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How to Pack Plates for Moving and Shipping Without Damage

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Packing plates for moving can give you a headache, and it’s equally daunting whether you’re relocating across the state or your new home is just down the block. Our tips will help make the question of how to pack plates for moving easy, and you won’t have to worry about them breaking. So, give it a read, and give it a shot.

How to Pack Plates for Moving Locally Around LA

Whether you’re living in downtown LA and relocating a couple of blocks away or checking some of the affordable suburbs of Los Angeles – it doesn’t matter. Once you’re done with the apartment hunting in LA, decide where to live in Los Angeles, and get off the phone with your real estate agent in Los Angeles – you are going to need to pay all the attention in the world to packing plates for moving, regardless of the distance.

The go-to solution to this is to ask the LA moving company providing you with residential moving services if they offer packing services as well and let them handle it.  If that’s not something you are interested in, read out tips – we can turn you into a professional packer and make sure your fragile plates don’t break.

A professional packer
The safest option is to leave this task to local movers in Los Angeles

What Supplies Do You Need for Packing Dishes?

Gathering the necessary supplies should be on top of your moving to-do list right about now. You don’t want to start only to realize you’re out of supplies and then have to go back to the store, so make sure you get everything ready on time. The first step is getting the boxes, of course, as well as paper, tape, and a marker for labeling. The best mall in California should have all of it – if not, turn to your moving company in Los Angeles or online stores like Amazon.

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Give the Dishes a Good Cleaning

You may be feeling a lot of moving stress simply by the number of things that need to be done before you even think of packing, let alone start loading the truck parked in front of your soon-to-be old home. If you can, squeeze in cleaning the dishes. It’s a good way to make sure they stay protected from small particles or other spots causing scratches or harm to their surface.

Cleaning supplies
Wash the plate settings before you have them all packed up

How Do You Pack Dishes Without Papers?

Papers really tend to be the top option when it comes to this task, as they’re easy to maneuver. If you don’t want to add packing paper to your moving expenses checklist, you can use alternatives like old clothes, linen, towels, or even socks. Also, newspapers can be a good alternative, but be careful since they can leave stains, so try something else first.

How Do You Pack Dishes for Moving With Bubble Wrap?

Is it doable? Yes. Is it advisable? Well, paper wins the supplies war when it comes to this, as it is simply more convenient and practical. But, you can go with bubble wrap, as well. It will take some more time and space, but it’s possible. Just follow the same procedure you would with papers or other alternatives.

bubble wrap
If you want to, you can use bubble wrap

What’s the Best Way to Pack Plates? Essential Tips and Tricks You Should Know

There are two ways you can approach this – by wrapping each plate individually or by wrapping the whole set together. Either way, make sure you have plenty of space available and that it’s clear of all potential obstacles. If you choose to pack plate by plate – wrap each in at least three layers of paper, then tape each one. Or, you can place the papers on a table, put one plate in the center, fold three layers of paper from the corner over the center, and then place another plate on top of it. Then repeat for a total of up to 4-5 plates.

They Should Go in the Box Vertically

The boxes you’ll need for these delicate items are the tall, sturdy boxes or dish racks. Don’t use boxes made of recycled cardboard as their structure can easily get compromised, and they could break. Strengthen the box by taping its seams on the bottom multiple times. Fill the bottom up with crumpled paper as cushioning. So, place the plate setting vertically first, then add dishes, then glasses. If you need more info on how to pack glasses – we have a special blog on that. Take a look at this video for some more useful tips on how to prepare plates.

Here’s How to Pack Plates for Shipping

When it’s time to ship your delicate items, there are certain moving hacks that can help your items arrive at your new home in one piece. First off, put enough cushioning in the box before sealing it with tape. When the dish rack is inserted, fill in the rest of the space with more crumpled paper, so nothing can move inside. Don’t put it over other packages or things, as it could fall over. Place this box on the floor of the truck – this is the right place for all the breakables.

A dish rack full of papers
There should be a lot of cushioning

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