Montebello, or in Spanish or Italian, a beautiful mountain is located 8 miles east of downtown Los Angeles. The city is known for its oil reserves. Montebello is a city of diversities for sure, from different people and culture, all intertwined. Northern side of the city it is very clean and family friendly. There are nice parks where you can jog or just go for a walk. Golf course in the city is amazing! Overall neighborhood is very friendly and welcoming. Everyone is more than glad to give you a hand when needed. People are very involved in the community. Not only people, but local businesses as well. Schools in the area are very good and there are plenty of activities for kids after school, so if you are a busy parent, you will be grateful that your kid will be safe and entertained. The best part – Disneyland is just 20 minutes away.

You can find a nice mall in Montebello, as well as a few good restaurants. This city is not packed with restaurants, so if you like diverse food, you might go to LA which is just 8 miles apart from your neighborhood. It is not too far from the beaches either. Everything is closeby in this lovely small town. Transportation is very easy to use. Overall, this city is safe, but there are some areas that you would like to avoid. The average home price is $500,000 to $800,000 . The real estate market is strong, not too many homes for sale and many homeowners have 20 to 30 percent equity in their homes.

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