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Are you looking to move to one of the wealthiest neighborhoods in LA? To save time and make the whole process more accessible, contact some reputable Brentwood movers. While you get to know your new home better, these can provide any service you may need for your relocation. Now, let’s see what makes this neighborhood an attractive place to live in.

Brentwood’s Amenities Make It a Great Place to Live In

Brentwood is one of the upscale neighborhoods on the Westside. While it’s not one of the most affordable suburbs of Los Angeles, it provides its residents with numerous amenities. These include a very low crime occurrence, a great education system, some of the better parks in Los Angeles, excellent museums, and more. Here’s everything you need to know about life in this neighborhood.

Brentwood’s Residents Enjoy a High Living Standard

One of the things that stands out the most is the income in the neighborhood. According to AreaVibes, Brentwood’s residents earn $107,000 per year, 257% higher than the LA average of $30,000. Median household income is also substantially higher, around 227%, at $168,500 ($51,500 in LA). The unemployment rate in the neighborhood is about 20% lower compared to the US.

Larger paychecks are required if you’re planning on living here since the housing prices are far higher than an average place in LA. The median home price of $1,628,500 is more than three times LA’s $496,000. Consider employing a real estate agent in Los Angeles when buying a home here.

Rent is a lot more affordable, averaging at about $1,900. Despite this, over 68% of residents are homeowners, a completely opposite situation to LA overall, where 63.5% of people rent. This might suggest that most of the locals are quite successful. If you decide to lease a place, get acquainted with Los Angeles renters’ rights.

Living Here Provides Many Amenities

When looking where to live in Los Angels, start with a place that offers plenty of amenities. Numerous things make this neighborhood a great place to live:

  • Significantly lower crime rates make it one of the safest neighborhoods in Los Angeles. The numbers are lower for both violent and property crimes, with the former being about 74% lower than the national average.
  • With Santa Monica being just southwest from here, you’ll be close to one of the best beaches in Los Angeles if you move here.
  • Highly-rated schools make the neighborhood an excellent choice for families. Students’ scores are 73% better than in the nation overall, and about 97.6% of locals finish high school. Furthermore, over 79% of residents have a bachelor’s degree.

Grab a Bite at One of These Restaurants

Whether you’re looking to grab a bite at a restaurant, have a few drinks, or taste some fantastic desserts, here are a few exciting establishments you should stop by:

  • Start your mornings in Caffe Luxxe by getting some fresh pastries and top-tier coffee.
  • Hotel Angeleno’s West Restaurant and Lounge provide a great happy hour every day from 4-7 pm. Sip some signature cocktails for just $7, or try some beer and wine for $4.
  • Farmshop serves imaginative dishes made from the highest quality ingredients raised in California. Make an order to-go, and you’ll have everything you need for a great picnic.
  • The acclaimed Tavern serves a tasty seasonal menu that even attracted former President Obama at one point. The restaurant’s setting is gorgeous, with soft hues and a high-ceiling atrium.
  • Try out some of the 100 varieties of chocolate made in-house at Compartes Chocolatier.

Explore Some Historic Sites and Museums

If you’re a history buff looking to explore some famous spots in the neighborhood, stop by these next few places:

  • Getty Center – Located on a 24-acre campus overlooking the city, this cultural wonder is renowned for its art collection.
  • The Nesbitt House – This 3,400 square-foot architectural masterpiece was recently restored and renovated before being sold for over $7 million.
  • Noah’s Ark – Dedicated to exploring Jewish culture and heritage and American ideals of democracy, the Skirball Culture Center uses various media in its educational programs.

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Packing Is an Essential Part of Every Relocation

One of the essential services you can get from a LA moving company is packing. Even if you make a moving to-do list, packing all the items by yourself will take way too long. Finding reputable Los Angeles is crucial if you don’t want to spend weeks, if not months, wrapping all your belongings. Remember that there are also items movers won’t move, like flammables, explosives, and toxic substances.

Don’t Worry About Navigating LA’s Neighborhoods, Get a Free Quote and Hire Some Professionals

You don’t have to burden yourself with learning all the steps and moves of going around LA’s neighborhoods. With one of the top Los Angeles moving companies by your side, you’re going to have a much more comfortable relocation experience. Grab your free quote and start planning your move today.