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If you plan to relocate to Glendale, LA, contact some professionals to assist you. Since many companies have local Glendale movers, look through their reviews, and pick a few that suit you the most. After getting some quotes and comparing prices, you can make the final decision and hire the best moving company in LA to aid you on your journey. If you choose our top-notch services, you’ll have the best relocation experience.

What Makes This Medium-Sized City One of the Best LA Suburbs

Many factors come into play when deciding where to live in Los Angeles, so making a choice isn’t always easy. If you’re looking for some of the best suburbs of Los Angeles, Glendale is the perfect place for you. It offers plenty of amenities, low violent crime rates, and it’s only 10 miles north of Downtown, which makes commuting a lot easier.

Glendale Is One of the Safest Mid-Sized Cities in the US

If you’re looking for some of the safest neighborhoods in Los Angeles, you should also consider checking out this place. According to FBI data, it experienced 45% less crime in 2019 compared to LA overall. Violent crimes occur 85% less often, which is quite a significant difference. Based on violent crime rates in mid-size cities, a 24/7 Wall Street report named this community the ninth-safest in America in 2014. Similarly, in the same year, one real estate company used the FBI crime data to study a hundred cities with populations ranging between 126,000 and 210,000 residents. The conclusion was clear, and Glendale was pronounced the safest mid-sized city in the US.

The Suburb Is Home to One of the Largest Armenian Communities in the Country

The city has one of the largest communities with Armenian ancestry in the US, with some families living in LA since the 1920s. However, it was not until the 1970s that immigration expanded significantly, which continued further into the 21st century. Today, Armenian Americans represent around 25% of Glendale’s population, many of whom manage successful businesses in the suburb or occupy high-ranking local government positions. Mexican, Filipino, Korean and Iranian minorities also have a strong presence in the area, mostly seeking a suburban way of life with low crime rates.

Numerous LA Amenities Are Only a Short Distance Away

The city is only a short distance away from Downtown and the nearby Hollywood neighborhoods, and since driving in LA is a common occurrence, you’ll never have to worry about missing the action. You don’t have to travel for too long to find some exciting things to do:

  • Visit Griffith Park and Observatory – Besides providing one of the best hikes in LA, Griffith Park is a great place to go on a romantic date. If you’re looking for free things to do in LA at night, you can also check out the nearby Hollywood Sign landmark and enjoy some fantastic views of the city and the stars.
  • Check out the Museum of Neon Art – The institution is one of the more unique museums in LA. It exclusively exhibits electric media, including historic neon signs examples and kinetic art.
  • Explore the Universal Studios Hollywood – Visit one of the oldest and most famous studious if you want to experience some Hollywood history firsthand. While it was initially planned to offer real set tours, the location became the first of Universal Studios Theme Parks. It hosted over 9 million visitors in 2017, becoming one of the most visited parks in Los Angeles and the US overall.

Look for Moving Companies in Los Angeles to Assist You With Your Move

You’re probably wondering, Why do I have to look for Los Angeles moving companies? While DIY is entirely possible, it’s unnecessarily complicated and is sure to cause you some moving stress along the way. Professional movers in Los Angeles offer various services that will make even a long move feel like a fun trip.

Our LA Moving Company Has Excellent Customer Reviews

With so many professionals on the market, finding the right local moving company in Los Angeles can be challenging. Luckily, you can do a few things to ensure your search doesn’t last too long. Reputable Los Angeles movers should have a solid track record with plenty of customer reviews to prove their business is legitimate. One such company is our very own All In Moving. We have the best movers in Los Angeles that will go to the distance to ensure you have a pleasant relocation experience.

We Offer Various Moving Services in Los Angeles, California

If you’re reading this, you probably need a professional service. Luckily, our local movers in Los Angeles are ready to provide you with a few different options:

  • Residential Moves – Relocating a home doesn’t need to be complicated. While even the cheap movers in Los Angeles will do it, you should hire the best option when relocating your household.
  • Commercial Moves – Saving time is crucial when relocating a business. Hiring an experienced professional is one of the best moves you can make, as your company won’t suffer any losses due to long downtimes.
  • Labor Services – Some people secure the means of transportation before hiring professionals. If you need someone to load the heavy furniture into a moving truck, our team is here to assist you.
  • Storage Moving – Do you have any belongings sitting in a storage unit that you’d like to bring to your new home? You can count on our storage transportation solution.

Our Los Angeles Moving Company Is Known for Excellent Packing Services

Packing is the single most important service to get if you want to cut down the time needed to prepare everything. Otherwise, you’ll need weeks or even months to secure your belongings properly. Get our professional packing services, and we will take this time-consuming task off your hands. You’ll also learn plenty of useful tips and tricks, how to secure fragile objects, how to mark your boxes, and more.

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