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1. When to call the movers?

There are different types of customers sometimes clients will call local movers a month before their prefered moving date, sometimes they will call the same day they want to move. It all depends on a person. If you have a specific date in mind, the sooner you call, the better. No moving company has unlimited available spots for the same day jobs or even for the jobs for tomorrow. You don't want to get some local moving company that you don't know anything about just because you called them too late. Give yourself enough time to do the research. Our advice is to call the movers as soon as you know that you want to relocate. That way you will have time for gathering information, comparing the prices and services in order to find the perfect local movers for your move.

2. Can movers take apart furniture?

This depends on a moving company. Most of the local movers provide service of disassembling and assembling free of charge. Sales representative who is your main point of contact once you call your preferred movers will probably explain what is included in the rate and what kind of service their moving company can offer. If they donu2019t mention anything about it, feel free to ask. Every five star rated moving company should have this as a part of their service. If you hire All in moving services, you will get a crew of professional movers with tools who will take care of disassembly and assembly for you.

3. Will movers pack for you?

Every professional moving company has employees that are trained movers and packers. Usually, this is not a part of a standard service that local movers are offering, but it is available per your request. What you should definitely check with your professional movers is if they charge full pack service additionally. Ask them if they charge for packing boxes or that is included in the price. If you already have some boxes u2013 check with your sales agent if packers can use those. Usually moving companies are using the best quality packing material, so it might be a bit more expensive to use their packing supplies, than to buy some in Home Depot, but their boxes are worth it. Packing service is perfect for those that are moving for the first time, because you will have a team of professional packers taking care of your belongings and you will be sure that nothing will get damaged.

4. Which packers and movers are good?

Quality of packers and movers depends on what you are looking for. If you are looking for cheap movers in Los Angeles, you can easily find a moving company that will charge you a very low price for relocation, but what about quality? Or you can find a five star rated company that is way out of your budget. We believe that the key for good movers and packers is balance, someone who is good rated online (Yelp, Google, Angie's list etc) and whose price is not going to rip you off. When we talk about good rated local movers that is someone who has at least four stars or move. Price always depends on services they offer. Carefully listen to the sales representative what is included and what is not included in the price. Sometimes, when some moving company is offering a very low price, there might be some additional charges for gas, fuel or service. Don't be shy and don't hesitate to ask them whatever is not clear. And if someone doesn't feel right, you should skip. Trust your instincts.

5. Why target new movers?

You moved a dozen times so far with the same moving company and now you think you should change them. If you are looking to change the moving company just so you can try someone else, that is ok, just make sure to do your research properly. You don't want to have half of your household ruined just for the experiment. You should target new movers if your old movers were rude to you, if they made a damage on your property/furniture and never answered your call when you wanted to file a claim. Also, if you just found out that your old local moving company is not licenced or insured.

6. Where to buy movers insurance?

Every licenced moving company is also insured. Basic coverage insurance is offered by every local moving company. If this is not the case, you might want to reconsider your decision to make a reservation with them. If you would like to have third party insurance, first check with your movers if that is ok with them. Local moving companies canu2019t sell you the insurance, but they might have someone to recommend.

7. How many movers do I need?

Number of movers is something that depends on the size of your move. As you can imagine, it is not the same when you are moving to a studio apartment and four bedroom house. Also, if you have some tricky heavy items, they might require more movers than you think. Your number one priority should be safety of your items, so if your local movers recommend a certain number of movers, you should trust them. If you donu2019t trust your moving company to advise you on the number of movers, it might be a sign that that is not the right professional moving company for you.

8. What movers won't move?

Every local moving company has its own policy on what they are moving and what not. If your movers are professional and trustworthy, they will be open about it. The worst case scenario is that you tell the movers what you would like to move and find out on your moving day they can't. Communication is very important when you are scheduling your move. You should be transparent about the size of your move, stairs, heavy items, any time restrictions you might have etc if you want to have a five star service. Usually moving companies can't move anything extremely heavy, fragile or flammable. Also, no moving company will transport your pets in their moving trucks. Everything should be in your booking confirmation or agreement, and if you are uncertain if something can be moved and it's not written there, check with your movers.

9. Movers who move small loads?

Professional movers can do any job, whether small or big. When it comes to small loads, the biggest concern that any customer might have is the budget. Every moving company has its own policy when it comes to charging for the move. 3 hour minimum is something that is common and that is why not every customer that has a small job is ready to pay. Again, safety should be your top priority when it comes to moving, so donu2019t hire someone just because it fits your budget. Sometimes, paying less will end up costing way more than you planned.

10. Are movers supposed to be tipped?

When it comes to tipping movers, it is pretty much the same procedure like going to the restaurant, if you like the service, you are going to leave the tip. Licenced moving companies have their own employees who are getting paychecks, so tips are not mandatory. You should do how you feel at that moment. Why wouldnu2019t you tip the movers if they just performed a five star service? On the other hand, if you are not satisfied with the service, you shouldnu2019t feel obligated to pay even more money than you should. The other question that is raised often is how much should you tip the movers and that is again something that you should decide based on your personal feelings and budget.