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Tips For Hiring Movers in Los Angeles

Written by: William Carter

There are a fair amount of choices when it comes to moving companies and professional moving help in the Los Angeles area. Are they all professional? Well, that’s up to you to determine and to set rules about what you require in terms of services and policies in order to classify one mover as a professional mover.

It’s not an easy task for those of you who didn’t have an encounter with several moving projects, because the task requires experience. Luckily, we can learn from other people’s experiences and carefully make a list of legitimate options for the upcoming move, reach out to every single one of them, and in the end weigh our options.

While reaching out, make sure to check all the red flags like insurance, license, reviews, and ratings, etc.

Of course, a company that was perfect for your neighbor doesn’t have to be your perfect match. Every move is different from the other. So, take into consideration your needs before everything else. Tips that will be mentioned will be your must-have If you are a beginner, but a planner as well.

What are the guidelines for choosing a perfect company for a Los Angeles move?

Let’s take a look at everything that you should be familiar with before moving, while choosing movers and on the day of the move.

Tip No1

Plan your budget!

This is the first thing that you should decide before you start looking into places and choices. You won’t know If you’re looking for cheap movers in Los Angeles, or high-end moving companies unless you get familiar with your budget

If your budget is preset, then you should base your research on it. Obviously, If you need to save as much money as you can, you won’t be calling around and asking for premium dates with expensive moving companies. The preset budget puts a lot of pressure on people who are moving. Not only that they have to find a company that meets their requirements, but they also need to find it and match their quote with the budget that is planned for the project- not an easy task at all!

Advice: Start planning and looking for a company in advance. Given the circumstances with the budget, you will need to compromise. If you don’t want to compromise too much, you might be able to get a few extra things, like a preferred moving date, with a fair price If you contact movers sooner rather than later. 

If your budget is flexible, you have a few more options and less pressure, for sure. A flexible budget leaves room for choosing the date that you need no matter the price, calling in a few extra services, like full packing, if your work schedule doesn’t allow any room for packing. 

Even then, If you want to catch the best match for your move, don’t wait until the last minute. Sometimes, not even a flexible budget can solve a no availability issue- think about it!

Tip No2

Think about the date!

Before you start reaching out to furniture movers within the LA area, you should have at least some dates in mind.
Depending on your ownership situation, the date can be affected by a lot of different factors.

You are an owner

In this case, you don’t have to think about the move-out lease, just to look for a perfect date for you and your family. If you are moving into a place that is not move-in ready still, you will need to coordinate a few things before choosing the date. But, it is easier than If you were renting both homes.

You are renting

Renting places can be difficult when it comes to moving and choosing the date of the move. This situation doesn’t leave you with too many choices regarding the date. You will need to be in multiple channels of communication with the current landlord, new landlord, and the moving company that you are choosing. The date has to work for everybody in order to make this project possible. That’s why this situation requires much more planning than the previous one.

Tip No3

Think about the services that you need!

Now that you’re in the matter already, this part comes naturally. If your project requires special handling or full packing, obviously you will need to find a company that does that and provides these services, because not all of them do.

When you start reaching out, here are the things that you should be aware of and that you should ask about, If one of them, or more, is the one that you need:

  • Special handling: pianos, pool tables, marble tops, glass doors, exercise equipment, multiple flights of stairs, etc.
  • Full packing
  • Unpacking
  • Additional packing supplies (wardrobe boxes, specialty boxes, dollies, straps, etc.)
  • Labor only movers etc

Tip No4

Check If they are licensed!

Almost all moving companies out there on the market are presenting themselves as licenced and insured. Again, not all of them are. They will be licensed until you check them out and dig deeper with the questions about the license.
With this being said, don’t skip the question about the license. Test them and see how they handle it. If you are into proofs- why not ask for one!

Tip No5


You want your items handled properly, that’s under test when you ask them about their services from “Tip No 3”, but even then issues happen and the furniture gets damaged. In this case, you will need to know If that falls under their insurance. 

So, before you make an appointment you need to ask your movers about the move insurance and how they handle damages, what are deductibles etc.

If they don’t have any insurance, maybe they cooperate with some third party company and they can get you a fair price for some insurance package. If you hold dear everything that you own, you should go this way for sure, because moving is something that is done by men who are human beings that make mistakes. Even though mistakes happen and that’s completely natural, it is better to have moving insurance and call upon it, then to go back and forth with a company for weeks, or months.

Tip No6

Reserving/ Rescheduling/ Cancelling 

These three steps are something that you should be introduced to before you go into the reservation process. Every quality company should explain them to their client since moving dates and projects can be affected on too many levels- bad weather, lease issues, decision not to move after all, you found cheap movers in Los Angeles and decided to use them instead etc. 

Reservation usually requires a certain amount of the deposit, and the deposit fee varies from company to company. Some residential movers have a completely free scheduling policy, and some have penalties for cancellation. 

So here are the things that you should be aware of when it comes to scheduling process:

  • What is the amount of the deposit?
  • Is it being refunded or applied towards the total bill for the move?
  • What is their rescheduling policy?
  • Do they have fees for last minute reschedules?
  • What are the rules related to cancellation?
  • Do they keep the deposit If you cancel?
  • Do they charge additional fees for last minute cancellation?

There are many more questions, but these are the most important ones and the answers to these questions will shed light on every doubt that you have regarding this part of the contract.

Tip No7

Ask about hidden fees!

No one wants to be surprised on their moving date when they see a final receipt for the move and stay in shock because the company added some “fees” by choice, like a Double Drive Time Fee. There is a way to avoid all of that If you ask the right questions and inform yourself about moving and what are the usual charges that sales representatives fail to mention, but you find out about them on your moving bill. 

Fees related to mileage

This is by far the most frequent fee that just pops up out of nowhere! If your move is facing a larger distance, don’t forget to go over the details related to mileage and its costs with your relocation specialist. The best reassurance that you can have is if you request everything written in the email and/or contract so you can have written proof of it.

Fees for stairs

Your move includes stairs? A few flights or more? It is very possible that you will need to pay extra for the service of heavy lifting up/ down the stairs with no elevator to be used. Cheap movers in LA will handle your move for sure, some won’t charge a penny! But there are the ones who will be a hit to your pocket if you don’t get informed.

Fees for special handling

Special handling is something that is required for the items that are out of the ordinary, such as pianos, treadmills, pool tables, heavy and odd shaped objects etc. A lot of local movers have flat fees for these situations, and it is familiar that not all of you are always informed about them. Try to be one step ahead!

These are the most frequent ones, and even If we wanted to mention them all, this would turn into a novel! For all the possible red flags, you will feel them and recognize them if you just go over the most important facts and scenarios considering your move.

Tip No8

Research and attitude!

One to circle them all! If you stay on top of the game, this will be an easy project for you. First rule is to inform yourself about the moving companies, the market, the whole project and to determine your needs- research! 

Second rule is to present an attitude of a person that is well- informed and experienced because that will save you a lot of trouble while negotiating. You will get a good deal, and hiring movers won’t be a headache since they will be straight forward and ready to solve any problem that can occur.

Our team can’t promise you a perfect move, because we don’t make impossible promises, but we can promise that we will do our best in order to make that happen. Reach out for a quote and our sales representative will walk you through the quote and reassure you that great customer service is one thing that is far more important than the price itself. 

In the moving industry confidence and trust are the best reassurance for the clients, and that is what we are relying on- one well- organized team that puts clients’ needs on top of everything else. Quality service and moving professionals will have you taken care of every step along the way.

We hope that you enjoyed the ride and wish you a smooth move!

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