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There is a large number of scenarios in which you would need professional furniture movers to help you tackle the project. From staging your home to loading a truck, our Los Angeles furniture movers have seen and done it all. When you are searching for “local movers near me”, choosing All In Moving Services and our furniture moving experts is a no-brainer. We are one of the best reliable local moving companies LA has to offer.

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Why should you hire labor only movers?

There are a lot of different risks when moving heavy furniture by yourself. From damaging the items in question to injuring yourself, you need to be cautious and safe when heavy lifting so it doesn’t turn out to be a chaotic experience. Instead of reading hundreds of “How to’s” online, you can simply hire professional furniture movers in Los Angeles and ensure peace of mind for yourself during the entire process.


Efficiency is key, especially when you might be working against the clock. If you have an onsite project that you need to get done soon, instead of having to plan and prep for weeks - you can hire furniture movers to take over for you. They know exactly how to work efficiently and effectively, cutting the time needed for the project to be done greatly.


Both you and your valuables will be safer with professional movers. Instead of having to do all the heavy lifting by yourself, risking serious back injuries, our guys at All In Moving will gladly take over for you. The same goes for your items. Your labor only movers definitely know the best ways to handle your valuables without jeopardizing their safety.

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Your furniture movers should be fully licensed and insured. This means that your valuables will be insured during the complete process of moving and you can get compensation for any damage, which is not the case when you are doing this on your own.

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Why choose our furniture movers?

Professional training

Our furniture movers at All In Moving Services are professionally trained to handle your items with utmost caution and care. We want to make sure every part of your moving process with us is enjoyable and most importantly, stress-free.

Background checked

Every member of the All In Moving Services family is background-checked for your peace of mind. There are no “good crews”, every crew at our company is equally as great. Our motivated movers will ensure only the best possible service is provided to you.

All-inclusive rates

All In Moving Services offers straightforward and transparent pricing, meaning that we have no secrets about how we conduct our business. You will receive all the needed information before you actually make the reservation with us. Most importantly, we have no additional charges, which brings us to our next point...

...No hidden fees!

When hiring our LA furniture movers, you can expect absolutely no hidden fees on top of our transparent pricing. All-inclusive pricing with us means just that - all-inclusive. We have no additional charges and incorporate everything you need for a successful move in our standard service.

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How to save money with furniture movers

There are a few simple tips if you are moving with professional movers but have a tight budget. You can actually save some money during the process by simplifying it for your furniture movers as much as possible.

Disassemble your furniture

This is a simple task you can do so your movers don’t have to, saving a lot of time and therefore money as well. Make sure to keep the parts in a separate tote or box so you can reassemble everything back at the destination.

Move everything into one room

If you are having professional movers load your truck, you can simply put as much as you can to a room closest to your entrance. If our movers are on the destination end of your relocation, they can simply unload in one room saving money and time once again.

Wrap as much as possible

Another simple thing you can do so your labor only movers don’t have to. Leave the most complicated items for them to wrap - but handle as much as you can before they arrive at your doorstep to save some money.

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You definitely do not have to do this, especially when hiring All In Moving Services - it is completely optional if you want to cut the time of your move and save some extra cash.

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