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The Ultimate Packing List for Moving Every Angeleno Should Follow

Moving is no walk in the park – that’s a well-known fact. There’s so much to do and so little time. How do you make sure you don’t overlook something and forget the stuff you need? The easiest answer – make a packing list. Even though it sounds too simple to be helpful, you will be surprised to see what kind of difference can be made when following our guide to packing for a move – your preparations will be way easier than expected.

Is there a particular order for wrapping up your household items? Yes, there most definitely is. You can’t approach this task without a plan in mind. We are here to help you make that plan and show you how to best wrap everything you own for your upcoming move in one of the beautiful Los Angeles neighborhoods.

Why Is Making a Packing List One of the Smartest Things You Can Do While Preparing for a Move?

The best way to handle your moving stress is to write a checklist and stick to it – you will quickly realize that this will help you move efficiently. Why is that? Well, it is no secret that you have a lot to do before you settle in your new home in the best suburb of Los Angeles. Having a piece of paper to check off stuff you have already done will motivate you to continue and ensure that you don’t overlook the most commonly forgotten things to pack. Never underestimate the power of such an easy moving hack as a well-written checklist, especially if you’re moving with pets and kids.

It Is Easier to Make One Packing Checklist for Each Room in the House

Whether you’re writing a list on paper or typing it into your phone, it will be pretty confusing if you write everything on one lengthy checklist. You for sure have plenty of belongings in your house. Let us offer you one of our moving tips – you need to divide the checklist into a few shorter lists. That will be neater and easier for you to follow. So, how to divide the checklist? At least from our experience, the most efficient way is to have a separate checklist for every room in your home. Additionally, you will want to have an expenses checklist to keep track of your spendings – they are easy to lose track of.

Person writing in the notebook, croissant, and a coffee
Checklists are crucial for an efficient move, and you should have one for each room

Decluttering Is an Unavoidable Step Before Starting to Pack Household Items

It’s one of those things we want to avoid forever – the decluttering of the whole house. Yes, we know that it’s stressful and it will take a while, but trust us when we say that you will be grateful that you did this. It’s practically impossible to move everything you own, especially if you haven’t decluttered stuff in years. However, keep in mind that this task is so much more than just getting rid of items movers won’t move. It’s important to think practically about the move and be less sentimental when throwing out things you no longer need.

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Donating Your Belongings Is One of the Ways to Declutter

If you have stuff in good condition, you can donate it to one of many charities in Los Angeles, especially if you’re moving in a hurry and don’t have time to sell it. People usually donate clothing, furniture, food, household stuff, toys, and hygiene products. See what you can part ways with and visit one of the following donation sites in LA:

  • Goodwill Southern California Donation Center,
  • The Salvation Army Family Store & Donation Center,
  • A Sense of Home,
  • Los Angeles Mission,
  • Pickup Please.
Woman looking at the laptop,
Donating stuff is a lovely way to brighten someone's day and declutter at the same time

Make Sure You Buy Proper Moving Supplies – You Can’t Do Much Without Them

One of the first tasks on your moving to-do list is buying adequate supplies. Of course, it is wise to do this after you’ve decluttered, so you can estimate how many boxes you’ll need to use. Buying quality supplies is especially important if you have plenty of fragile items that can easily break during transportation – think about how hard it will be to pack dishes.

You Can’t Pack Anything Without These Supplies

Before you start planning your moving away party, we suggest you jump to the local supply store and get yourself proper materials. You’ll use them no matter how short the distance to your new Los Angeles neighborhood is. Here’s what you require for wrapping everything safely like a professional Los Angeles movers would:

  • Moving boxes (small, medium, and large),
  • Bubble wrap,
  • Tape and tape gun
  • Permanent markers,
  • Clean paper,
  • Plastic wrap,
  • Moving blankets,
  • Styrofoam peanuts,
  • Dolly.
Boxes, plants, and a couch in the living room
If you want your stuff to be packed and moved safely, you should use proper supplies

Let’s Get Started – Here’s Where to Begin Wrapping

Now that you have all the supplies you need, you can start wrapping your things. We suggest you start one month before the big move to your new place in the safest neighborhood in Los Angeles. That will allow you to work without pressure and give yourself little breaks – you can take walks in some of the parks in Los Angeles to relax or research Los Angeles renters’ rights. So, what should you handle first amongst many things to do before moving? The most important thing to know is that you should start to wrap non-essential stuff before heading to the essential ones.

What Belongings Are Considered Non-Essential?

Non-essential is anything that you can survive without for a few weeks until your move is over. That would be stuff from your garage or attic and basically anything you’re not using daily. You can store Christmas ornaments or clear out your shelves once you’ve figured out how to pack books. Also, be sure to wrap up your paintings and other house decors, like mirrors and vases. Don’t rush – that is never the answer. Frequent breaks will improve your productivity.

Man putting books in the box, the woman behind him holding books
Wrapping your books should be one of the first tasks on your checklist

Clothes and Shoes Can Be Packed Weeks Before the Move

You can pack shoes and clothing two or three weeks in advance of the moving day. But, keep in mind that you will still have to wear something until you unpack every box in your new, affordable place to live in Los Angeles. So, leave something comfortable out of the box, and start to pack clothes you won’t be wearing in the following days.

Consider Organizing a Garage Sale If You Have Way Too Much Clothing

Just as with other belongings, you will have to declutter your clothing collection. We believe you have plenty in your wardrobe, but not all of it deserves a spot in your new house. It can be hard to part ways with some pieces, but you should stay tough. Stuff you no longer use can be sold – organizing a garage sale is a simple way to get rid of excess clothes since this stuff sells quickly. Just keep in mind that there are some guidelines you should follow, like organizing a sale during the weekend or not overpricing articles you sell. Also, you must adequately advertise your event – not just on social media but on specialized websites such as Garage Sale Finder. Check out additional tips for organizing a garage sale in the video below.

Next Up – Your Living Room Furniture and Electronics

Furniture seems like demanding stuff to wrap, but worry not – if you know how to wrap furniture properly, it will go smoothly. The critical thing when covering furniture is that you use suitable materials. Let’s see how to approach this demanding task.

  • Moving blankets are perfect for protecting furniture, and you can also cover some belongings with plastic wrap if that seems better to you. We suggest you hire professional movers in Los Angeles to handle moving large stuff such as furniture. That way, you’re safe from any possible injuries from carrying hefty objects.
  • Decorations – Empty all the shelves and pack your decorations. From coffee table books to candles, vases, and even cushions, you’ll want to take out all that first before you start handling the furniture and other bulkier pieces.
  • Electronics – Your living room is probably packed with all sorts of electronics, and you will have to wrap them all carefully. Not many things are as susceptible to damage as screens, so pay full attention to the way you wrap electronics if you don’t wish to shop for a new TV after the move is over. It would simply be easier to wrap a TV properly, wouldn’t you agree? Spoiler alert: you will require a lot of bubble wrap.
  • Furniture – Once everything is cleared, wrap the furniture from your living room, and after that, head to the bedroom – try to leave your bed unpacked for as long as you can.
Living room with a sofa, chair, coffee table, and a large plant
Furniture is pretty heavy - you can hire LA moving company to assist you with the move

Wrapping Up the Kitchen Might Take a Bit of Time

Your kitchen has countless dishes stored, not to mention the appliances. Wrapping all that will require a lot of energy, and you can’t expect to be done in an hour or two. However, this will all be easier if you follow our guide below:

  • Dishes – First things first, you have to take care of all the fragile items, but you surely can’t move dirty plates or glasses – if you leave them unpacked for a few days (which could easily happen), the packages will start to smell, plus you’ll have plenty to wash after the move, and that’s something you want to avoid at all costs. It will be an annoyance to wash dishes such as pots and pans after the move, trust us. Better handle it all now that you are still full of energy and enthusiastic about living in downtown LA.
  • Appliances – Not only you can’t wrap plates if they are stained, but you also shouldn’t move a dirty microwave or a toaster. Ensure that you have cleaned all small appliances properly, and remember to wrap and tape the cords around them for easier transport. The same goes for the fridge and freezer. Whether you will move them with you or not, you should clean them and defrost the freezer as well.
  • Furniture – If you’re relocating your cabinets, table, and chairs, you might have to do a bit of disassembling first, so it is better to have everything else packed up already so you don’t accidentally break something.

How Do You Wrap Dishes?

Wrapping dishes is one of the most demanding relocation tasks. How to ensure nothing breaks? If you know the basics of wrapping breakable things, it won’t be so hard on you. That’s why we have made you a quick guide for this terrifying task. Since they are easily broken, dishes must be wrapped carefully in clean paper and vertically stacked in the moving box. Never wrap them in the newspaper – it will stain them, maybe permanently.

Keep in mind that the residual space in the boxes is your number one enemy, as it allows stuff to tumble around during the ride on the truck. The more tumbling, the bigger the chances of breakage. Styrofoam peanuts are not something to save money on when moving. They are the obvious solution for filling the residual space. Of course, you can put other materials if you prefer (papers, for example). Try not to overpack boxes. Otherwise, they can easily fall open when lifted off the ground. In that case, shopping for dishes will be one of the things to do after moving, and we are confident you wouldn’t wish to visit the best mall in California to shop for kitchenware because you didn’t know how to wrap glasses correctly.

Plane view of the plates, glasses, and cutlery
Carefully wrap your dishes, so you can continue using them right after the move

The Bathroom Should Be Left for Last

There’s not much to take with you from here, however, do not think that you’ll be done with this room quickly because you do not have much to wrap – you still have to clean the bathroom.  Here’s the checklist of your tasks:

  • Hygiene products – If they are almost empty, you can throw them away – they will only be eating up space, and they are easily replaceable. We must emphasize that you should leave some basic stuff such as toothpaste and toothbrush unpacked, as they will be placed into the essentials bag. That way, you will have them at hand whenever you require them.
  • Shower curtain – Many people forget to do this. If you think it would be better to buy a new one after the move, throw this one away – do not leave it for the new tenants.
  • Cleaning products – You might rush to pack all your bathroom cleaning supplies first, but do not forget that once everything is packed, you will have to do one final cleaning. Pay attention to the tub, sinks, and tiles – they must be shiny. Also, some of these things might be on the list of items movers in Los Angeles can’t move, so dispose of them on time.
Two ceramic sinks, mirror, shower, tub, and a toilet
Besides wrapping up stuff from the bathroom, you have some cleaning to do

Pro Tip – Prepare an Essentials Bag for the Moving Day

It is always wise to prepare a backpack where you will put some of the essential belongings. This bag will come in handy during the long moving day – it should contain stuff you require to get through the day.

  • Snacks and water bottles. You will require that, trust us. Relocations are exhausting, even if you have a team of Los Angeles movers by your side.
  • Valuable documentation. We hope you have organized important documents before your move.
  • Your pet’s essentials, if you have one. Also, we suggest you have some snacks for your furry friends – they will have a stressful day as well.
  • Chargers and laptops should be on you.
  • Valuable belongings such as expensive jewelry are also better carried in a backpack.
  • Some cash to tip your Los Angeles movers.
Girl carrying a pink backpack and a coffee
Carry a comfortable backpack with valuable possessions on you during the moving day

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