Learn How to Pack Shoes for Moving in Los Angeles With These Simple Tips

Do you want to know how to pack shoes for moving? If the answer is yes, you’re in the right place. While hiring one of the moving companies in Los Angeles is almost always a better option, follow our guide, and all of your footwear will be appropriately packed in no time.

Start Packing Shoes for Moving by Sorting the Inventory

Sorting your footwear is an excellent moving hack that makes everything much more manageable. It simplifies the whole process by dividing your collection into three categories:

  • Pairs you wear regularly represent the first group. These include even the seasonal footgear, as long as you used it the previous year.
  • You know you have to declutter when your collection is filled with items you forgot you even own. If you have footwear that’s as good as new, but you never seem to find an opportunity to wear it, now is the time to give it away. Sell it online, gift it to a friend, family member, or donate to a local charity.
  • Don’t bother packing that severely damaged pair you’ve kept for years. While it may have sentimental value, it’s unlikely you’re ever going to wear it again, and throwing it out will save you a lot of trouble.
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How Long Before Moving Should You Start Packing?

That depends on two things, the number of pairs you own and if you’re planning to hire one of the Los Angeles moving companies to assist you. Ask yourself, Does my footwear collection rivals that of Carrie Bradshaw from Sex and the City? The city has some of the best malls in California, so there’s no judgment if the answer is yes. Still, it would be better to begin preparing immediately after apartment hunting in Los Angeles. Consider hiring an LA moving company, as professionals make the process significantly simpler.

The Best Would Be to Place Most of Your Collection Into Storage Before the Move-Out Day

A large shoe collection might take up too much space in the truck, so it might not be a bad idea to place some of it into storage before you figure what to do with those pairs. If you have a garage, you can make your own storage space where you’ll keep them.

A person holding three labeled pieces of paper
Sorting your inventory will help speed up the process

Getting the Right Supplies Will Make the Process a Lot Easier

Getting supplies should be the next thing on your moving to-do list. Most of the time, packing paper is all you need to secure your footwear. It’s widely available, relatively affordable, and you can get it in larger retail stores, online, or a local moving company in Los Angeles. Just make sure it’s clean, as newsprint can leave stains that are very hard to clean. Other supplies include duct tape, boxes, and a sharpie.

Useful Tips on Where to Find Some Free Supplies

Having a limited budget can significantly shorten your moving expenses checklist. Many people barely have enough to hire even cheap movers in Los Angeles, so buying brand-new supplies is often out of the question. Fortunately, websites like FreeCycle and Craigslist often have listings that offer free materials or some bartering system. Check with friends and family if they have any leftover supplies lying around. There are also plenty of alternatives in your own home. For example, socks are great for stuffing.

A man holding a box with materials
Using paper will enable you to secure most of the footwear

Use These Next Few Tips to Clean Every Shoe Before Placing It Into a Box

Even those who are unsure how to pack shoes for a move know you have to clean them first. There are plenty of dog parks in LA, and while collecting after your pets is mandatory in most, you may find yourself in an awkward situation if you’re not careful where you step. Fortunately, there are plenty of ways you can make the footwear fresh before wrapping it up:

  • An old toothbrush is an excellent tool that enables you to free the footwear of any dirt and debris,
  • Use alcohol-free wet wipes to clean delicate pairs,
  • Applying some oil polish can make even very old leather boots look fresh,
  • Sneakers can be washed in the washing machine without suffering damage. Just make sure they’re completely dry before wrapping them.

How Can I Remove Unpleasant Odors?

Leaving a citrus peel, baking soda, or dry tea bag overnight will remove the unpleasant odors from your footwear. For more information about how you can freshen up your favorite pair, check out the video below.


What’s the Best Way to Pack Shoes When Moving? That Depends on the Footwear Itself

While there’s not a single best way to pack shoes for moving, it’s crucial to stuff each shoe before you wrap it up. This is the main thing that will keep their original shape intact during transportation. The process is fairly simple, take a sheet of paper, crumple it, and stuff each shoe until it’s full. Now, let’s go over how you’re going to wrap different footwear:

  • Expensive pairs, including designer heels and high-end sneakers, should be wrapped individually. If possible, place them in the original packaging, and secure the box by filling it out with crumpled up paper.
  • If you have some delicate footwear, you might want to use bubble wrap for extra protection.
  • You don’t have to overthink everything. A simple wrap is likely going to be enough for worn-out sneakers and slippers.

Make sure you properly tape and label all the boxes, or you’re going to experience a lot of moving stress once you start to unpack.

How Do You Pack Shoes Without a Box?

Can’t find the original boxes? You should secure each shoe individually, as getting trampled by other objects will seriously change their shape. Stuffing becomes even more critical, but you can also tie each pair by its laces so they don’t get separated in the large container. If you need help, our Los Angeles moving company offers excellent packing services.

Need to clean some dirt? Just use an old toothbrush

Put Aside a Few Essential Pairs for the Move-in Day

Remember to put aside a pair or two you’re planning to use immediately after you move in. Doing so will save you the trouble of having to go through all the boxes just to find those slippers you’ve misplaced. Some sneakers and flip flops should suffice before you unpack entirely.

A person holding flats
Put aside some slippers or flats for the first few days in your new home

Local Movers in Los Angeles Will Show You How to Pack Shoes for Moving

If you do not have the time to do everything correctly, don’t worry,  All In Moving is here to help. We have some of the best movers in Los Angeles that will make the process much more manageable. You can get our services anywhere in the city, whether you’re living in Downtown LA, the suburbs, or one of the Hollywood neighborhoods. Besides the mentioned packing, our Los Angeles movers have several other options, including residential moving as well as commercial moving. Don’t be shy and contact us if you need any moving services in Los Angeles. Requesting a quote is free, and it will enable you to plan your relocation budget easily.

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