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Are you relocating to a neighborhood in one of LA’s developing regions? If so, look up some reviews and hire Northeast LA movers to help you out. Professionals make the whole process significantly more manageable, enabling you to spend more time researching the region and your home area. With that in mind, let’s go over some information regarding Northeast LA.

What Does Northeast LA Have to Offer

Located in the San Rafael Hills between Glendale and Pasadena in the north, and Downtown in the south, Northeast LA or NELA is one of the city’s oldest regions. Traditionally a working-class area, the region was predominantly populated by Latino and other ethnic groups and was a haven for intellectuals and artists. After going through gentrification in the 2000s, the region is now becoming one of the most desirable places in the city. If you need a Los Angeles neighborhood guide, let’s check out what the area has to offer.

Housing in the Region Is Quite Affordable

Despite being close to Downtown, the housing market is still relatively affordable, but the increasing gentrification will probably impact even these neighborhoods. According to the Mapping LA survey, 54% of the region’s households were renters in 2009. Highland Park had the largest percentage of renters, around 61%, while Eagle Rock has the fewest, about 44%.

According to the website AreaVibes, at $402,650, Montenicio Heights has the most affordable home value, while Atwater Village has the highest at $644,400. Other neighborhoods have a similar price range, with median home values around $500k. Contact a real estate agent in Los Angeles if you’re interested in buying a home in the area.

The Local Population Is Diverse in Many Ways

The survey provides much more information about the region as a whole. Before we give you an overview of the neighborhoods, let’s go over some demographics:

  • The area is incredibly diverse, with 62.5% of residents being Latino of any race. With 16%, the Asian racial group is also quite common.
  • Around 21% of residents 25 and older have a bachelor’s degree. Eagle Rock has the most educated locals (30.4%).
  • The average age varies between neighborhoods, with Eagle Rock having the oldest residents on average at 35 years, while Cypress Park has the youngest at 27 years.
  • Household income is significantly different and impacted by previous factors such as age and education, with Eagle Rock having the highest at $67,250.

Consider Moving to One of the NELA Neighborhoods

While it may not have a beach like the western parts of LA, or the amenities of Hollywood neighborhoods, NELA still features some fantastic places to live. If you’re wondering where to live in Los Angeles, check out what these seven communities have to offer:

  • Atwater Village – If you’re looking for the best places to live in Los Angeles for singles and young professionals, you’re in the right place. Plenty of restaurants, dive bars, and thrift shops in the area make it very popular with hipsters. Downtown is nearby, and many transit lines make getting around easy. Interestingly, about 50% of all residents were born abroad.
  • Cypress Park – One of the best East LA neighborhoods offers numerous outdoor opportunities for hiking and cycling. Being affordable and incredibly close to Downtown is a big plus, with excellent transit options enabling quick access to it and other parts of the city.
  • Eagle Rock – Looking for a family-friendly place in the city? If you want a small-town feel within a large metropolis, this neighborhood is the perfect choice for you. Home to the Occidental College, where the former President Barack Obama attended, you’re often going to run into students and faculty members.
  • Highland Park – Besides being one of the centers of the Arts and Crafts movement, the neighborhood is also known as a foodie haven. If you chose to live here, you don’t have to visit Downtown LA restaurants to have a great meal in the city. This quirky community offers plenty of unconventional activities and housing options.
  • Mount Washington – Known for its quaint streets, architecture, and homes, the hills provide a calming atmosphere and incredible scenic views. The community is close-knit, has reputable schools, and easy access to many employment opportunities.
  • Montecito Heights – The area offers some impressive views of Downtown LA, Arroyo Seco, and San Gabriel Valley. Green open spaces are abundant nearby in one of the biggest parks in Los Angeles. Ernest E. Debs Regional Park covers about half of the area, offering some of the best hikes in LA.
  • Glassell Park – Homebuyers looking for ranch-style homes and modest Craftsman bungalows will have no trouble finding a place here. However, due to gentrification and the rise in popularity, many residents are concerned that the neighborhood might lose its small-town charm.

Find a Company That Has Northeast LA Movers

You’ll need lots of energy and long hours to properly prepare for a relocation. While you may think DIY is a good idea, the best option is to look for professional help. If you decide to hire local LA movers, check out All In Moving. Whether you’re living in Beverly Hills, Hollywood, or some of the more affordable suburbs of Los Angeles, we are here to assist you with anything you may need during your move.

Moving Companies in Los Angeles Provide Many Services

Depending on the nature of your move, you can request a few different services from our Los Angeles moving company:

  • Residential RelocationDo you need to move your home? Get one of the most popular moving services in Los Angeles. Relax and focus on other things while trained professionals take care of your belongings.
  • Commercial Moving – You don’t want to hire any cheap movers in Los Angeles when relocating a business. An excellent local moving company in Los Angeles will do everything to protect any gadgets and appliances you might have. With the help of our movers in Northeast LA, you won’t have to wait long to be up and running again.
  • Labor Service – This option is best if you already have a transportation unit. All you need to do is sit back, relax, and let the best movers in Los Angeles do their thing.

Need Stress-Free Moves? Get Packing Services From Local Movers in Los Angeles

Packing is the most time-consuming part of every relocation. Depending on your home’s size, preparing everything might take weeks or even months, leaving you susceptible to moving stress during the process. One of the smartest ways to simplify the whole thing would be to get a professional packing service. Our Los Angeles movers use only the highest quality materials, making sure that even your most delicate belongings arrive in one piece and without a scratch.

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What makes us one of the best Los Angeles moving companies? Our professional movers in Los Angeles have years of experience in providing affordable, top-notch relocation services.

The company is fully dedicated to customers, ensuring that their expectations are met and exceeded. Need more information? Contact our local representatives, get a free quote, and start planning your move today.