Lomita is a city in Los Angeles. The word “lomita” is Spanish word “little knoll”. The city was originally part of Rancho San Pedro, but now is a town for itself. When it comes to landmarks, Lomita Railroad Museum was opened in 1966 devoted to steam-engine locomotives that appear in different movies. Five star Comics – comic store owned by professional wrestler Rob Van Dam is also here. If you are interested in the museums, you will be glad to visit Western Museum of Flight that is also located here. There are 3 elementary schools in the area and one school that is a Japanese elementary, which makes this area perfect for young families. It is also a very safe area, with 29% lower percent of total crime rate than the US average. For sports and recreation there is Lomita Park, so you can enjoy your morning jog or afternoon picnic with your family.

If you love hiking trails and wildlife, near Lomita there is Portuguese Bend Reserve. You will love the trails here. Getting a property here is pretty affordable for those who are looking to save some money. You can find a one bedroom apartment for the price of a studio apartment in LA. There are few shopping centers in Lomita and great restaurants with a variety of offerings.

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