Flat Rate or Movers By The Hour? Pros and Cons

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Moving usually means having to plan and organize your entire relocation process. Of course, doing this will mean that you will have a successful and positive relocation experience. However, many factors will determine how well our relocation process really is. One of those factors is choosing whether to hire movers by the hour or flat movers. One thing is certain, hiring professional local movers, like All In Moving, is a huge boost to the relocation process.

However, choosing whether to hire flat-rate movers vs movers by the hour can play a vital role in your process. Consequently, your choice of professional movers can help you lower the moving expenses and have an, overall, positive relocation experience. It might seem like a simple choice, but on the other hand, it is far more than that. Hence, today, we help you choose the right type of packers and movers for your relocation. Also, read our TIPS for hiring Los Angeles movers.

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Movers by the Hour

Movers by the hour work assuming that their help will quicken your moving process. But these contracts can quickly turn into massive financial headaches. In the above scenario, you run over time with your moving process. You have been in the house with the movers by the hour and you know they have been working as hard as they can. Nonetheless, you are several hours past your budgeted time and payment. Now, you have to pay the movers by the hour almost 50 percent more than originally planned.

As high as 80% of all moves are based on an hourly structure and this is especially true if it is a local move. The price that is charged per hour will usually vary and also the time of year and day of the actual move will also affect the price as well. Hourly rate moves also come with a drive time charge so the clock starts whenever the driver calls to confirm they are on their way. However, movers by the hour can say they will arrive in 30 minutes and this 30 min can turn into much more when considering traffic, so planning a move for later in the day can help you cut down on that time.

Hiring movers by the hour can be a great choice!

The Pros of Movers by The Hour

  • This type of service works best when you move locally
  • When you plan to pack the house yourself, go with movers by the hour
  • Ideal for people moving to a tiny apartment or studios or clinic
  • You can estimate the price of the entire movement based on the expected hours of the entire relocation

The Cons of Movers by The Hour

  • Your move might get delayed which leads to a rise in price
  • High traffic jams can compel the movers by the hour to sit in the traffic, which ultimately increases the hours and thereby the cost of the entire shift
  • Unexpected high charges for shifting

So the good thing about the hourly rate is that you will be able to get an approximate cost even over the phone. You should be precise and honest when requesting services. You will have to say how heavy the items are, are elevators in order or stairs must be used, etc. If you are moving locally, this is generally the preferred method. You will only pay for a couple of hours to movers by the hour and still be able to get all the help you need.

And the downside of going for an hourly rate is that it is sometimes unpredictable, especially when it comes to long-distance moves. Let’s say that the moving truck with your belongings gets stuck on the border or in a traffic jam. Your bill is still getting higher hour by hour but you are not really getting any service. Other circumstances can also delay your move so you must keep this in mind because you are risking a high bill when using the hourly rate for long-distance moves.

Movers by the hour have their pros and cons!

Flat Rate Movers

The Pros

  • This kind of movers are good for long-distance moving
  • They examine the household items you want to move
  • You get the estimated price for overall shifting
  • No hidden charges
  • You avoid an expensive moving journey as you have pre-defined moving costs with you

The Cons

  • Not an ideal option if you are moving across the country
  • Sometimes professional movers will charge you unexpected costs

Local movers get that people like knowing the cost in advance. It helps them plan a budget and cut costs where necessary. When you go for a flat rate, you don’t have to worry about extra fees or look at the clock ticking.

This is your best option when you are moving to another state or another city because movers will not be rushed and you will take all the mishaps out of the equation. Also, choosing this may be beneficial to your items since the moving crew is not in a hurry so they have more time and therefore can take better care of packing and loading.

Besides being the best option for long-distance moves, this is also your best option when moving to a large household or having a lot of possessions. It is also perfect for moving in cities with a lot of traffic congestion, such as Los Angeles because you don’t want to be paying for your moving truck just waiting until the traffic gets better – a two-hour move can easily turn into a five-hour disaster when you are dealing with metropolitan areas and horrible traffic.

On the con side, planning this move requires more time and effort. You will have to schedule a visit so that professional movers would access your household items and provide a moving quote. Also, the flat rate option can be priced higher than hourly moving, and you may also have to deal with additional fees or extra charges.

Movers by the hour or flat rate movers, what is your choice?

What Is the Most Cost-Efficient Way to Move?

You have read about the cons and pros of both kinds of movers. Both the services have their advantages and disadvantages. We have explained everything based on which you can determine what type of house moving service you want to avail yourself of for your home relocation. Where do you get Los Angeles’s most reliable and authentic packers and movers? All In Moving Services should be your one-stop destination solution for all your home relocation needs.

All our professional packers and movers are certified, affordable, and trustworthy. The packers and movers are experienced in performing the home relocation services and making sure no damage is done to your household goods. Based on your home shifting requirements, you can go with movers by the hour and flat rate movers. Now you have a bucket full of information, you can move on to make a good choice for your home shift.

Make sure to hire budget-friendly movers!

What Day is Cheapest to Hire Movers?

While the most popular day to move is on a Friday, this doesn’t mean it is the best day to be moving. This was the most chosen moving day in the recent past and that is because most people can easily take off a Friday from work and they hope to have the weekend to relax after the process.

While it is tempting to move on a Friday and enjoy your new home over the weekend, you are going to be up against the challenge of finding movers by the hour with availability on that day and traffic tends to be more chaotic. After Fridays, Saturdays tend to be the most popular day to move, but it is another hard to book and you will be dealing with everybody off work and driving at the same time as you.

It turns out that the best days to move are between Monday and Thursday, despite Tuesdays being the least popular moving day. There is far less demand for movers by the hour making it a cinch to schedule your moving day, and taking the day off work to get it done will pay off in big ways.

You will likely save money hiring local movers during this strange part of the week when no one else is moving, and you will have the weekend to look forward to unpacking and getting organized before the work week. To read more about this topic, read our blog regarding it! 



When choosing a flat rate or movers by the hour, one of the biggest factors that differentiate one company from another is how a quote or final payment amount is calculated. Believe it or not, choosing the moving company that calculates their quotes one way or the other, or even a combination of the two can truly benefit you as the customer.

Think of going to a barber or hair salon. You know what style you want to pick your service, and you have multiple barbers or stylists to choose from. One offers a flat rate of $100 for shampoo, cut, color, and styles. The other stylist says they charge $25 an hour. Then the third option is to pay $25 per hour, with a three-hour minimum. Which would you choose?

There is a similar process when moving companies calculate their prices. In this blog, we have explored each type, compared and contrasted the pros and cons of each, and given our opinion on which rate type you should generally choose. 

Still can’t decide between flat rate and movers by the hour? Understanding moving costs is crucial for planning your moving budget. If you are still not sure what works better, go ahead and reach out to us. We will be more than happy to chat about your move and find the best option. All In Moving Service is at your service. Contact us and get a moving quote completely free of charge.

Happy relocation!

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