Where to Buy Boxes in LA When Moving

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Written by: Blake Shaw

If you are moving within the Los Angeles area, we know how difficult it might be to find where to buy boxes in Los Angeles when moving. You need to get ready for a local move and you are making plans for packing and moving. But, it can be really tough to estimate how costly your move will turn out to be, so we understand if you want to save some money on moving boxes.

So, before you start the packing marathon, do your research in order to find something suitable for your move. Before buying boxes, try to estimate how many boxes do you actually need and start packing on time to give yourself room to purchase more boxes if needed. We created a list with useful information on where to buy moving boxes in LA for every budget.

  1. U haul

If you are looking for affordable moving boxes in the Los Angeles area, U-haul is a great place to start. They have various sizes of moving boxes and also they have the rest of the packing material available. Usually, they offer a bundle deal if you are buying more than just a few boxes. You can order boxes from them online to be delivered to your home address or you can pick them up in the store near you.

  1. Moving box delivery

If you are not in a big rush and you can wait a few days for your boxes, you can order them from Moving Box Delivery. They can even leave your boxes on a porch if you are not home. With them shipping is free, so you can save some money on that. You can also purchase a moving kit, that contains small, medium and large moving boxes, packing tape, bubble wrap, packing paper, and marker. You will find everything for your local move in one place.


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  1. Leafy Moving Boxes

If you are in search of an eco-friendly solution for your local move- Leafy Moving Boxes can rent you reusable moving boxes and moving supplies. Their rates are almost the same if you are buying regular moving boxes in Los Angeles. On their website, you can order your boxes and the rest of the packing moving materials and they will deliver them to you. Your items will be safe for sure because their boxes are not made of cardboard. The best thing – after you are done with your move, you don’t have to worry about a bunch of boxes around your home.

  1. Box City

If you are looking for a variety of sizes and materials – you will find it in Box City. They are offering a microwave, computer, TV boxes, dish packs as well as regular cardboard moving boxes. Whatever you need for your move, you will probably find it here.

  1. Save-On Boxes

If you are in need of help with packing odd-sized items – Save-On Boxes is specialized in that. They sell moving boxes in Los Angeles and in their offer you will find many different sizes.

  1. Walmart

Probably the easiest and the most common place for buying moving boxes in Los Angeles is Walmart. In Walmart you will find few different brands of moving boxes and different price ranges, so you can see what works the best for you. They also sell the moving kits, so maybe that is an even better deal.
On their website, you can even find recommendations on how many boxes of each size you need for your move based on the number of bedrooms.

  1. Home Depot

When it comes to Home Depot, it is pretty much the same story as Walmart. Variety of boxes and prices, so everyone can find something suitable. In-Home Depot they also sell moving kits, so check that out as well. Make sure not to decide based on price only, the quality of the moving boxes is equally important.

  1. Friends/Neighbors

If you have a very strict budget for your local move, you can try getting moving boxes for free. Each successful house move leaves plenty of cardboard boxes and people usually throw them away. So, if you know somebody in your neighborhood who has recently moved, you can ask them if they have any moving boxes they won’t need anymore. Your friends or neighbors will gladly give you the packing materials since they were planning to recycle anyway. It’s even easier to ask your friends unless they live like 5 zones away from you. Make sure to inspect all the boxes before you start packing in order to protect your items from damage if they are ripped.

  1. Your moving company

If you scheduled a move with a professional local moving company, they can help you when it comes to buying moving boxes and even help you with packing. Buying boxes for your move from a moving company might be pricier, but they are using quality packing material, so it’s worth it to invest if you have valuable miscellaneous items that you want to protect and ensure they are moved in one piece. Ask your local movers how much they charge for boxes and decide if it fits your budget. The only downside of getting moving boxes from a moving company is that they can deliver those on your moving day, not before that. That is why we would recommend packing service with them as well. Also, you don’t have to think about the number of boxes, because they will definitely have enough for your move if they are doing your packing as well. Usually, local moving companies don’t have an extra fee for packing, you are just responsible for buying boxes.

  1. Online

A great place to find the boxes if you are moving on a budget is the Internet. Notable sites when you are searching for the moving boxes are Freecycle and Craigslist. On these websites, you might even find moving boxes for free and you need to pay just a shipping cost. On Freecycle, you can find all types of no longer wanted items completely free of charge. When it comes to Craigslist, we don’t need to explain it further. If you are buying boxes online, make sure they are actually usable and find someone in your area, otherwise, you will pay to ship more than you would pay for the boxes in a store.

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