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Moving your home can be quite stressful, and on top of that - there is a piano to be moved, too. Pianos are extremely fragile and need to be handled with utmost care and caution, which is exactly why we are the right piano movers for you!

Disclaimer: All In Moving Services moves only upright pianos, from ground to ground level. Expect more from our piano movers soon!
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All In(clusive) Moving Services

If you are relocating both your home and piano and need full-service movers to take over for you, we are the best choice. We offer all-inclusive rates, meaning that we have no additional charges whatsoever. This means no hidden fees, too!

We like to keep everything transparent with our clientele, and this is something you should be looking for when searching for “piano movers near me”. 

Our friendly movers are always ready to tackle your last minute move.

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Why choose our Los Angeles piano movers?

Licensed and insured

Especially when moving such expensive items like a piano, you need to hire movers in Los Angeles that will actually take responsibility for your valuables from the very first moment. Hiring a licensed and insured local moving company is the way to go, which is why All In Moving Services should be your first choice!

Transparent pricing

The best part of choosing All In Moving Services is that you will be provided with straightforward pricing with no extra fees or charges. You won’t have to pace back and forth on moving day, wondering how much you will be paying. You will know exactly how much. We have no hidden fees and you will receive all needed information about what our services include as soon as you give us a call!

We move your piano - and the rest of your home, too!

Moving your home and your upright piano means that we will take care of the piano free of charge. We know how stressful it is to hire different specialty movers for different things, which is why we wanted to create a special package for our piano lovers out there.

Professionally trained piano movers

We move only upright pianos because our movers are professionally trained for them. Perfecting our piano movers for all types of pianos is our current goal. We don’t want to move your piano just for the sake of moving it and risk damaging it in any way, we want to be experts in every field that we try to tackle. There are a lot of movers out there that claim to be professional piano movers but haven’t been provided the necessary training for it. We are always transparent with our clients and want to make sure that only the best service is delivered to you each time you give us a call.

We protect your mattress - even in a hurry!

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