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5 Signs That Will Tell You You’re Ready for Moving in With Your Girlfriend and Settling Down in LA

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Written by: Amelia Mead

Are you wondering whether the day has come to call up a Los Angeles moving company and start the process of moving in with your girlfriend? A commitment like this can be hard to wrap your head around, so in order to create the decision-making process easier, we’ve decided to help you out. In this article, you are about to find out all the telltale signs that cohabitation should be in the cards for you.

How to Know Should I Move in With My Girlfriend?

Everybody likes to be in a couple – to have the safety, love, and calmness that comes with sharing a life with somebody. However, more often than not, it can be hard to figure out if the question: ”Is moving in with my girlfriend a good decision?” has a positive or a negative answer. And especially when you put on rose-colored glasses that make it hard to see past them, you should have a neutral eye to weigh the pros and cons for you.

Because, before you move in with someone you hope to spend days, nights, and years with, you should be as sure as possible that it is the right thing to do if you want to avoid calling up cheap movers in Los Angeles twice in a month. To avoid any possible mistakes and turn your decision-making process lighter, we’ve compiled a list of all the telltale signs that point in the right direction.

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Date nights are fun, but what happens when you share a space with someone?

#1 Before Moving in With Your Girlfriend, You Should Consider Your Relationship a Steady One

A relationship doesn’t have to be conventional to be rock solid, but it has to be filled with empathy, communication, and love. So, before you actually go and change your address, ensure you’ve already posed the ”what are we” question. You should feel comfortable with your partner and certain that you want to see them more often than anyone else.

It’s important to feel at ease around your gf, and think of her as a best friend who has your back if you want to share an affordable LA place. Because if you think relocation stress is exhausting, you should try cohabitating with someone you don’t actually feel on the same page with.

How Long Should You Be Dating Before You Move in Together?

So, how long should you wait to move in with your girlfriend? It’s funny how people often try to figure out if the length of their relationship is a good indicator for cohabitation. There is no one anniversary mark that ensures you’re in for the long haul.

Of course, being with someone for a longer period of time can help you understand your partner better and feel more comfortable around her, but it can’t vouch for anything. More important than how long you’ve been together is how you feel around each other and what your reasons to move are. So, try answering these questions first before you start apartment hunting.

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There's no objectively right moment to start a life together - you have to feel it's the right moment.

#2 You Are Already an Independent Person Who Has Lived on Their Own

Before you start cohabitating with the person of your dreams, it’s really important that you’ve figured out what you need, as well as your wants, separately. While it’s not crucial that you’ve already had the experience of hiring real estate agents and calling up an LA moving company in the past, it can be a good sign.

That’s because not only will your girl be super happy that you know how to cook, clean, and iron your clothes, but because you already have an idea of what your life would look like without anyone around. And while it can be hard to give up your independence, you’ll surely be more prepared to acknowledge your boundaries with an experience of living on your own already under your belt.

You’re Ready to Exchange Some Gaming Time for Movie Dates With Your Girl

As mentioned, living independently can be a double-edged sword. While it can give you the tools and confidence to more easily and efficiently move in with your girlfriend, it is also something difficult to give up on. So, if you are exchanging your bachelor pad for cohabitation, get ready to make some compromises too. However, ensure your sacrifices don’t feel like obligations but rather a thing you truly want to do.

Your nights might start looking less like a Twitch stream with beer and takeout and more like watching Hollywood neighborhoods on the little screen in bed (takeout still might remain, though). So, before you move in, be certain that you are ready to pack up your computer and, at least a few nights a week, trade it for LA downtown restaurant dates. It can be great fun – but only if you are ready for it.


#3 You Feel Excited You’ll Go Through the Good and the Bad With Your Partner

Do not get it twisted – cohabitation is no walk in an LA botanical garden. Life as such isn’t easy, let alone when there are multiple people in the equation. So, one of the best signs that show you’re ready for living in Beverly Hills with your bae is that you feel excited for the good times with her, as well as the bad.

That means you feel comfortable relying on her when the going gets tough, and at times you feel like she understands you better than you do yourself. You want to take her to the doctor if she’s sick and pay the rent if she loses her job. If this is the case, you have a great thing going and will thoroughly enjoy all the benefits of relocating together.

Don’t Let a Bit of Anxiety About Moving in With Your Girlfriend Throw You Off

Even if you feel excited about the move, you might notice some worry creeping up. You might hear yourself posing questions like do relationships change when you move in together? What will happen if I realize I’m not happy with her? What if we break up? First of all, some anxiety is almost an inevitable item of any relocation to-do list, so do not let it throw you off.

Secondly, cohabitation is a somewhat serious relationship step, so it’s normal to feel anxious about it. Just know that none of these mean that your relationship is doomed to fail and that you shouldn’t begin figuring out where to live in LA with your bae. Just take it one day at a time, and believe everything will work out.

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A shared space means a shared life, and that goes for both the good and the bad aspects of it

#4 Communication in Your Relationship Comes Naturally, and Arguments Have a Way of Being Resolved

Now, a good sign that relates to you as a couple is if you have a way of communicating with each other without it causing stress and anger. Of course, fighting is normal – even healthy, when it’s done in moderation, but it’s better in the long run if you can peacefully communicate your issues and disagreements. That way, you can spend LA nights doing things you actually enjoy, rather than screaming at each other in a new affordable suburb home.

Make Sure to Have a Talk About Expectations Before You Move In Together

Rather than just being able to talk calmly before cohabitating, you should take actual conversational action and talk over some tough topics. It’s really important to know what the move means to both of you and whether you are on the same page. For example, you might see it as only a move, while your gf might be picking out her wedding dress and wondering how many pets to move in with before the two of you start a family.

Having the same expectations, or at least knowing what the other person’s expectations are, can be a make-or-break moment. So just be certain that everything is out in the open, so you do not have to be scouting the best LA suburbs to live solo in, in just a matter of months.

Figure Out Finances and Splitting Bills Before You Move in Together

Another important topic to debate is money. Although it’s not always the most comfortable discussion, having your relocation expenses checklist, as well as bill-splitting arrangements, is crucial before a move. Because you’ll be signing a lease together, you want to know your partner’s credit score, debt, and general living budgetbefore renting a home together. There are always ways to make your finances work, only as long as both parties are ready to be transparent and open. For more ideas on how to go about splitting your bills and expenses, check out the video below.

#5 Living With Your Girlfriend Makes a Lot of Sense

The final clue that might help you forge a decision is having more than just a gut feeling that the relationship will work. While that is an important sign as well, you should also see that living together in a new place makes sense. While that can mean a lot of different things, here are some that show this person is a good fit for you:

  • You are already spending most nights together,
  • After you go your separate ways, you feel energized and happy,
  • You don’t go back to your home other than to water the plants,
  • You have a common friend-group both of you enjoy, and
  • You’ve taken multiple vacations and staycations together.

You Enjoy Spending Time Together

The simplest and most telling of clues is that you enjoy spending time together. You take every opportunity to spend quality time with each other, and so you already have an idea of what your babe’s habits and schedules are. And not only are you aware of what they are, but you are ready to tailor your own in order to uplift hers. This tells you that living together is going to be a fun experience.

Two women laughing outside
When even grocery shopping becomes a fun activity, you know she's a keeper.

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