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Useful Hacks for Moving Large Items Locally

If you’re planning a local move and need to ship your belongings to your new home, moving large items without destroying them (or risking an injury) is often a struggle. Although calling local movers in Los Angeles to help you could be the solution to all your problems, these helpful hacks will help you learn how to move something heavy like professionals.

How to Move Heavy Items?

Even if you’re not moving large items across the country but to a neighboring town, this can be a tricky task. Relocating bulky furniture and heavy boxes can do plenty of harm to your back and knees. You can also be at risk of destroying the furniture you’re trying to move or the walls and floors at your new home. The first hack is to manage your time if you are doing everything by yourself.

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Carefully Plan and Measure Everything

Take the time to plan it all together. If you’re not sure whether or not one of your larger possessions fits into the door frame, measure everything, and find out. You should start creating an inventory list of your heavier possessions and then a moving to-do list to plan when to move them and where to place them. Furthermore, prioritize the order for each item of furniture, remembering that the largest and heaviest things should go first.

A checklist
Preparing a quick checklist with all the steps will make everything easier

Hacks For Moving Large Items by Yourself

How do you lift heavy things by yourself? When you prepare everything, the next thing that will help you a lot is to disassemble your heavy objects, make your own equipment, such as sliders, and provide extra room by removing doors.

Dismantle and Label the Furniture

The more you can dismantle each piece of large furniture, the better. This involves removing all the parts, including pads, pedals, legs, and drawers, and transporting them separately, as well as dismantling things like bed frames and sectionals. Bear in mind that you’re going to have to bring it back together again. Therefore, make sure that you store and label all elements appropriately.

Make Your Own Sliders

You can purchase furniture slides in a range of shapes and sizes at stores and online. Building your own sliders from plastic covers, bedspreads, frisbees, towels, blankets, and scraps of carpet is also easy. If you have carpets, use harder plastic sliders and for hard flooring, soft, padded sliders.

Remove Doors to Have More Space

In some situations, separating the door from the hinge may be a smart idea to provide that extra space. Measure everything, and if your things don’t fit the door after you have already disassembled it, this is a great hack to avoid moving stress. Simply screw back the doors after you are finished.

A door
If you need extra space, remove the doors in your home

What to Use for Challenging Furniture

If you’re curious how to move a mattress or some appliances, the answer is simple. You should first disassemble everything as mentioned above. Then all these disassembled pieces should be covered in bubble wrap or some other material and then taped to secure the pieces from damage during transportation to the storage unit or your new home. Here are some suggestions about how to protect or carry some of these objects.

Tip for Relocating Fragile Appliances

When packing and transporting appliances to relocate them to a new home or storage facility, you need to ensure they are moved safely and in an acceptable manner. The tip is to stack and transport small kitchen appliances in boxes to protect them from breaking and wrap fragile bits in foil.

Make a Mattress Sling for Better Lifting

It’s hard to try to maneuver a heavy mattress. Most of the mattresses have handles, but they are not meant for transporting. They’re basically built to help you place the mattress and that’s it. The best way to lift a mattress is to make a rope sling that gives you and your assistant a lot of control. Pull the rope through the handles of the mattress. Turn the mattress over so that the sling is located on the bottom. Now you can carry it more easily.

A mattress
Don’t grab a mattress by its handles because it can break. Make a mattress sling instead

What to Do Before Transportation

What should you do before transporting a bulky object? The common knowledge is that you should protect your belongings from damage. When you protect the furniture, pay careful attention to sharper edges and corners, which are susceptible to accidents during transport. Second, you should plan where the furniture goes, so you don’t have to move it around your new home many times.

Use Blocking Materials Such as Pallets

You should use blocking materials that are broad and sufficiently solid to hold the load firmly. The material must be in good shape and not damaged, splintered, or rotted. Be careful not to release the load when putting blocking material under a load until extracting the hands. For improved protection, tie two pallets and put a sheet of cardboard over them. Protect the corners with foam or some other material and secure them with tape. Cover it with a towel or a blanket. Secure it all together with a strapping band that goes under the pallets and then over the whole package.

Draw a Floor Plan Before Moving

When you are relocating to a new house, determine in advance where the items can go. Draw a floor plan with each room’s correct measurements before the move-out day, weigh the items, and create the layout. That way, when you bring something in, you will put the things in the right position and not have to move them again. Look at the video below to learn how to create a floor plan.

Hire a Local Moving Company – Professional Movers in Los Angeles Know the Best Way to Do It

The ultimate hack is to hire a professional Los Angeles moving company. Suppose you have already decided to move locally to one of the best suburbs of Los Angeles. In that case, moving companies in Los Angeles can supply you with appropriate equipment such as sliders, blankets, and dollies. Also, they know all the lifting techniques and best moving hacks in general, such as how to pack books or how to pack dishes for moving. Besides residential moving and commercial relocation services, All In Moving can offer you packing service as well. To get a free quote and plan your moving expenses checklist on time, contact our Los Angeles movers today and spend your free time throwing a moving away party, or if you are moving with pets, visiting the best dog parks in Los Angeles.

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