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7 Relationship Tips for Angelenos Thinking About Moving in Together

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Written by: Michael Vaughan

Considering 40% of US couples break up after only a year of cohabitation, any Angelenos moving in together with their partners will have to think through everything carefully. If you don’t want this change to impact your relationship in a bad way, don’t worry. Our seven tips provide all the information you and your significant other need to have a successful relocation.

Do Relationships Change When You Move in Together?

No matter how well you and your partner might know each other, things are definitely going to change once you start living together. The adjustment period is different from person to person, so getting used to this new situation will take some time. Considering this is going to be a massive change for both of you, make sure that you are ready to take the relationship to the next step.

How Do You Move in Together Successfully?

Need some tips on how to move in together with your partner successfully? Well, you’ve come to the right place. Firstly, you’ll have to pick the right moment to do it, as you certainly don’t want to rush into things before you’re truly ready. With that in mind, you must be wondering, “How long should you wait to move in together?” Most relationship experts agree that couples need at least a year to get to know each other better.

However, a recent Stanford University survey found that 25% of all couples choose to move in after just four months, which is significantly earlier. On the other hand, half of them are living together after a full year of dating. All this data clearly shows the ideal time can vary significantly from person to person. However, if you’ve already decided to move in, the following tips can help you prepare for your new life together much more quickly.

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When is it time to move in together? Once both of you are ready

#1 It Might Be Good to Have a Trial Run Before Deciding to Move in Together for Real

Before you decide to change your address for real, it might be a good idea to have a trial run and see how well you match. If you didn’t have a chance to spend a lot of time together in the same place, this would allow you to learn a bunch of stuff you didn’t know about each other. However, this also means that all the weird quirks and hobbies you’ve been hiding will be revealed. You won’t be able to keep these a secret once you start living together anyway, so it might be better to talk about them before you book professional movers in Los Angeles.


Going on Trips Together Is Another Way for Partners to Learn New Things About Each Other Better

Can’t organize at least a two-week-long trial run? Going on vacations and trips with your significant other is another great way to get to know them better before the actual move. Whether you are planning an international vacation, out-of-state trip, or a staycation, try to spend as much time together as possible. Staying in the city can be pretty fun, as you’ll finally have a chance to explore all the LA museums, visit the botanical gardens, or eat at one of those fancy Downtown restaurants. You can also chill on one of the city’s excellent beaches or shop at some of the best malls in California. As long as you’re doing things together, it’s worth the trip.

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How do you know when it's right to move in together? You had an excellent trial run or a trip

#2 Talk About How You Are Going to Handle All the Finances

Finances are easily one of the most important things to discuss before moving in together with your significant other. How are you going to pay rent and bills? Is one person going to cover everything, or will you split the costs 50/50? If you’re hiring Los Angeles moving companies, who will cover the relocation expenses? These are only some of the crucial questions you’ll need to talk about with your partner.

Although talking about money is rarely pleasant, it’s crucial to figure out how you’ll handle all the expenses before the actual move. Try not to keep any secrets from one another, as any information you withheld will come to bite you back sooner or later. Just like when talking to a real estate agent, you should mention any active debts, loans, and mortgages that could impact your ability to get the place you desire.

A Couple Moving in Together Needs to Make All the Important Financial Decisions Together

Considering you and your significant other will be living under the same roof, try to consult them before making any important financial investments that could impact both of you. This includes everything from choosing which Los Angeles neighborhood to live in to picking which local movers in Los Angeles to hire. While the person in charge of the finances might have the agency to make these decisions by themselves, partners should never be excluded from these discussions. After all, you are trying to live together, so the process should still be a team effort.

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Always consult each other when making important financial decisions

#3 Find a New Home That Both of You Like

While it might be convenient for one partner to move in with the other, it’s almost always better to look for a new place that suits both of you right from the start. Even if there’s enough room in the current home, sharing the space is a lot harder than it might seem. It could easily cause unnecessary tension between the partners that will only increase the already enormous relocation stress.

More importantly, it’s often not going to be a good deal for the other person. Let’s say you’re living in Beverly Hills or one of the Hollywood neighborhoods, but your significant other is in East LA or even Pasadena. No matter who ends up relocating, they would have to change their entire schedule considerably. It would be much better if you met halfway in Downtown LA or any other place that suits both of your criteria.

Be Ready to Make Some Compromises When Picking a Place

Apartment hunting in LA is already hard, so finding a place that suits the couple perfectly will not be easy. More often than not, both partners will have to make some compromises. If you haven’t already decided where to live, start by settling on a budget or maximum rent you can pay. It would be best to narrow down which neighborhoods interest you and determine whether you want to live in a house or an apartment.

Once you agree on the most crucial details, discuss which amenities you would like to have in the vicinity. A person relocating with a pet will undoubtedly want to have a good dog park nearby, while someone else might prefer a neighborhood with more things to do at night. Either way, make sure that you’re both satisfied with the place you choose, even if one of you likes it slightly more than the other.

 A couple and a landlord impatiently waiting for a Los Angeles moving company
What to know before moving in together? You'll have to compromise on a lot of stuff, including your home

#4 Go Through Your Inventory and Declutter

Unless you decide to move to a large Beverly Hills house that can fit all your belongings, you’ll probably have to significantly reduce the size of your inventories. While giving away even just a few items might seem too difficult, remember that decluttering will help you leave behind everything you don’t need, allowing you to move efficiently. It also reduces your relocation costs, particularly when hiring a professional Los Angeles moving company. Considering your new home probably doesn’t have unlimited storage space, try to deal with the following belongings before the actual move:

  • Stuff you don’t use often or ever – Items you haven’t used in a year or more should be the first to go. This means you shouldn’t pack clothes and shoes that have been sitting in the closet for who knows how long.
  • Belongings you have in excess – Do you have extra copies of books or several sets of china? Instead of packing them and spending tons of money on supplies and Los Angeles movers, find a way to sell them. If you still have some stuff left, try to donate it to a local charity. There’s a Goodwill, The Salvation Army, and Habitat for Humanity in just about every part of the county, so leave all remaining goods in one of their donation centers.
  • Expired goods and perishables – Expired medication and other chemicals need to be dealt with accordingly before the move. Most foods should also be left behind or used up, as most moving companies in Los Angeles don’t allow them on the truck.
  • Items that are unusable – Avoid packing electronics that are clearly broken. However, you shouldn’t just throw them out either because that’s illegal. Instead, take all your recyclables to the nearest recycling center. There are plenty of them in every city, so it won’t take you long to find one in your area.
A person donating their stuff before the moving company in Los Angeles arrives
Donating all the unnecessary stuff will prevent you from cluttering up the place

#5 Make an Effort to Establish Healthy Routines and Synchronize Your Schedules

Considering your entire schedule might get flipped on its head, getting used to this new situation is going to take some time. That’s precisely why couples need to establish healthy routines as soon as they move in. For starters, try to go to bed at the same time every day. It’s not fun when one person is trying to sleep while the other blasts the music late into the night.

You will have to find ways to share all the housework, like who’s going to vacuum, wash the dishes, take out the trash, and so on. If one person gets bored of doing the same chores over and over again, try mixing it up or changing tasks according to a well-planned schedule. Making a routine is not all about the boring stuff, though. Try to watch a movie together, have a few drinks with friends at one of the local LA breweries, or maybe even go on one of the best hikes in the city at least once a week.

Friends talking about professional moving services in Los Angeles
Hanging out with friends over dinner once a week is an excellent routine to have with your significant other

#6 Couples Moving in Together Have to Discuss Their Plans for the Future

Before blindly going out and saying “I think we should move in together” to your significant other, remember to sit down and discuss all your plans for the future. While you’ll have lots of opportunities to learn more about each other later, finding out where you stand on the most important subjects will immediately tell you whether the whole endeavor is actually worth it.

After all, investing yourself into a relationship that is doomed to fail from the start will only leave you wrecked after the breakup. If you are unsure what to discuss before moving in together, remember to share your stances about religion, pets, marriage, and kids. You should also check out this video, as it gives plenty of excellent ideas on which questions to ask both yourself and your partner.

#7 Know Your Boundaries and Resolve Any Existing Problems

Considering you’ll be spending a lot more time with your significant other once you live together, it’s important to have a discussion about boundaries. No matter how similar partners are, every person will sometimes have a different perspective on specific issues. While you might be ok with throwing a party on a weekday, your significant other who has to get up early for work every day probably isn’t.

Although setting some ground rules about what behavior is unacceptable might not be the most pleasant conversation, it will prevent many problems once you actually start living together. Partners should also try to resolve any existing issues before the actual relocation, as these can quickly escalate into a much bigger fight that could potentially end the relationship.

Good Communication Is Key to a Long-Lasting Relationship

While some relationships might seem perfect on the surface, remember that every couple goes through difficult times. Unless you and your significant other disagree on some of the most important stuff, fighting doesn’t mean you two should break up. Find a way to communicate how you feel to your partner without being too harsh on them, and the relationship will have a much better chance of surviving in the long run.

Blowing off some steam will also help, as you should always have a clear head when having an important conversation. Going out for a walk at your favorite Los Angeles park, exercising, or even blasting some music are all excellent ways for you to get rid of some tension.

A couple hugging
Good communication will help you overcome any obstacles you encounter when living together

Hire the Best Movers in Los Angeles to Assist You as Soon as You’re Ready to Move

Angelenos who want to live with their partners only have to think through everything we mentioned here, and they’ll quickly be ready to move in. However, be aware that there’s still a ton of work left before you can actually do it. While you might have agreed to proceed with the relocation rather quickly, preparing for it is not going to be so easy. For starters, there’s a ton of stuff to pack, from furniture and large items to all sorts of smaller fragile objects. Instead of DIY, why not hire a local moving company in Los Angeles to assist you.

If you want to finish all the preparations quickly, All In Moving is the best company you can choose. We offer excellent residential relocation services in Los Angeles, allowing you and your significant other to move anywhere in the county within a day. On the other hand, getting our packing service will protect all your smaller belongings, ensuring nothing gets accidentally broken during transport. Despite all the different services our team offers, we are one of the few cheap movers in Los Angeles. Contact us today, and you won’t be disappointed by our excellent free quote.

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