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What is the Best Mall in California? Where to Shop in Los Angeles and Beyond

When you relocate to a new home in SoCal, it’s like having a new and fresh start in life, so why not go to the best mall in California to liven things up at your new address? A new house or apartment in a completely new environment, so it wouldn’t hurt to buy some new things to go along with it for your future home. Here is a quick list of some of the best shopping malls in California.

Where Are the Best Malls in Southern California

After a long and extensive local relocation process, what better way to relax and relieve some of that moving stress than to go on a spree? SoCal has plenty of great malls with many high-end boutiques, jewelers, tailors, and department stores. You can find many of the greatest malls in SoCal if you’re now living in downtown LA or if you’ve recently moved to the best suburbs of Los Angeles. No matter where you’ve moved to, you’ll have plenty of opportunities to shop ’til you drop in some fabulous shopping centers.

mall square
SoCal is packed with fantastic malls with great shops, services, and restaurants

Shop for Fashion in Newport Beach

Newport Beach is a coastal city in Orange County, CA, located 45 miles south of LA, next to Huntington Beach. It’s known to be a fun and lively area with lots to do and plenty of surfing. Newport Beach is perfect for those who love sunny weather year-round as it gets 277 days of sunshine and a bit cooler during the fall and winter months. Not only is it a great place to live or visit, but it has one of the best outlet malls in California.

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Shopping at Fashion Island Mall

Fashion Island is a fabulous location with a great and open interior with plenty of high-end fashion boutiques, top-quality tailors, department stores, a great food court, and so much more to enjoy. There is a wide variety of shops to choose from with curbside pickup services for your convenience. There is a movie theater to check out the latest flicks, and there are even significant events and promos held year-round. A big plus for many who visit is that it’s dog friendly with an outdoor courtyard, so if you’re moving with pets, they can come with you.

A fashion boutique store
Fashion Island is an excellent place to get all of your high-end fashion outfits and more.

The Best Shopping Mall in Glendale

Glendale is a city located in Los Angeles County and is considered one of the healthiest places to live in the U.S. It has plenty of great amenities for residents, including parks, bars, clubs, restaurants, and much more. It’s also very close to LA, only a 15-mile drive to the city center. Glendale is also one of the greatest areas to go to and shop as they have a few different malls that you can choose to visit.

The Americana at Brand Shopping Center

The Americana at Brand is more than just a mall; it’s like it’s very own microcosm of a neighborhood. It offers a large list of the finest department stores, services, annual events, and an outdoor courtyard, and even a residency realtors office in case you’re looking to move to an apartment nearby – check out the Americana at Brand apartments for more info. Overall, the Americana Shopping Center is very much a one-stop-shop for nearly anything that you need. If you visit before you move, don’t get too excited – stick to your moving expenses checklist.

The interior of a large mall
The Americana Shopping Center has nearly everything you need for your home and more.

The Westfield Century City Mall on Santa Monica Boulevard

Westfield Century City on Santa Monica Boulevard is an excellent LA location and a quick 5-minute drive if you’re living in Beverly Hills. Since its construction is 1964, Westfield Century City has been a local staple in the Century City neighborhood’s financial district. Since then, it has undergone lots of reconstruction, expansions, and store changes and is still regarded as one of the best outlet malls in Southern California.

Visit Westfield Century City

This center is a two-level, 1.3 million square foot facility with anchored department stores, fabulous boutiques and tailors, fun shops and zones for children, a theater, and so much more. Aside from the hours of shop hopping, you can also check out some of the fun events they have year-round.

Shopping in Costa Mesa

Costa Mesa is a city located in Orange County and a pretty lively area to live in. This city has grown to be a buzzing city built on commerce, retail, and light manufacturing bringing in millions of visitors year-round from its rural farming roots. So, if you’re wondering where to live in California with the greatest store options, Costa Mesa is the right place for you.

The South Coast Plaza

If you’re wondering what the biggest shopping facility in California is, then look no further than the South Coast Plaza. It’s the largest center on the west coast, with a list of 217 retailers in the 260 square meter facility. Before COVID, the facility had racked up $1.5 billion in sales annually since 2010. It’s a place of true diversity with stores of all kinds for nearly any type of product you’re looking for – you might even find some things you need to get on your moving to-do list.

Shopping plaza interior
Costa Mesa is home to the largest mall on the west coast, South Coast Plaza.

Redondo Beach Galleria

Redondo Beach is a coastal town located in the Southern Bay region of the greater LA area. It’s a beautiful and fun beach town with many exciting and fun activities and only 33 miles away from LA. Aside from the beautiful weather, sandy white beaches, and convenient amenities, it has top-rated stores that bring millions of people every year.

Visit the South Bay Galleria in Redondo Beach

The South Bay Galleria was founded by the local government in 1955, who built up a decent amount of hype about the facility. It was a long four-year project, and in 1959 the facility was finally opened. Since it’s opening in 1959, it has gained many attractions, stores, and expansions, bringing millions of shoppers and dollars annually.

Galleria interior
South Bay Galleria has been a major attraction in Redondo Beach since 1959.

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