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When deciding to move to one of the top neighborhoods in LA, look up and contact professional Los Feliz movers to assist you. The right team will cover everything from packing to various relocation options, all of which will make the process less complicated and stress-free. It will also free up your schedule, so you can explore everything your new neighborhood has to offer.

What’s So Great About This LA Neighborhood

If you’re wondering where to live in Los Angeles, consider relocating to Los Feliz. Located between Hollywood neighborhoods in the south and west and the Griffith Park and Observatory in the north, the community offers many opportunities while still being affordable.

Renting in the Neighborhood Is Quite Affordable for LA

You don’t need a Los Angeles neighborhood guide to know that this is one of the better places to live in the city. If we look at the cost of living, according to AreaVibes, the neighborhood is about 26% more expensive than LA overall. The difference is based on the housing prices, as the median home price of $740,700 is around 50% higher than the city median of $496,000. While this may seem expensive, it’s a lot cheaper than living in Beverly Hills. Plus, the average rent of $1,400 is quite affordable for LA, which explains why over 75% of residents chose to rent a place.

Residents Are Highly Educated and Earn a Lot More on Average

Locals are earning substantially more than the average LA residents. The income per capita of $54,300 is 80% higher than the city’s $29,900. With a median household income of $76,700, an average home in the neighborhood earns around 50% more than the LA average of $51,500.

Residents are also more likely to be highly educated. Around 93% graduated from high school, while over 61% of residents have a bachelor’s degree, which almost doubles the city’s 32.5%. The percentage of people who have completed a master’s degree is 22%, which is, once again, double the city numbers (11%).

Los Feliz Offers Some Great Activities for Young Adults and Singles

Just like LA itself, the neighborhood provides its residents with numerous things to do each day. Furthermore, with Downtown being only a few bus stops away, this is one of the best places to live in Los Angeles for singles. If you’re looking for some activities nearby, check out these next few exciting spots:

  • Explore Griffith Park and Observatory – You can go on one of the best hikes in LA just north of the neighborhood. The area offers some incredible views, making it a great place to have a late-night romantic date. While you’re in the area, don’t forget to stop by the Hollywood Sign.
  • Stop by the Hollyhock House – If you’re interested in visiting some museums in LA, stop by this Mayan-inspired architectural wonder. Located in Barnsdall Art Park, the house is the first modern American achievement recognized on the World Heritage List.
  • Go shopping at the Americana and Brand – Looking for the best mall in California? Just northeast of the neighborhood, this Glendale complex provides numerous entertainment, shopping, and dining options.

Why Hire a Los Angeles Moving Company?

Even local moves take a lot of time to prepare. To minimize the chances of experiencing moving stress, contact some professional movers in Los Angeles to help you out. Los Angeles moving companies provide various services that will make the whole relocation process substantially more comfortable. With All In Moving by your side, your move will be done in no time.

Our Los Feliz Movers Are Licensed to Provide Many Services

Depending on the nature of your move, our company offers a few different moving services in Los Angeles:

  • Residential Moves – Need to relocate to a new home? While you may be tempted to get some cheap movers in Los Angeles, they usually don’t have the experience or may even be scamming you by giving low early estimates, only to raise the costs later. Top-notch professional service isn’t hard to find though, just hire our movers in Los Feliz, and you’ll be set.
  • Commercial Relocations – If you’re a business owner who needs to move their offices quickly, our commercial service is here to help you resume your work in record time.
  • Packing – One of the essential services, packing usually takes weeks, if not months, to complete when DIY. By getting packing services from our local movers in Los Angeles, you’ll free up your schedule and leave all your belongings in the best care possible.
  • Storage moving – Got any household items waiting for you in a storage unit? Whether you want to put some belongings in storage or get them out of there, we’ve got your back.

Already Have a Moving Truck? Get Our Labor Service

When you already have a transportation unit, but you need somebody to help you load all the furniture and other heavy items, our Los Angeles movers are here to provide an excellent labor service. All you have to do is sit back and relax and let us do all the heavy lifting. Just remember that there are some items movers won’t move, like explosives and toxic materials, and you’ll need to deal with them accordingly.

What Makes All In Moving One of the Moving Companies in Los Angeles?

Our LA moving company has expanded substantially since we started as a family business more than two decades ago. With budget-friendly rates and high-quality services, we aim to be the top local moving company in Los Angeles. We also provide basic-coverage insurance, so if any damage occurs during the move, we’ll cover the expenses.

Get a Free Quote From the Best Movers in Los Angeles

Our schedule can get pretty crowded during peak relocation season, so remember to book a move as soon as you find your new home or office space. If you have any questions, contact our local representative. Get a free quote and start planning your move today.