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7 Questions to Ask Yourself Before Moving in With a Boyfriend to Your LA Love Nest

Written by: Amelia Mead

Moving in with a boyfriend isn’t equivalent to saying “I do,” but it’s still not a decision to take lightly. Cohabitation is a serious step, and as such, it requires thorough consideration. That’s why we recommend, before making any final decisions, to think things through. And the best way to do so is by posing yourself a few questions.

#1 Why Are You Keen On Living With Your Boyfriend?

The first thing you should do before you move in with someone is to understand what your reasons to move are. Prior to packing your furniture and employing the best movers in Los Angeles to move your large items, you have to be sure that it is the right decision for you.

An efficient move is more than a well-planned one – it requires emotional and psychological stability from both partners. And not just because a move is filled with relocation stress – you want to be certain, to the best of your ability, that you won’t have to move out in a month or two, and that starts with asking the right questions.

Moving in for Financial Reasons Can Seem Practical, But It Isn’t Enough to Keep the Relationship Going

Are you scouting affordable places in LA just because you are ready to move out for the first time, and living with your bf seems financially smart? Or do you feel like you are already spending almost every night together, so you might as well split the rent? While financial motivation and practicality are important, they are not enough to sustain cohabitation.

Sometimes, even a huge amount of love can’t do that. Living with a boyfriend entails two people who have harmonized emotions, goals, and at least compatible notions of responsibility and housework. So, before you decide, ask yourself if there’s more to your decision than a cost-benefit analysis.

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Be aware of your decision if it is mostly based on financial practicality

#2 Are You Moving in With Your Boyfriend Too Soon?

The second thing you should stop and think about is whether your relationship has matured enough so that it can survive such change. If you don’t feel comfortable with your boo seeing you without makeup or when you are sick, the chances are you are not yet ready to share a home with them. Cohabitation means sharing everything – the good and the bad, and if the bad still makes you anxious, you might be going in over your head.

How Long Should I Wait to Move in With My Boyfriend?

You might wonder how many anniversaries you should have under your belt before deciding to store Christmas ornaments together. Unfortunately, we can’t give you an answer because there’s no one right number that will work for every couple. However, we can share some statistics that might help.

Most US couples, about half of them, will move in after a year. Half of that number, however, will decide to start apartment hunting around four months later. After the second anniversary, around 70% will change their address because of love. However, the most important of the relocation tips on our moving-in-with-boyfriend checklist is not to listen to anyone other than yourself. Only you and your boyfriend can know what moment is the right one for you.


#3 Do Me and My Boyfriend Know How to Communicate and Handle Problems as a Team?

All aforementioned tips come to this question, and that is how well the two of you can function without driving each other crazy. The best way to get a grasp of the future is by looking into the past. Up until now, what did your arguments look like? Are you able to communicate dissatisfaction without it turning into a screaming fest? Do discussed matters change after a fight, or does the status quo remain?

These are all important questions to ask yourself, as they might determine how well the two of you can function together. If you are unsure whether communication in your relationship can be considered healthy, or you want to work on your communication skills, we recommend checking out the following video:

#4 Can We Make a Consensus On What Type of an Apartment Works for Both of Us?

The Los Angeles housing market keeps changing and shifting, and unfortunately for those intending to buy and rent, the prices keep rising. If you wish to live with someone, no matter if it’s a roommate or a partner, there has to be a consensus about what the place you want to live in should look like.

Maybe one of you would be fine with living in a one-bedroom apartment, but the other couldn’t imagine a life without a terrace. Or, you could say that you need a room for a home office, as the company you work for doesn’t have an office, but your boyfriend can’t afford it, and it’s too far for you to live in affordable LA suburbs. Either way, you’ll have to come to an agreement about the size and room layout of the apartment.

Be Ready to Compromise Either on Apartment Location, or the Room Layout

While it’s important that you both have equal renters rights in your home, you should still be ready to compromise about what the best place to live in should be like. We recommend figuring out your non-negotiables, whether they are related to the location, rental fee, utility prices, or the number of bedrooms. Once you know what your absolute must-haves are, as well as your boyfriend’s, you can more readily start to figure out where to live in Los Angeles.

A couple moving in together as if they were the local movers in Los Angeles
There's a low chance your first apartment will be the perfect one but have a clear idea of what items are non-negotiable

#5 Will I, By Moving in With My Boyfriend, Have to Compromise More Than I’m Ready to?

While some compromise is healthy, too much can be detrimental – and finding that balance isn’t always easy. There’s a reason people say that too much compromising leads to toxic relationships. So before you get your pair of keys, ask yourself what cohabitation with your boyfriend might look like. Will you have to get up too early because of his snoring? Is sharing household tasks going to be possible?

Or will you just end up having to clean the bathroom and make the bed every day? It is important to be able to create boundaries and agreements with your boyfriend that both of you will honor. Talk to your bf and make sure that both of you are on the same page so that you can proceed to renting a place and living in Beverly Hills together.

You Might Find It Awkward, But Posing Questions About the Future Is Really Important Before You Move in Together 

We know it may be uncomfortable to open up important conversations, but one of our main tips for moving in with a boyfriend is not to start living in downtown LA together before you know you are on the same page about issues regarding the future. Maybe you’d like to move in with pets, and your partner can’t stand cats.

Maybe you plan on having three children and a white picket fence in ten years, but your bf doesn’t want to have kids. A shared apartment doesn’t mean you’ll marry the guy, of course, but if you don’t want to waste your precious time spending years with someone, only to find out that you don’t plan the same things down the line. Because in the end, it can prove to be more expensive than it’s worth.

Two girls cooking in the kitchen
Conversations about the future are really important, even if you don't plan on starting a family any time soon

#6 Did We Make a Thorough Financial Plan and Agreement?

Figuring out a residential situation with your boo requires figuring out why you want to live with him and how to move in with your boyfriend. And the first step is having a well-thought-out relocation expenses checklist. That means figuring out paying for rent, utilities, and even food expenses. It also means figuring out how you’ll split the relocation costs and what they will be.

Do you plan on hiring one of the moving companies in Los Angeles? Will one person pay for relocation fees and the other one tip Los Angeles movers, or will there be a third way of paying for the costs? These are all important questions to ask yourself that can show you both how you guys work as a team and what to expect when you move in with your boyfriend from a practical perspective.

There Are Many Ways to Split Bills, You Just Have to Find the One That Works for Your Situation

Sharing bills is no walk in an LA park, but it’s a meaningful conversation to have early on. The good news is that there is no one right way to do it. The bad news is that that means you’ll have to find the way that works best for you, which might include trial and error. To help you out, we’ve created a list of all the most common routes people take in splitting bills:

  • The 50/50 – A common way people deal with expenses is by sharing them equally. Both will give half the cost of the rent, bills, and whatever else might arise. While this is a straightforward way of dealing with expenses, it can become strenuous always to calculate your part and split every bill you come across. Additionally, it can get hard to keep up if one person in the relationship has a significantly higher paycheck.
  • Wage-based percentage – To bypass the problem unequal paychecks might bring up, people often opt for an income-based split of bills. Per this method, each person would pay for a portion of costs based on their earnings.
  • A home budget – Creating a “house budget” works well for many. That means that both of you would put a certain amount of cash in a jar and use it for everything that is a shared expense. This method can be complemented by one of the previously mentioned.
  • Merging income and expenses – This one works best for couples with pets or kids. A couple creates a shared bank account and uses the funds as they please. To keep this one up without resentment, you should still make sure you communicate with your partner about spendings.
  • A flexible route – Compared to all the previously mentioned, this is the least systemized way of splitting bills. Basically, it means you take up bills as they come and then go on from there. It can be challenging to keep up for a long time, but if it works for you, that’s great!
A couple buying groceries
Figuring out your budget early on can prevent many fights that could arise in a shop, a bank, or even at home.

#7 What Will Happen if We Break Up?

Nobody likes to think about worst-case scenarios, especially before a big decision. Thinking about the end could get you to stop before you even begin. So, before you start asking yourself things like: does moving in ruin a relationship, or is it a bad idea to move in with your boyfriend – stop. You and your bf will probably have the best time living together. However, relationships do end, so if you decide that living together doesn’t work, you should have some kind of a backup plan.

What Will Happen if You’ve Moved in With Your Boyfriend and Are Not Happy?

You could’ve done everything right – from having hypothetical conversations about the future to splitting bills the best way possible, and still, your relationship might not work out. It happens, he might play too many video games, and you might have standards for cleanliness that are just too much for your relationship to handle. And that’s okay. But what then? Well, there is going to be more hiring of local movers in Los Angeles and more packing lists.

We recommend having a backup place for the first six months of living together. It could be the place you rented before, it could be a friend with a spare couch or your parent’s place. Just make sure that, if things go south, you could still have somewhere to go to. Hopefully, that won’t happen, but during the first few months, you’ll be able to see if the move was a good decision or not.

A young couple arguing on the street
Relationships fail, and that is okay - just don't end up homeless after the break-up

Hire a Los Angeles Moving Company to Help You Move and Start Your Life Together Calmly

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