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Here’s a Checklist of Things to Do After Moving to a New Home in Los Angeles County

Written by: Michael Vaughan

If you’re planning on relocating within Los Angeles County, the following list will take you through all the most important things to do after moving to a new place. Although the county consists of 88 cities and many unincorporated areas that are often vastly different from one another, you’ll still have all the necessary information to set up your new home properly.

Once you’ve read these tips on what to do after moving, you’ll have a much clearer picture of the complexity of the entire relocation process. Considering a large portion of the preparations can be done by one of the professional moving companies in Los Angeles, hiring one will make the entire process that much easier.

What Is the First Thing to Do When Moving Into a New House in LA? Inspect Everything

No matter which Los Angeles neighborhood you’re relocating to, inspecting the premises should be the first thing on your to-do list. Although most real estate agents are honest and hard-working professionals, some may lie about the actual state of the property if it would help them close the deal. Making a home inspection right out of the gate will help you discover any potential problems on the lot, allowing you to deal with the issues right away. You should check the entire house from top to bottom, ensuring everything that came with it works as it should, including:

  • Doors and windows,
  • Electrical outlets and lighting,
  • Taps and drains,
  • HVAC (also known as heating, ventilation, and air conditioning),
  • Fixtures that came with the property (large kitchen appliances).

Inspect All the Boxes and File an Insurance Claim If Necessary

Inspecting the boxes should also be one of the first things to do after you move. If you had to relocate in a hurry, you probably didn’t have enough time to properly pack the TV and other fragile items. Considering these are particularly vulnerable to damage, there’s a good chance something could break before arriving at the new house.

However, accidents on the road happen even to the best movers in Los Angeles, so it’s better to look for signs of damage right away. If you happen to find any boxes that were damaged during the transport, remember to take a few pictures before opening them up. This will allow you to file an insurance claim and recuperate the damage.

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If You’re Renting, It’s Best to Take Pictures of Everything the Moment You Move In

Although living in Downtown LA has many benefits, the apartment hunting process is rarely a walk in the park. You’ll encounter all sorts of people on your search, with problems potentially occurring even after you’ve signed the lease. While Los Angeles renters’ rights protect you from illicit rent increases, many landlords will look for ways to deduct from your security deposit. To ensure you don’t get tricked into paying for something you haven’t done, take a few pictures of every room in the apartment, particularly if it has visible signs of damage. If you come across anything unusual that wasn’t there before you moved in, take a picture and contact the landlord.

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Make sure that the Los Angeles moving company didn't lose anything

Start Setting up Your New LA Home

Once you’ve established the current state of your new home, it’s time to set up everything. Many relocation tips suggest you start with the utilities. Considering transferring them is one of the more critical things to do before relocating, they should already be up and running when you move in. Although you already checked the electricity and water, you’ll still need to set up the phone, internet, cable, and other essential services.

If you forgot to transfer the utilities before you relocated, find some service providers in your area and have them set up everything. Be aware that the process is not instantaneous, meaning you could be left without electricity and running water for a day or two, particularly if you moved in on the weekend. After dealing with utilities, you should unpack all the essentials and childproof the entire property.

Unpack Only the Most Essential Items Right Away

Considering the amount of work you’ll have to do on the day you move in, you probably won’t have enough energy to unpack right away. However, you’ll still need to set up your bathroom, bedroom, and kitchen. If you are organized during the packing phase of your move and pack all the essentials separately, you won’t have to unpack more than a few boxes right away. If you’re not sure what you’ll need right away, set aside some:

  • Toiletries,
  • Bathroom essentials, including toilet paper and towels,
  • Bedding, a pillow, and blankets,
  • Phone charger,
  • Some food and water,
  • Kitchen supplies and necessities, including utensils, some plates, and a few pots and pans.

Make the Environment Safe for Children and Pets

Kids are curious by nature, constantly looking to explore the world around them, which could put them in some very dangerous situations. Many everyday household items that might seem safe can pose serious health risks for a smaller child, so you should do everything you can to make the place safe for your little angel. If you’re not sure how to childproof, start by:

  • Putting away chemical and smaller objects that could be ingested,
  • Placing locks on most cabinets and drawers,
  • Covering electrical outlets and stove knobs,
  • Placing safety gates at room entrances and exits,
  • Covering sharp edges with corner pads,
  • Cleaning the floor of debris regularly.

The situation is also very similar if you’re relocating with pets, particularly dogs. To keep your furry friends from getting in harm’s way, ensure that there’s no exposed wiring around the house (they love to chew it) or holes in the fence they could pass through.

A small child sitting in the toilet
Making the environment babyproof is one of the most important tips on this list

Organize the Necessary Home Repairs and Upgrades

Even if you’re relocating to one of the best suburbs of LA, there’s a good chance you’ll encounter at least one problem that needs fixing. It could be anything, a water leak, a non-functioning switch, you name it. Either way, we highly recommend you create a home maintenance checklist if you detect any problems during your inspection. Don’t be shy about getting a professional handyman to do all the repairs, as that’s no different from hiring a local moving company in Los Angeles to assist you with the move.

Upgrading Your Home’s Security System Is One of the Most Important Tasks on Your Maintenance Checklist

Unless you’re living in one of LA’s safest neighborhoods, we highly suggest you change the home’s locks and upgrade the security system. This will ensure nobody, but you and your family can access the property without sounding the alarm and notifying the police. While you’re at it, you should also install smoke detectors in every room and leave a fire extinguisher on each floor just in case.

Plan on Renovating and Redecorating Your Luxurious Residence

If you’ve moved to Beverly Hills or one of the more luxurious Hollywood neighborhoods, you’ll have an excellent opportunity to renovate and redecorate your house. You could start by adding a backyard porch, a gazebo, or even a pool. The possibilities are endless and limited only by your imagination and budget. After all, what’s the point of living in Beverly Hills if you don’t customize the home to your liking.

Clean the Place Thoroughly After You Finish All the Major Renovations

Once you’re done with all the repairs and renovations, you can finally clean the place spotless from top to bottom. However, this doesn’t mean you should wait for the dirt to pile up, as some of these renovations can take months to complete. Do a quick clean every now and then to avoid attracting vermin, and you’ll be good to go.

An electrician repairing an electric socket
What should I do after moving? Organize all the necessary repairs and upgrades

Don’t Forget to Update Your Address and Register to Vote

If you haven’t done it before the actual relocation, updating your address should be the next thing on your after-moving checklist. Thankfully, the process is pretty straightforward, as you can file a Change of Address request online, eliminating the need to visit the local post office. You’ll have a month to do this, as the USPS can forward your mail for up to 30 days before the request was submitted. If you’ve changed cities, you should update your voter’s registration, which can also be done in person or online. In case you’re having trouble keeping up with all the paperwork, the following video will provide you with some excellent tips on organizing important documents.

What Should I Do After Moving to a Different Part of LA? Find a Health Care Provider

Relocating to an entirely different part of LA will require you to look for healthcare providers. Depending on your current living arrangements and medical needs, you will likely have to find a GP, a pediatrician for the children, a dentist, and a veterinarian for your pets. While you can often get a recommendation from your previous physician, they won’t always know people outside their field of expertise. In that case, you will have to go online and search for medical professionals in your vicinity while also looking at reviews and testimonials.

A medical professional smiling
Finding the right health care provider is going to be challenging

Unpack the Rest of Your Belongings and Furniture

Unpacking the rest of your belongings will likely take some time to complete, particularly if you have to reorganize everything. You’ll want to set up the furniture and large items first, with clutter coming in only after you’ve decided what goes where. Don’t be afraid to experiment with the layout, and feel free to move stuff around until you’ve found a perfect spot for every item.

A beautiful living room
You'll finally be settled once everything is unpacked

Explore the Neighborhood as Soon as You’re Done With the Rest of Your Tasks

Once you’re done setting up your newest residence, you’ll finally have enough time to go out and explore the new surroundings. If you’re not sure what to do first, get acquainted with the next-door neighbors or go for a walk with your canine friend to the nearby dog park. You can also look for the best playground for your little ones or enjoy one of many things to do in LA at night. The possibilities are endless, meaning you’ll undoubtedly find something that suits your interests.

A couple riding electric scooters
Exploration is the best part about relocating to a different neighborhood

Focus on Things to Do After Moving Into a New House While Our Los Angeles Movers Handle the Rest of Your Relocation

Hopefully, you’ll find this list of things to do when you move helpful the next time you plan a relocation. Setting up the place and getting to know your surroundings can also be enjoyable, but you’ll have a massive amount of tasks to go through before you even set foot in your new residence. This means that you should look for some Los Angeles moving companies to assist you with the preparations. If you want to move efficiently, hiring our local movers in Los Angeles is your only option.

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