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6 Moving Mistakes You Should Avoid When Relocating to a New Home in LA

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Written by: Anastasia Hill

Common moving mistakes don’t have to be big, but even the smallest ones can easily turn your dream relocation into a nightmare. These little mistakes can have a big impact if they pile up, so don’t skip on learning how to go around them. That way, you’ll easily avoid them and move like a pro. Stay with us, and we’ll share the most common moving mistakes and the ways to prevent them from happening.

What Should You Not Do When Moving?

Most guides you find online will tell you everything about the things you have to do when relocating. Sure, making a to-do list, writing a relocation expenses checklist, and changing your address are important, but what about things you shouldn’t do? People often get easily distracted during this challenging period or lose their patience and make some silly mistakes.

Once you make one mistake, it can all go downwards like an avalanche. You can easily get stuck in this vicious circle of failing to do things right in the first take and start feeling hopeless and overwhelmed by relocation stress. Luckily, this convenient article can save you. Hopefully, you’ll find it on time – before making any missteps and learn how to prevent every potential problem in advance.

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If you organize your move properly, you won't make any mistake

#1 One of the Basic Mistakes Is Not Researching Your Chosen Moving Company in Los Angeles

Unfortunately, relocation scams are becoming a part of everyday life. With thousands of Americans relocating every year, especially around LA neighborhoods, the chances of becoming a victim grow. There will always be people who want to take advantage of people in challenging situations. If you’re about to relocate, you’re a potential victim as well. Don’t let yourself get scammed and pulled into this. Do an inspection of the company you plan on hiring before making any final deals.

Ensure They Are Licenced, Professional, and Follow All the Regulations

One of the first things you should check about the company is if they are licensed or if they have an MC license to be precise. They also have to seem professional with their behavior. If they don’t want to give you any details about their previous work or lack a professional website where you can get more information, you should get suspicious.


How Do I Estimate Moving Costs?

You don’t, you ask professionals to give you a free estimate before you make a final decision. Scammers usually try to avoid this part so they can charge you more in the end. This is a usual procedure, so you don’t have to feel guilty about wanting to know how much their services are going to cost you. Ensure everything that’s part of the deal is included in your contract – don’t let them add additional services and fees.

What Could Happen if You Didn’t Check Your Company?

If you don’t check your company and fall for their lies, you can become a victim of a scam. They may keep your stuff hostage before you pay them the required amount of money that is usually much higher than you planned. They can also lose some of your inventory or damage your furniture without paying you back. Protect yourself by getting insurance – if they don’t offer it, get one for yourself. If you overlook the red flags and get scammed, you should file a legal report.

Guy worried about being scammed by unprofessional Los Angeles movers
Don't ignore red flags that can be a sign of a fraud

#2 Leaving Everything for the Very Last Moment

It is natural that you’re excited about relocating to downtown LA and can’t wait to get to your new home and explore some of the finest restaurants or enjoy walks around the best parks. Living in LA is exciting, but the city is busy, so driving in LA can last for hours, and a lack of time is a common problem.

Apartment-hunting is also something that can take a lot of your energy, so ensure you start on time and find a good real estate agent to help you. That way, you’ll have more energy for other responsibilities and manage to move efficiently even if you’re relocating in a hurry.

Start on Time and Plan Everything

Another reason mistakes happen so often during this process is that they are often in a hurry. To avoid the pressure that usually comes at some point when your responsibilities start piling up, make a plan and try to stick to it.Think carefully through every step, and start completing your tasks day by day. That way, you’ll stay organized and in control without stressing out too much and getting exhausted.

Person making a schedule
Prepare a strict schedule and fulfill your tasks day by day

#3 Many Forget to Declutter

One of the things that can affect the size of your move and the final bill is forgetting to declutter. There is no need to include everything you have in your packing list when you can get rid of many things. This will help you get in control of your relocation budget as well. How, you may wonder? Well firstly, you’ll pay less for professional relocation services. Secondly, you can sell some of the stuff such as clothes or even large items you can’t relocate and earn extra cash. You can later use it for additional relocation services or to buy some new clothes or furniture for your new home.

Get Rid of Everything You Don’t Use – Donate, Sell, or Recycle

Once you decide that relocation is happening and find a suitable home in one of the best suburbs, you have to make a selection of items you’re bringing with you. Sometimes, relocating requires that we reduce the amount of our inventory to a minimum. Maybe you won’t have a suitable storage unit, so you’ll have to rent one if you want to store your Christmas ornaments.

Carefully go through the inventory and decide if something that you don’t use is for selling or it is better to donate them. Findrecycling and donation centers in your local area and drop everything there. Goodwill and Pickup Please are only some of the options in LA. That’s when you’ll be ready for a fresh start. After your relocation is done, don’t forget to recycle packing materials, especially plastic and cardboard.

Box for decluttering
Decide which items are worth keeping

#4 Trying to Relocate Bulky Objects By Yourself Can Lead to Severe Injuries

Relocations are complicated and hard enough even when bulky and heavy objects aren’t involved in the process. Now imagine yourself trying to relocate a piano on your own. This is something that’s not recommended even for the strongest among us. Relocating a heavy object on your own can lead to serious back injuries. Even if you have assistance from a friend, this can be a challenging task. The two of you might not know the proper lifting techniques and still end up with back pain or an injured foot.

Don’t Put Yourself at Risk and Hire Professionals

This process can be much easier with professional assistance. Not only do professionals know all the needed techniques, but they also have specialized equipment that will make this process much more efficient. Specialized dollies and straps are usually something you don’t keep in your garage unless you’re also a professional mover, and buying this equipment is an unnecessary expense for many.

Man with back pain because he didn't hire professional Los Angeles movers
Prevent back injuries by hiring professional Los Angeles movers

#5 People Often Forget to Label Their Boxes

Another important thing to remember when preparing for relocation is labeling. No matter how well you pack your electronic devices, they can easily get damaged during the relocation process if you don’t mark their boxes as fragile. People often overwhelm themselves by following various relocation tips, packing instructions, and moving hacks, so they forget to label boxes once they finally seal the box.

This is essential if you don’t want to end up with a box full of shattered glass. If you don’t mark the ones containing fragile items, you can also say goodbye to your favorite china set or crystal glasses. This step is effortless and can make the whole process less complicated, so ensure you don’t forget about it.

Don’t Forget to Pack a Box With Essentials

Another convenient thing to remember is packing a box with essentials. This should be labeled as a “moving day” box, and it can contain all of the essential belongings you use daily. For example, most people tend to include these objects inside:

  • Toiletries,
  • Clean clothes,
  • Comfortable shoes,
  • Medications,
  • Chargers.

This video and convenient tips will help you organize your essentials bag or box properly.

#6 Forgetting to Transfer Utilities and Changing the Address

While being overwhelmed with various responsibilities, this is something people often skip doing. You’ll notice that you made this common mistake once you start getting mail from the previous residents and missing yours. This isn’t a big problem, but it can lead to unnecessary complications if you forget about it. Also, you could end up paying utilities for two different apartments at once if you don’t transfer everything on time.

You Can Easily Make All the Necessary Changes

Why bother yourself with paying additional bills, where you can simply prevent this by changing your address on time. As soon as you know the relocation is happening, visit the nearest post office or do it all online. This procedure is quite simple and requires just a few steps you can complete easily. It will cost you just $1,05, so you shouldn’t worry about additional expenses.

Woman with a laptop
Change your address in advance to prevent unnecessary complications

One of the Biggest Moving Mistakes One Can Make Is Not Hiring Professional Los Angeles Movers

If you want to avoid all the unnecessary complications as we believe you want, there is one simple way to do it. It is hiring one of the best Los Angeles moving companies. Reviews from our clients will show you that we always try our best to meet their needs. We are a reputable Los Angeles moving company with plenty of experience and thousands of satisfied clients, so there is no risk of becoming a victim of a scam. By hiring our Los Angeles movers, you’ll easily prevent all of the common moving problems.

If you are interested in household relocation, one of the best services for you is our residential relocation. Our team of movers in Los Angeles can transport your entire household to the desired location with a specialized truck. Another convenient option from our offer is a commercial relocation service – ideal for office inventory relocation. In- and-out-of storage relocation is suitable for relocating your storage furniture and other belongings, while labor-only service is recommended for those who need an additional workforce. If you want our team to pack your belongings, a packing service is also available. Just contact us if you have any questions, and we’ll try our best to provide you with the needed answers. We can also offer you a free quote if you want to know the estimated price of your move.

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