Tips for Decluttering Your Home Before Moving

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The moving process consists of so many different stages that most people feel stressed out just from starting to think about it. From move planning to its execution there is a lot to think about, a lot to plan and organize. The moving day is just the finishing phase of this process that starts more or less at the same moment as the idea of the move itself.

Hiring packers movers in Los Angeles is typically not a difficult task, as many companies are offering moving services. Choosing the right company for your move is, on the other side, a task that requires energy and research. Yes, hiring professional packers movers can indeed decrease the move-related stress. The reason for that is knowing that your valuable belongings will be handled by trained professionals.

But even before you sit back and relax by trusting pro movers with your items, you need to decide what are the exact items you want to carry with you. In other words, ask yourself a question “What do I want to keep and what do I want to get rid of?”. The questions such as what would be the right moment to start cleaning up and how to do it best are some questions we feel we can help you with!

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Why should you declutter for a move?

All In Moving Services is one of the most successful local moving companies in Los Angeles. Based on our rich experience, we have noticed that many customers find their move to be an opportunity to declutter. Many people decide to go through their belongings and make sure that the only ones they are moving are the ones they actually need.

In today’s society, we tend to buy a lot of things and keep them even though we might never use them. We often buy stuff we find aesthetically attractive or affordable, but that doesn’t necessarily mean we need them, or that they have a certain value. We sometimes create a special emotional bond with some items, and they become quite valuable to us, so we keep them. However, some of those things might end up being forgotten as time passes. We all have old CDs, clothes, or magazines we once found important. If these don’t have sentimental nor actual value, it might be best to say goodbye to them. 

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What to consider when decluttering?

There are many examples we can all relate to. Empty cereal boxes saved for a DIY project that will never come? Old cosmetics or medicines that expired but we forgot to throw them away? Old clothes we don’t wear anymore, but we still keep them? Absolutely relatable! But before you start to pack for your move, we highly recommend you sort out these things, and throw away those that no longer serve you. Can you imagine how much space this unnecessary stuff would take?

Even with the Los Angeles top notch movers loading the truck could be tricky. And it doesn’t matter if you are having apartment movers, office movers, commercial movers – wouldn’t it be better to load the truck with the things you actually want at your destination? Even if you are hiring labor only movers in Los Angeles or packers movers, why would you waste time and money on them packing a bunch of stuff you don’t need? All of the excitement of unpacking at your new home would be gone if you would sort these things out at the new place.

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How to start?

We would recommend you to follow the golden rule – don’t bring what you don’t use! The first step is to take a look at the specific group of items or part of the house you decided to pack and ask yourself if all of them are important enough to be part of your new Los Angeles home. There is no need to bring some items that are broken or don’t seem to work like they used to, especially if you have already found the replacement.

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It seems that most people have a lot of kitchenware pieces they often replace, but still keep the old ones. For example, the mug you’ve chipped a while ago but it is still among kitchenware, or an electric kettle you’ve already replaced but decided to keep this one just in case. 

Worn-out clothes, pale-colored, socks without their pair – sounds like there is not much use in these items. If you are having Los Angeles furniture movers, or are moving furniture among other items, make sure you are only moving the pieces that actually have enough space and will be used in your new home. 

girl and a full closet of clothes

Lastly, we recommend you make sure to clean up the fridge, freezer, and food drawers. Even though you might need these items, the reason is a bit different. Not only is there no possibility to move these items without having them spoiled, but some of the items (especially liqueur) are highly flammable and potentially dangerous. This is why most local movers in Los Angeles won’t be able to help you move foods or liquids.

If it is especially difficult for you to decide whether you want to keep an item and you’re having second thoughts, we can give you one of our pro tips when it comes to preparing for a move – make a pros and cons list!

What’s next?

Depending on the condition of the stuff you’ve decided to say goodbye to, there are different options on how to get rid of them. Obviously, for those items that are broken, ripped, or expired the only solution is to throw them away. Some customers schedule items disposal when it comes to the furniture pieces they decided to give up on.

garage sale

But then in case your items are still in a good shape and usable, you can decide to give them away. Donations are a great way! Clothes, books, magazines, toys, food – these mean a lot to many people out there.

Many people decide to do this, as they are donating items that they no longer need, but can be very useful and helpful to someone else. Some people like to give these to friends or family members, and many enjoy making a garage sale or placing the items to sell online.

Keep in mind…

All In Moving Services has one of the highest quality movers in Los Angeles, and we have been an important part of thousands of moves. Based on the experiences we have as pro movers we can say that having a declutter place to move is much easier, faster, and enjoyable than the opposite.

We do understand situations in which customers don’t have enough time to do so, as there are people who need to hire ASAP movers, or even same day movers in Los Angeles. In those situations, it is natural that customers pay more attention to other planning parts of the move and organize all the pieces together. 

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It is still very significant to make enough room so that pro movers are able to work carefully and efficiently. And in case that after reading you still aren’t convinced that decluttering is important, this might convince you!

We would like to point out the connection between decluttering and move price! In general, the more space movers have, the less time they need, and having in mind that basically all companies in Los Angeles charge hourly – the more affordable movers are.