DIY Move vs Hiring Professional Movers

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Are you planning to move? The first question that usually comes to your mind is ‘How should I move?’. We believe that the first choice that needs to be made is exactly that – whether you will move on your own or if you will hire pro movers. Sounds logical, right? The entire move organization will depend on this! That is why choosing between the two options truly is the first step you should take before any other plans are made. 

There are also options that stand somewhere in between. What we mean by that is that some people decide to collaborate with professionals from the moving industry. They can basically  decide to only rent trucks and then move items themselves, or rent trucks on their own and hire labor only movers. According to the official data, most people in America in the past year decided to do exactly that. The past year has been specific in many ways, and we believe it affected the way we move as well. 

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Still, what would be the best option for you depends on many details. We will try to help you by sorting out some of the most important features of the move. We will try to paint a clearer picture by listing the most important things you need to consider when trying to decide if you will have a DIY move or hire pro movers.


Budget planning is for sure one of the characteristics that influence the entire move organization. We all try to get the best possible outcomes moneywise, moves included!

We at All In Moving Services believe that ‘Surprises are for birthdays, not for moves’! Ever since one of our dedicated representatives noticed this, we often use it as we truly think that surprises are not welcomed, especially when it comes to money. That is why it is important to carefully think the costs through before you decide on the type of the move you want to have.

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DIY moves are usually budget friendly

The expenses for organizing the move by yourself are usually not that high in comparison to hiring professional movers. The items that will end up being the most expensive ones you need to invest in are packing materials that you find necessary – some boxes, maybe some wrapping material or floor protectors. There are also the fuel expenses if you are driving the items yourself. If your vehicle is simply a regular car, you can expect to have multiple trips in order to move everything.

If you have the renting option, that will increase the price, but it will on the other side probably have more loading space then the car. This variation that includes renting a vehicle is not completely DIY move anymore, but it still has more characteristics of DIY than professional move.   

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Hiring pro movers is considered to be the most expensive option

We think it doesn’t need to be as costly as it is often considered to be. The benefits of paying a bit more for getting much more are worth it! Not to mention there are many affordable movers you can hire (we humbly include ourselves to that list 🙂 ). All you need to do is make sure to understand the pricing of the company you are hiring. It is extremely important to collect all the information on what the regular price includes and if there are any additional expenses. 

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Keep in mind that the cost to hire movers can vary depending on the season of the year, day of the week or holidays, as different companies have different policies. Also, some companies make a price difference when you decide to hire only movers versus movers and packers. 

Lead vs coordinate when hiring pro movers

How does it sound to you? Would you rather be a leader or a coordinator during your move? The answer might help you assess which option suits you better! 

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Doing a move on your own means that you accept the role of a leader. You will probably have some help from your family members, friends or neighbors but it definitely means that you will be the one in charge. You are the one that needs to think of every single detail: make the lists, pack, rearrange, carry, load.. And make sure to monitor how everyone else is doing almost all the time.

The list goes on!

Even though this truly sounds stressful, not everyone has that perception. Some people have excellent organizational skills, enjoy being in charge and have control and for them this type of move doesn’t really sound stressful. Or at least, it is less stressful than the idea of having other people responsible for such an important task. Some simply enjoy a DIY moving experience as they have fun in the company of their loved ones, and no one can argue that this is the biggest benefit of such a process!


For those who don’t really feel charmed by the description – coordination might sound better! This is the role the customer will most probably take when deciding to hire pro movers. Hiring professionals means that on the day of the move all they need to do is open the door for the crew and make sure to check that everything was moved at the end. Their checklist is almost incomparably shorter and easier to follow. As previously mentioned, the cost of this type of move might be a bit higher, but this stress free experience is worth every penny!  

The only significant part that those have in common is to schedule the necessary appointments upfront. Most commonly, these appointments are elevator reservations, possible insurance requirements from HOA or other specific requests they might have, or other professional appointments such as floor cleaning, or wall painting. As those are made prior to the move, on the move day you should only monitor that everything goes as previously planned. 

Skill level

The last but not the least is skill. In everyday life, we often come across the feeling that we are the experts for our own matters. We sometimes get demanted, but we still trust ourselves best.
One of the most important things in our life are our belongings. The items we own express our taste, status, and passion. That is why it’s reasonable to think that we are the ones capable of keeping our belongings safe better than anyone. Same can be applied when we decide to move our items.

Their sentimental or actual financial value might be so high that we decide we would rather handle them ourselves even if we are risking their safety. We do understand this way of thinking, as we are sure that everyone has at least that one piece they simply don’t trust other people with.

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Remember, pro movers are more experienced than you

Professional movers and packers are experts in what they do. They are handling all sorts of items everyday and they perfectly know how to protect and move them safely. The techniques they use to move heavy items are exquisite, and it is not that probable that people with no such experience would be able to perform similar actions in a similar way.

Not to mention that special equipment that is sometimes necessary requires a certain amount of strength and skill not everyone naturally has. It is important to have in mind that most house movers have some limitations when it comes to some delicate items, such as excessively heavy ones or the items that aren’t the usual pieces in a household. This is why it’s of utmost importance to inform the company about those items upfront.

Instead of a conclusion…

After considering these three steps thoroughly, whichever option you decide to go with is the right choice for what you need at this moment. If you do decide to hire professional movers in Los Angeles, we invite you to check our website and obtain a free quote for your upcoming move. The years of experience, our status and the words of mouth of our customers are our biggest accomplishments.