taverna Sports Bar is famous for nights out.

Photo of a girl eating
Enjoy some delicious Mexican food in Norwalk restaurants

We’re Also Suggesting You Consider Palmdale

One of the most affordable places to live in Los Angeles is Palmdale. It is similar to Lancaster, and the median real estate price here is $300,000. Rent prices are approximately $1,300. Although these prices are much lower than housing expenses when you’re living in downtown LA, utilities and transportation can still cost you more than California’s average. Check out this video about interesting things you can do around Palmdale


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